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1001 Things To Do With Your TRS-80 (1984)(Tab Books).pdf11.835 MB 119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 (1982)(Tab Books).pdf6.078 MB 
24 Tested Ready-To-Run Game Programs in BASIC (1978)(Tab Books).pdf7.896 MB 25 Graphics Programs in Microsoft BASIC (1983)(Tab Books).pdf11.187 MB 
33 Adult Computer Games in BASIC (1983)(Tab Books).pdf13.664 MB 33 Challenging Computer Games (1981)(Tab Books).pdf7.647 MB 
34 More Tested Game Programs in BASIC (1981)(Tab Books).pdf8.154 MB 500 Pokes Peeks N Execs for the TRS-80 Color Computer (1986)(Kishore M Santwani).pdf3.633 MB 
500 Pokes Peeks N Execs for the TRS-80 Color Computer Supplement (1986)(Kishore M Santwani).pdf4.155 MB 55 Advanced Computer Programs in BASIC (1981)(Tab Books).pdf9.857 MB 
57 Practical Programs and Games in BASIC (1978)(Tab Books).pdf5.267 MB 80 Micro's Review Guide 1st Edition (1983)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf41.810 MB 
80 Practical Timesaving Programs (1982)(Tab Books).pdf5.402 MB 80 Programs for the TRS-80 (1979)(Jim Perry).pdf11.476 MB 
8080 and Z-80 Assembly Language Techniques (1981)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf29.610 MB 8080-8085 Assembly Language Programming (1977)(Intel).pdf5.900 MB 
A Bit of BASIC (1980)(Addison-Wesley Publishing).pdf20.275 MB A Guide To Programming In Level II BASIC (1982)(Laurenceville Press).pdf14.015 MB 
A to Z Book of Computer Games (1979)(Thomas C McIntire).pdf12.875 MB Advanced BASIC (1977)(Hayden Book Company).pdf6.571 MB 
Advanced Level II BASIC (1981)(Don Inman).pdf11.412 MB Agricultural Software Sourcebook (1983)(Tandy).pdf9.526 MB 
Announcing Computer Games for Business School and Home (1980)(Winthrop Publishers).pdf9.204 MB Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume I (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf22.735 MB 
Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume II (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf21.342 MB Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume III (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf19.916 MB 
Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume IV (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf45.698 MB Assembly Language Programming for the CoCo 3 (1987)(Laurence A Tepolt).pdf2.356 MB 
Assembly Language Programming for the Color Computer (1985)(Laurence A Tepolt).pdf12.865 MB Assembly Language Programming for the Model 16 (1984)(Tab Books).pdf10.450 MB 
Assembly Language Programming for the Model 16 (1984)(Tab Books)[a].pdf10.257 MB Assembly Language Subroutines (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf17.518 MB 
Basic Adventure and Strategy Game Design (1984)(Facts on File Publications).pdf18.999 MB Basic BASIC 2nd Edition (1978)(Hayden Book Company).pdf8.824 MB 
Basic BASIC-English Dictionary (1982)(Dilithium Press).pdf7.098 MB Basic Computer Adventures (1986)(MS Press).pdf25.171 MB 
Basic Computer Games (1978)(David Ahl).pdf11.531 MB Basic Computer Games - Volume II (1980)(David Ahl).pdf13.413 MB 
Basic Computer Games Microcomputer Edition (1978)(Creative Computing).pdf11.170 MB Basic Computer Language It's Easier Than You Think! (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf19.508 MB 
Basic Conversions Handbook (1981)(Hayden Book Company).pdf2.691 MB Basic Conversions Handbook (1981)(Hayden Book Company)[a].pdf3.376 MB 
Basic Cookbook (1978)(Tab Books).pdf4.220 MB Basic Disk I-O Faster and Better and Other Mysteries (1983)(IJG Inc).pdf36.400 MB 
Basic Faster and Better and Other Mysteries (1981)(IJG Inc).pdf30.512 MB Basic for Business (1982)(Reston Publishing).pdf8.375 MB 
Basic for Microcomputers (1983)(PWS Publishers).pdf12.634 MB Basic Fun with Adventure Games (1984)(Avon Camelot Books).pdf17.689 MB 
Basic Handbook (1979)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf16.744 MB Basic Handbook 2nd Edition (1981)(CompuSoft Publishing).pdf33.006 MB 
Basic Software Library - Volume 1 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf15.433 MB Basic Software Library - Volume 2 (1976)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf10.754 MB 
Basic Software Library - Volume 3 (1976)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf6.905 MB Basic Software Library - Volume 4 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf6.559 MB 
Basic Software Library - Volume 5 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf5.831 MB Basic Software Library - Volume 6 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf7.860 MB 
Basic Software Library - Volume 7 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf5.474 MB Basic Software Library - Volume 8 (1978)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf4.847 MB 
Best of Creative Computing Vol 1 (1978)(Creative Computing Press).pdf22.267 MB Big Computer Games (1984)(Creative Computing Press).pdf13.160 MB 
Book of Hints for Adventures (1982)(Adventure Intl).pdf0.199 MB Business Applications Programming Guide (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf43.170 MB 
Business Programs for TRS-80 Model I and III (1980)(Hayden Book Company).pdf28.766 MB Circuit Design Programs For The TRS-80 (1980)(Howard W. Sams).pdf31.454 MB 
Cobol for the TRS-80 Volume 1 Class Notes (1983)(Tandy).pdf4.799 MB Color Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf0.677 MB 
Color Computer Assembly Language Programming (1983)(William Barden Jr).pdf19.648 MB Color Computer Hardware Programming v0.8 (2006)(Chris Lomont).pdf0.115 MB 
Color Computer Playground (1984)(Fred D'Ignazio).pdf9.272 MB Color Logo (1982)(Micropi).pdf9.958 MB 
Computer - Spiele mit TRS-80 (1984)(United Feature Syndicate).pdf6.104 MB Computer Art and Animation for the TRS-80 (1983)(David L Heiserman).pdf14.816 MB 
Computer Art and Animation for the TRS-80 (1983)(Prentice-Hall).pdf13.268 MB Computer Battlegames (1982)(Usborne Publishing).pdf6.953 MB 
Computer Bible Games (1984)(Accent Books).pdf5.480 MB Computer Demonstrator (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf17.375 MB 
Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot 1st Ed (1979)(Design Enterprises).pdf9.887 MB Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot 2nd Ed (1984)(Design Enterprises).pdf14.799 MB 
Computer Programming in BASIC for Everyone (1973)(Houghton Miflin).pdf15.855 MB Computer Spacegames (1982)(Usborne Publishing).pdf18.860 MB 
Computer Spy Games (1984)(Usborne Publishing).pdf3.760 MB Computers For Kids (1980)(Creative Computing Press).pdf4.205 MB 
Conquering Adventure Games (1984)(Carl Townsend).pdf6.571 MB Control Your TRS-80 (1983)(Ian Stewart).pdf12.742 MB 
Creating Simulation Games on Your Computer (1986)(Ballantine Books).pdf13.679 MB Creative TRS-80 (1983)(Creative Computing Press).pdf64.161 MB 
Creepy Computer Games (1983)(Usborne Publishing).pdf2.789 MB Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries (1982)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz).pdf89.141 MB 
Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries (1982)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)[a].pdf41.286 MB Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries (1982)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)[PCL]0.216 MB 
Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80 - Volume 1 (1980)(Richcraft Engineering Ltd).pdf4.452 MB Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80 - Volume 2 (1980)(Richcraft Engineering Ltd).pdf12.583 MB 
Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80 - Volume 3 (1981)(Richcraft Engineering Ltd).pdf16.336 MB Disk Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf1.182 MB 
Dont or How To Care For Your Computer (1981)(Sybex).pdf30.725 MB Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 01 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf10.512 MB 
Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 02 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf10.684 MB Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 03 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf10.133 MB 
Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 04 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf8.749 MB Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 05 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf8.184 MB 
Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 06 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf11.311 MB Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 07 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf8.789 MB 
Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 08 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf8.784 MB Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 09 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf9.818 MB 
Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 10 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf8.633 MB Explore Computing with the TRS-80 (1980)(Richard V. Andree).pdf9.288 MB 
Explore Computing with the TRS-80 (1982)(Prentice Hall Inc).pdf15.667 MB Extended Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf1.007 MB 
Fast BASIC-Beyond TRS-80 BASIC (1982)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf18.641 MB Full Turn of the Screw (1989)(Rainbow Magazine).pdf25.094 MB 
Games and Graphics for the TRS-80 (1983)(IJG).pdf15.895 MB Genie I and II ROM Listing (1984)(Luidger Rockrath)(De).pdf14.910 MB 
Getting Started with Extended Color BASIC (1984)(Tandy).pdf6.298 MB Getting Started with TRS-80 Basic (1981)(Tandy).pdf41.020 MB 
Golden Flutes and Great Escapes (1984)(Dilithium Press).pdf11.017 MB Graphics and Animation on the TRS-80 (1985)(Christopher Lampton).pdf5.667 MB 
Guide to Programming in Level II BASIC - Answer Key (19xx)(Bruce Presley-Lawrenceville Press).pdf0.859 MB Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80 (1983)(Prentice-Hall).pdf13.274 MB 
How To Do It on the TRS-80 (1983)(IJG Inc).pdf36.620 MB How to Program Microcomputers (1977)(Howard W Sams).pdf12.778 MB 
How to Program the Z80, Third Edition (aka Programming the Z80) (1980) (Rodney Zaks)8.082 MB How To Use The Model 100 Portable Computer (1984)(Alfred Publishing).pdf3.531 MB 
How To Use Your Radio Shack Printer (1985)(Microtrend).pdf20.178 MB How To Write A TRS-80 Program (1982)(Datamost).pdf13.122 MB 
I Didnt Know You Could Do THAT With A Computer (1986)(Dan Gutman).pdf43.439 MB I Speak BASIC To My TRS-80 (1982)(Hayden Book Company).pdf13.973 MB 
index0.064 MB Inside CPM - A Guide for Users and Programmers (1982)(David Cortesi).pdf60.127 MB 
Inside OS-9 Level II (1987)(Kevin Darling).pdf13.006 MB Inside Super Utility Plus Series 3.0 (1983)(Powersoft).pdf9.056 MB 
Interface Projects for the TRS-80 (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf10.730 MB Intermediate Programming for the TRS-80 (1982)(David L Heiserman).pdf10.718 MB 
Introduction to BASIC Student Manual (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf4.884 MB Introduction to Graphics (1981)(John Grillo).pdf33.844 MB 
Introduction to Level II BASIC (1980)(Prentice Hall).pdf11.888 MB Introduction to Microcomputers - Volume II (1977)(Osborne and Associates).pdf62.086 MB 
Introduction to T-Bug (1979)(Dilithium Press).pdf3.966 MB Introduction to the Z80 Microcomputer 2nd Edition (1987)(John Wiley).pdf12.759 MB 
Introduction to TRS-80 Graphics (1979)(Don Inman).pdf4.167 MB Introduction to TRS-80 Level II BASIC (1980)(Michael Zabinski).pdf9.207 MB 
Invitation To Fortran For The TRS-80 (1983)(Petrocelli Books).pdf6.347 MB Invitation to PASCAL for the TRS-80 (1985)(Petrocelli Books).pdf12.936 MB 
Island of Secrets (1984)(Usborne Publishing).pdf6.563 MB Katie and the Computer (1979)(Creative Computing Press).pdf15.773 MB 
Kids to Kids on the Color Computer (1983)(Datamost Inc).pdf11.374 MB Kids Working with Computers (1985)(Childrens Press).pdf1.574 MB 
Learning Level II (1979)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf10.247 MB Learning the 6809 (19xx)(Green Mountain Micro)0.151 MB 
Learning TRS-80 BASIC (1982)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf23.092 MB Level II ROMs (1983)(Tab Books).pdf17.215 MB 
Level II ROMs 1st Edition (1983)(Tab Books).pdf24.015 MB Machine Language Disk IO and Other Mysteries (1983)(Michael J Wagner).pdf14.084 MB 
Mastering Multiplan (1984)(Tab Books).pdf9.363 MB Mastering OS-9 on the Tandy Color Computer (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf0.650 MB 
Microcomputer Sourcebook for Educators (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf6.682 MB Micromputers Mean Business (1983)(Tandy).pdf5.643 MB 
Microsoft BASIC Decoded & Other Mysteries (1981)(James Farvour).pdf1.242 MB Microsoft BASIC Decoded & Other Mysteries (1981)(James Farvour)[a].pdf12.970 MB 
Model 100 Portable Computer Interactive Solutions (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf7.868 MB Model 100 Portable Computer Learner's Manual (1983)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf29.323 MB 
Model I Disk Interfacing Guide (19xx)(William Barden Jr).pdf3.252 MB Model III Programming and Applications (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf11.426 MB 
Model III ROM Commented (1981)(SSM).pdf0.299 MB Model PC-4 Pocket Computer Programming Guide (19xx)(Tandy).pdf4.823 MB 
More BASIC Computer Games (1979)(David Ahl).pdf15.120 MB More BASIC Computer Games (1980)(Creative Computing).pdf13.559 MB 
More TRS-80 Assembly-Language Programming (1982)(William Barden Jr).pdf16.628 MB More TRS-80 BASIC (1981)(John Wiley).pdf9.708 MB 
Mostly Basic Applications For Your TRS-80 Vol. 1 (1980)(Howard W Sams).pdf5.315 MB Mostly Basic Applications For Your TRS-80 Vol. 2 (1981)(Howard W Sams).pdf8.149 MB 
Multiplan Models for Business (1983)(Que).pdf17.226 MB My TRS-80 Likes Me (1979)(Bob Albrecht).pdf2.413 MB 
My TRS-80 Likes Me (1979)(Bob Albrecht)[a].pdf0.203 MB Numerical Analysis with the TRS-80 (1984)(Prentice-Hall).pdf7.521 MB 
Omni Complete Catalog of Computer Hardware and Accessories (1984)(Omni Publications).pdf51.099 MB OS-9 Level II and the Tandy Color Computer 3 (1994)(Rodger Alexander).pdf8.256 MB 
OS-9 Quick Reference 1st Edition (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf0.260 MB OS-9 Quick Reference 2nd Edition (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf0.239 MB 
OS-9 User Notes I (1985)(Computer Publishing Center).pdf14.629 MB Pascal (1980)(Tab Books).pdf12.461 MB 
Pathways Through the ROM (1980)(SouthSide Publications).pdf10.067 MB PC-2 Assembly Language (19xx)(Bruce Elliot).pdf6.765 MB 
Personal Computer Basic Reference Manual (1983)(Prentice Hall).pdf9.089 MB Personal Information Management System (1979)(SCELBI Publications).pdf5.094 MB 
Pocket Computer Programming Made Easy (1982)(ARCsoft Publishers).pdf3.964 MB Pocket Computer Programs (1981)(Artsoft).pdf4.185 MB 
Portable Computing with the model 100 (1984)(Tandy).pdf6.229 MB Power of Financial Calculations for Multiplan (1983)(Management Information Source).pdf15.278 MB 
Power of Multiplan Applications (1982)(Management Information Source).pdf13.015 MB Power of Visicalc (1981)(Management Information Source).pdf4.280 MB 
Practical Basic Programs (1980)(Osborne).pdf8.731 MB Problems for Computer Solution - Student Edition (1980)(Creative Computing Press).pdf6.828 MB 
Problems for Computer Solution - Teacher Edition (1980)(Creative Computing Press).pdf12.044 MB Programmer's Guide to TRSDOS Version 6, The (1983)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.163 MB 
Programmer's Guide to TRSDOS Version 6, The (1983)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf0.350 MB Programmers Guide to LDOS 6 (1983)(Misosys).pdf14.902 MB 
Programming Microprocessors (1977)(W M Mcmurran).pdf11.869 MB Programming Techniques - Volume 1 (1978)(Byte Publications).pdf8.265 MB 
Programming Techniques for Level II BASIC (1981)(William Barden).pdf8.919 MB Programming the Z-80 2nd Edition (1980)(Rodnay Zaks).pdf16.409 MB 
Programming the Z-80 3rd Edition (1980)(Sybex).pdf11.663 MB Radio Shack Introduces The World of Computing (1977)(Radio Shack).pdf6.322 MB 
Rest of 80 The (1983)(Wayne Green Books).pdf5.751 MB ROM Routines Documented (1983)(The Alternate Source).pdf20.065 MB 
Secret Guide to Computers (1980)(Scelbi).pdf6.513 MB Small Computer Systems Handbook (1978)(Hayden).pdf14.461 MB 
Softside Sampler (1982)(Hayden Book Company).pdf5.866 MB Software Developers Sourcebook (1985)(Addison-Wesley Publishing).pdf24.216 MB 
Software Sourcebook 1st Edition (1984)(Alan J Lewis).pdf13.349 MB Software Technical Manual (1979)(Houston Micro-Computer).pdf1.667 MB 
Some Common Basic Programs 3rd Ed (1979)(Osborne).pdf15.822 MB Speaking Personal (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl)0.014 MB 
Structured BASIC 2nd Edition (1989)(SouthWestern Publishing).pdf17.929 MB Super Extended Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf0.841 MB 
SuperMap Level II ROM Documentation (1979)(Fuller Software).pdf1.310 MB Tandys Little Wonder (1993)(Farna Systems).pdf4.916 MB 
Tandys Money Machine (1992)(Mobium Press).pdf28.530 MB Teach Your TRS-80 To Program Itself (1984)(Tab Books).pdf8.102 MB 
The Alternate Source - Volume 1 (1981)(The Alternate Source).pdf18.302 MB The B00K - Volume 1 (1980)(Insiders Software Consultants).pdf7.974 MB 
The B00K - Volume 2 (1981)(Insiders Software Consultants).pdf4.210 MB The Source - Volume 1 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf17.072 MB 
The Source - Volume 1 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc)[a].pdf0.257 MB The Source - Volume 2 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf25.253 MB 
The Source - Volume 3 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf20.097 MB Things To Do With Your Model 4 (1983)(Signet).pdf27.763 MB 
Troubleshooting and Repairing Personal Computers (1983)(Tab Books).pdf17.442 MB Troubleshooting Microprocessors and Digital Logic (1980)(Tab Books).pdf17.843 MB 
TRS-80 Assembly Language (1981)(Prentice Hall).pdf7.988 MB TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple (1982)(Howard W Sams).pdf11.302 MB 
TRS-80 Assembly Language Programming (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf5.714 MB TRS-80 Assembly Language Subroutines (1982)(William Barden Jr).pdf11.043 MB 
TRS-80 Basic Computer Camp (1983)(Tandy).pdf2.951 MB TRS-80 Cobol (1983)(Prentice-Hall).pdf23.464 MB 
TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf6.232 MB TRS-80 Computer Reference Handbook 2nd (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf19.929 MB 
TRS-80 Data Communication Systems (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf13.255 MB TRS-80 Data File Programming (1983)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf11.741 MB 
TRS-80 Data File Programming In BASIC (1981)(Leroy Finkel).pdf10.996 MB TRS-80 Disk and Other Mysteries (1980)(Harvard C. Pennington).pdf35.654 MB 
TRS-80 For The Beginning Beginner (1983)(Enrich Ohaus).pdf8.140 MB TRS-80 Graphics (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf4.211 MB 
TRS-80 Graphics Book (1984)(Dennis Tanner).pdf16.082 MB TRS-80 Graphics For The Model I and III (1982)(Byte Publications)[a].pdf18.689 MB 
TRS-80 Graphics for the Model I and Model III (1982)(David A Kater).pdf34.563 MB TRS-80 Interfacing Book 1 (19xx)(Jonathan Titus).pdf6.917 MB 
TRS-80 Interfacing Book 2 (19xx)(Jonathan Titus).pdf10.992 MB TRS-80 Level II BASIC-A Teaching Guide (1980)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf7.825 MB 
TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 1st Edition (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf5.132 MB TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 1st Edition (1978)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf1.682 MB 
TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 2nd Edition (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.142 MB TRS-80 Model 1 and 3 Explained (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SCR]0.030 MB 
TRS-80 Models I & III & Color Computer Interfacing Projects (1983)(William Barden Jr).pdf17.302 MB TRS-80 More Than BASIC (1981)(John Froehlich).pdf8.923 MB 
TRS-80 Portable Computer Subroutine Cookbook (1984)(David Busch).pdf11.480 MB TRS-80 Programming In Style (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf20.586 MB 
TRS-80 Programs (1980)(Tom Rugg).pdf11.927 MB TRSDOS 2.3 Decoded and Other Mysteries (1982)(IJG Inc)[DJVU].djvu2.106 MB 
TRSDOS 2.3 Decoded and Other Mysteries (1982)(IJG Inc)[DJVU][a].djvu3.092 MB TRSDOS 2.3 Decoded and Other Mysteries (1982)(IJG Inc)[PDF].pdf13.743 MB 
Understanding Digital Computers (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf21.628 MB Usborne Guide to Computer Jargon (1983)(Usborne Publishing).pdf13.576 MB 
Using AWK with OS-9 (1993)(ColorSystems).pdf2.803 MB Using the Radio Shack TRS-80 In Your Home (1981)(Van Nostrand Reinhold).pdf33.886 MB 
Using the TRS-80 In Your Home (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf10.178 MB Verbal Control with Microcomputers (1982)(Tab Books).pdf11.596 MB 
VisiCalc Applications (1982)(Management Information Source).pdf11.928 MB VisiCalc for Your TRS-80 (1985)(John Wiley).pdf16.871 MB 
Weird Computer Games (1984)(Usborne Publishing).pdf4.152 MB Whole Earth Software Catalog (1984)(Point).pdf59.338 MB 
Whole Earth Software Catalog for 1986 (1985)(Point).pdf66.686 MB Write Your Own Adventure Programs (1983)(Usborne).pdf9.619 MB 
Writing BASIC Adventure Programs for the TRS-80 (1982)(Frank DaCosta).pdf11.171 MB Z-80 Assembly Language Programming (1979)(Leventhal).pdf16.169 MB 
Z-80 Microcomputer Handbook (1979)(Howard W Sams).pdf15.954 MB Z-80 Microcomputer Handbook (1985)(Howard W Sams).pdf12.281 MB 
Z80 Assembly Language Programming (19xx)(Osborne).pdf4.667 MB Z80 Assembly Language Subroutines (1983)(Osborne).pdf21.530 MB 
Z80 Microcomputer System (19xx)(SGS).pdf6.276 MB Z80 Microprocessor (1988)(Macmillan Publishing).pdf29.287 MB 
Z80 Programming for Logic Design (1978)(Osborne and Associates).pdf16.993 MB Z80 Users Manual (1980)(Reston Publishing).pdf10.646 MB 
index0.007 MB Official TOSEC Tandy Radio Shack - TRS-80 - Books0.006 MB 
0.001 MB Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer - Magazines (TOSEC-v2009-09-05)14.895 MB 
TRS-M-The80Notebook(TOSEC-v2006-06-07)6.031 MB 
Magazines\80 Notebook
0.000 MB The 80 Notebook - Issue 01 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf1.105 MB 
The 80 Notebook - Issue 02 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf0.560 MB The 80 Notebook - Issue 03 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf0.662 MB 
The 80 Notebook - Issue 04 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf0.666 MB The 80 Notebook - Issue 05 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf0.641 MB 
The 80 Notebook - Issue 06 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf1.183 MB The 80 Notebook - Issue 07 (1980)(Cybermate).pdf1.198 MB 
Magazines\80 US Journal
80 Northwest Journal - Volume 1 Number 1 (1978)(80 Northwest).pdf0.954 MB 80 Northwest Journal - Volume 1 Number 2 (1978)(80 Northwest).pdf1.551 MB 
80-US Journal Shoppers Guide (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf7.196 MB 80-US Journal Volume 02 Number 01 (1979)(Northwest Publishing).pdf1.846 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 02 Number 02 (1979)(Northwest Publishing).pdf6.183 MB 80-US Journal Volume 02 Number 03 (1979)(Northwest Publishing).pdf7.505 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 02 Number 04 (1979)(Northwest Publishing).pdf3.884 MB 80-US Journal Volume 02 Number 05 (1979)(Northwest Publishing).pdf4.074 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 02 Number 06 (1979)(Northwest Publishing).pdf12.881 MB 80-US Journal Volume 03 Number 01 (1980)(Northwest Publishing).pdf24.533 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 03 Number 02 (1980)(Northwest Publishing).pdf17.454 MB 80-US Journal Volume 03 Number 03 (1980)(Northwest Publishing).pdf17.844 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 03 Number 04 (1980)(Northwest Publishing).pdf20.645 MB 80-US Journal Volume 03 Number 05 (1980)(Northwest Publishing).pdf23.240 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 03 Number 06 (1980)(Northwest Publishing).pdf25.715 MB 80-US Journal Volume 04 Number 01 (1981)(Northwest Publishing).pdf24.666 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 04 Number 02 (1981)(Northwest Publishing).pdf39.389 MB 80-US Journal Volume 04 Number 03 (1981)(Northwest Publishing).pdf42.386 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 04 Number 04 (1981)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.423 MB 80-US Journal Volume 04 Number 05 (1981)(Northwest Publishing).pdf45.829 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 04 Number 06 (1981)(Northwest Publishing).pdf49.679 MB 80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 01 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf43.889 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 02 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf33.218 MB 80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 03 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf39.044 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 04 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf36.827 MB 80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 05 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf46.431 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 06 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf35.661 MB 80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 07 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf47.007 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 08 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.108 MB 80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 09 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.062 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 10 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf38.761 MB 80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 11 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf33.888 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 05 Number 12 (1982)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.974 MB 80-US Journal Volume 06 Number 01 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf41.068 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 06 Number 02 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf43.133 MB 80-US Journal Volume 06 Number 03 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf33.998 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 06 Number 04 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.277 MB 80-US Journal Volume 06 Number 05 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.833 MB 
80-US Journal Volume 06 Number 06 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf33.303 MB Basic Computing Volume 06 Number 07 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf34.024 MB 
Basic Computing Volume 06 Number 08 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf33.969 MB Basic Computing Volume 06 Number 09 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf32.925 MB 
Basic Computing Volume 06 Number 10 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf28.251 MB Basic Computing Volume 06 Number 12 (1983)(Northwest Publishing).pdf33.045 MB 
Basic Computing Volume 07 Number 01 (1984)(Northwest Publishing).pdf29.776 MB Basic Computing Volume 07 Number 02 (1984)(Northwest Publishing).pdf19.002 MB 
Basic Computing Volume 07 Number 03 (1984)(Northwest Publishing).pdf20.680 MB 
0.000 MB 80Microcomputing_800155.484 MB 
80Microcomputing_800236.559 MB 80Microcomputing_800348.005 MB 
80Microcomputing_800439.518 MB 80Microcomputing_800563.616 MB 
80Microcomputing_800659.518 MB 80Microcomputing_800753.825 MB 
80Microcomputing_800856.673 MB 80Microcomputing_800983.930 MB 
80Microcomputing_801087.136 MB 80Microcomputing_801197.106 MB 
80Microcomputing_801298.317 MB 80Microcomputing_810168.107 MB 
80Microcomputing_810264.376 MB 80Microcomputing_810377.851 MB 
80Microcomputing_810486.257 MB 80Microcomputing_810581.799 MB 
80Microcomputing_810683.247 MB 80Microcomputing_8107117.379 MB 
80Microcomputing_810881.630 MB 80Microcomputing_8109143.075 MB 
80Microcomputing_8110129.199 MB 80Microcomputing_8111165.414 MB 
80Microcomputing_8112162.518 MB 80Microcomputing_8201164.204 MB 
80Microcomputing_8202102.193 MB 80Microcomputing_8203109.359 MB 
80Microcomputing_8204119.078 MB 80Microcomputing_8205124.200 MB 
80Microcomputing_820696.654 MB 80Microcomputing_8208174.697 MB 
80Microcomputing_820987.599 MB 80Microcomputing_821098.620 MB 
80Microcomputing_8211108.679 MB 80Microcomputing_8212204.847 MB 
80Microcomputing_8301133.853 MB 80Microcomputing_8302122.508 MB 
80Microcomputing_8303123.893 MB 80Microcomputing_8304119.502 MB 
80Microcomputing_8305168.364 MB 80Microcomputing_830698.715 MB 
80Microcomputing_830783.363 MB 80Microcomputing_830878.650 MB 
80Microcomputing_8309146.470 MB 80Microcomputing_8310161.152 MB 
80Microcomputing_8311142.948 MB 80Microcomputing_8312129.955 MB 
80Microcomputing_83SE142.985 MB 80Microcomputing_840181.231 MB 
80Microcomputing_840988.159 MB 80Microcomputing_841189.589 MB 
80Microcomputing_841296.409 MB 80Microcomputing_850171.580 MB 
80Microcomputing_850260.879 MB 80Microcomputing_850359.866 MB 
80Microcomputing_850458.356 MB 80Microcomputing_850558.932 MB 
80Microcomputing_850658.334 MB 80Microcomputing_850754.975 MB 
80Microcomputing_850860.470 MB 80Microcomputing_850961.796 MB 
80Microcomputing_851056.911 MB 80Microcomputing_851162.503 MB 
80Microcomputing_851269.017 MB 80Microcomputing_860244.263 MB 
80Microcomputing_860374.423 MB 80Microcomputing_860440.105 MB 
80Microcomputing_870152.031 MB 80Microcomputing_870251.143 MB 
80Microcomputing_870347.716 MB 80Microcomputing_870490.645 MB 
80Microcomputing_870544.344 MB 80Microcomputing_870872.432 MB 
80Microcomputing_880350.082 MB 80micro_ReviewGuide48.655 MB 
80-Grafix (19xx)(Programma International).pdf1.223 MB Aculab Floppy Tape (1981)(Aculab).pdf0.841 MB 
Adventure International Catalog (1979)(Adventure International).pdf0.074 MB Adventure International Catalog - Volume 2 Issue 2 (1981)(Adventure International).pdf7.390 MB 
Adventure International Catalog - Volume 2 Issue 3 (1981)(Adventure International).pdf12.924 MB Adventure International Catalog - Volume 2 Issue 5 (1981)(Adventure International).pdf7.214 MB 
Adventure International Catalog - Volume 3 Issue 1 (1982)(Adventure International).pdf9.559 MB Affordable Computer Shop Catalog (1980)(Affordable Computers).pdf3.168 MB 
Alcor Catalog (19xx)(Alcor Systems).pdf0.715 MB Allen Gelder and Co Catalog (19xx)(Allen Gelder).pdf1.498 MB 
Apparat Catalog (1981)(Apparat).pdf13.302 MB Ark Systems Catalog (1995)(Ark Systems).pdf1.254 MB 
Avalon Hill Games and Parts (1982)(Avalon Hill).pdf1.357 MB BDS Products Catalog (1992)(BDS Products).pdf0.720 MB 
Benchmark Computing Services Software Catalog (1979)(Benchmark).pdf1.259 MB Big Five Arcade (19xx)(Big Five Software).pdf1.426 MB 
Big Five Software Flyers (19xx)(Big Five Software).pdf1.171 MB Bob van der Poel Catalog (19xx)(Bob van der Poel).pdf0.885 MB 
Burke and Burke Catalog (1989)(Burke and Burke).pdf3.017 MB Chris Dekker's Software Catalog (1995)(Chris Dekker).pdf0.427 MB 
CLOAD Magazine Hype Sheet (1980)(CLOAD Magazine).pdf0.702 MB CoCoPro Catalog - Issue 07 (1992)(CoCoPress).pdf1.340 MB 
CoCoPro Catalog - Issue 12 (1992)(CoCoPress).pdf0.682 MB Coloma Computer Catalog (19xx)(Coloma Computer).pdf0.328 MB 
Computer Knowledge Center Winter Catalog (1982)(Computer Knowledge Center).pdf7.076 MB CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 01 Issue 05 (1992)(CoCoPro).pdf0.628 MB 
CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 02 Issue 01 (1993)(CoCoPro).pdf0.450 MB CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 02 Issue 02 (1993)(CoCoPro).pdf0.495 MB 
CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 02 Issue 04 (1993)(CoCoPro).pdf0.598 MB CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 02 Issue 05 (1993)(CoCoPro).pdf0.634 MB 
Control Data 9408 Floppy Drive Data Sheet (19xx)(Control Data).pdf0.783 MB Control Data 9409 Floppy Drive Data Sheet (19xx)(Control Data).pdf0.813 MB 
CR-180 Cash Register Expansion System (19xx)(ICR).pdf2.371 MB Creative Computing Catalog 8 (19xx)(Creative Computing).pdf10.865 MB 
David White Paper (1993)(Microware).pdf0.796 MB Disto Catalog (1989)(Disto).pdf0.207 MB 
DOSPlus v3.5 Upgrade Ad (19xx)(Micro-Systems Software)[DOC].doc0.076 MB DOSPlus v3.5 Upgrade Ad (19xx)(Micro-Systems Software)[PDF].pdf0.097 MB 
Dotwriter Catalog (19xx)(Prosoft).pdf2.457 MB E-RAM High Resolution Graphics (19xx)(Keyline Computer Products).pdf2.600 MB 
Enhanced OS-9 Data Sheet (19xx)(Microware).pdf0.063 MB Epson MX-80 Product Flyer (19xx)(Epson America).pdf0.342 MB 
Epson Printer Catalog (1983)(Epson).pdf2.789 MB Exatron Stringy Floppy (19xx)(Exatron).pdf0.747 MB 
H and E Computronics Software Catalog No 3 (19xx)(H and E Electronics).pdf8.032 MB Holmes Engineering Catalog (1983)(Holmes Engineering).pdf3.850 MB 
How To Use Quickpro (1981)(FutureSoft).pdf1.437 MB IFB File Manager Data Sheet (1992)(ARK Systems).pdf1.182 MB 
Image Computer Products Catalog (19xx)(Image Computer).pdf0.819 MB Introduction to TRS-80 BASIC and Computer Programming (1980)(Prentice-Hall).pdf1.189 MB 
Level IV Products Winter Catalog (19xx)(Level IV Products).pdf2.903 MB LNW 4MHZ DD Color System Ad 1 (19xx)(LNW Research).pdf0.259 MB 
LNW 4MHZ DD Color System Ad 2 (19xx)(LNW Research).pdf0.299 MB LNW System Expansion Interface (19xx)(LNW Research).pdf0.798 MB 
Longview (19xx)(Prosoft).pdf0.448 MB Mad Hatter Software Catalog (1979)(Mad Hatter Software).pdf2.672 MB 
Matchless Systems Catalog (19xx)(Matchless Systems).pdf1.547 MB Med Systems Software Spring 1981 Catalog (1981)(Med Systems).pdf1.204 MB 
Micro Mint Hardware Catalog (19xx)(Micro Mint).pdf0.774 MB Microsette Computer Cassette Duplication (19xx)(Microsette Co).pdf0.619 MB 
Microware OS-9 Software Catalog (1995)(Microware).pdf1.594 MB Misosys Catalog (1984)(Misosys).pdf9.101 MB 
Misosys Catalog (1989)(Misosys).pdf2.247 MB Misosys Catalog 87-1 (1987)(Misosys).pdf2.300 MB 
MM-1 Extended Kit Flyer (19xx)(Interactive Media Systems).pdf0.474 MB MMSForth General Description (1980)(Miller Microcomputer Services).pdf0.665 MB 
MMSForth General Description (1982)(Miller Microcomputer Services).pdf3.286 MB Molymerx Mail Order Software Catalog (19xx)(Molymerx).pdf16.742 MB 
Molymerx Mail Order Software Catalog 82-12 (1982)(Molymerx).pdf31.881 MB Nebs Computer Forms Catalog (19xx)(Nebs).pdf1.661 MB 
NewDOS-80 v2.0 Upgrade Offer (19xx)(Apparat).pdf1.141 MB Omni Complete Catalog of Computer Software (1984)(Omni Publications International).pdf26.115 MB 
Pan American Electronics Catalog (19xx)(Pan American Electronics).pdf3.306 MB Pan American Electronics Price List (1980)(Pan American Electronics Incorporated).pdf2.398 MB 
Paper Tiger 445 (199x)(Integral Data Systems).pdf0.679 MB Paper Tiger 460 (199x)(Integral Data Systems).pdf1.258 MB 
Percom Dealer Signup Package (1979)(Percom Data Company).pdf2.350 MB Percom News Releases (1979)(Percom Data Company).pdf3.841 MB 
Percom Product Bulletins (1979)(Percom Data Company).pdf5.980 MB Percom Technical Memo TFD-100-04 (1979)(Percom Data Company).pdf0.235 MB 
Personal Software Catalog (1980)(Personal Software).pdf3.781 MB PMC-80 Personal Computer Data Sheet (19xx)(Personal Microcomputers).pdf0.785 MB 
Prosoft Catalog (1982)(Prosoft).pdf3.138 MB Racet Computes 1981 Catalog (1981)(Racet Computes).pdf6.405 MB 
Radio Shack Answers 1984-10 (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf3.797 MB Radio Shack Answers 1985-01 (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf4.066 MB 
Radio Shack Answers 1985-02 (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf16.523 MB Radio Shack Answers 1985-03 (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf15.909 MB 
Radio Shack Catalog (De)(1991)(Tandy).pdf3.532 MB Radio Shack Education Software Reference Guide (1987)(Radio Shack).pdf2.504 MB 
Radio Shack Model 4 Flyer FC-311 (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf3.761 MB Radio Shack Planned Maintenance Agreement (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.487 MB 
Radio Shack Software Buyers Guide 1991 (1991)(Radio Shack).pdf106.761 MB Radio Shack Software Catalog (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf2.541 MB 
Radio Shack Software Reference and Tandy Computer Guide (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf38.671 MB Radio Shack Software Reference Guide (1987)(Radio Shack).pdf7.624 MB 
Radio Shack Supplemental Software Catalog 86-03 (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf1.175 MB Radio Shack Supplemental Software Catalog 86-11 (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf1.657 MB 
Radio Shack Supplemental Software Catalog 88-04 (1988)(Radio Shack).pdf1.970 MB Radio Shack TRS-80 System Products Catalog (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf7.257 MB 
RSC-01 Computer Catalog (1977)(Radio Shack).pdf5.493 MB RSC-02 Computer Catalog (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf5.273 MB 
RSC-02 Computer Catalog (1980)(Radio Shack)[DJVU].djvu0.769 MB RSC-03 Computer Catalog (1980)(Radio Shack)(pdf)[NO OCR].pdf21.847 MB 
RSC-03 Computer Catalog (1980)(Radio Shack)(pdf)[OCR].pdf6.013 MB RSC-04 Computer Catalog (1981)(Radio Shack)(Eu).pdf12.486 MB 
RSC-04 Computer Catalog (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf16.707 MB RSC-05 Computer Catalog (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf30.440 MB 
RSC-06 Computer Catalog (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf34.540 MB RSC-07 Computer Catalog (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf31.941 MB 
RSC-08 Computer Catalog (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf83.411 MB RSC-09 Computer Catalog (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf83.840 MB 
RSC-10 Computer Catalog (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf82.843 MB RSC-11 Computer Catalog (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf89.011 MB 
RSC-12 Computer Catalog (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf83.147 MB RSC-14 Computer Catalog (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf97.141 MB 
RSC-14 Computer Catalog (1985)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf17.545 MB RSC-15 Computer Catalog (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf21.588 MB 
RSC-15 Computer Catalog [a] (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf89.111 MB RSC-17 Computer Catalog (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf10.606 MB 
RSC-17B Computer Catalog (1987)(Radio Shack).pdf73.886 MB RSC-20 Computer Catalog (1989)(Radio Shack).pdf16.809 MB 
RSC-20 Computer Educational Catalog (1989)(Radio Shack).pdf40.250 MB RSC-21 Computer Catalog (1990)(Radio Shack).pdf65.014 MB 
RSC-22 Computer Catalog (1991)(Radio Shack).pdf71.255 MB Simutek Computer Products Catalog 595 (1981)(Simutek).pdf17.166 MB 
Simutek TRS-80 UseRadio Shack Catalog C (19xx)(Simutek).pdf1.892 MB Southern Software Catalog (1980)(Southern Software).pdf0.129 MB 
Southern Software Catalog (1981)(Southern Software).pdf0.135 MB T and D Software Catalog (1990)(T and D).pdf1.763 MB 
Tandy Computer Catalog and Software Reference Guide (1988)(Tandy).pdf8.188 MB Tarano Associates Catalog (19xx)(Tarano Associates).pdf2.888 MB 
Teac FD-55R Floppy Drive Flyer (1993)(Teac).pdf3.604 MB The Basic Handbook 2nd Edition (19xx)(David A Lien).pdf1.144 MB 
The Bottom Shelf Catalog (1981)(The Bottom Shelf).pdf1.157 MB The Patch (19xx)(Cecdat Inc.).pdf0.464 MB 
Traveling Software Catalog - Volume 1 Number 2 (19xx)(-).pdf1.200 MB Trimtek Catalog (19xx)(Trimtek).pdf0.691 MB 
TRS-80 Software Library (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf5.483 MB TRS-80 Speed Up Board (19xx)(Archbold).pdf0.412 MB 
TSE Hardside 1982 Price List (1982)(TSE Hardside).pdf2.003 MB U3000 Memory Expansion Unit (19xx)(-).pdf0.458 MB 
Wayne Green Books Catalog (1982)(Wayne Green Books).pdf4.280 MB Whitman Computer Products Catalog (1995)(Whitman).pdf0.573 MB 
Zebra Systems Catalog (19xx)(Zebra Systems).pdf1.204 MB 
Best of CLOAD Volume 1 (19xx)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf4.317 MB CLOAD Magazine 1978-02 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.315 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1978-03 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.150 MB CLOAD Magazine 1978-04 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.283 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1978-05 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.172 MB CLOAD Magazine 1978-06 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.654 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1978-07 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.201 MB CLOAD Magazine 1978-08 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.238 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1978-09 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.366 MB CLOAD Magazine 1978-10 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.408 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1978-11 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.148 MB CLOAD Magazine 1978-12 (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.389 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1979-01 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.384 MB CLOAD Magazine 1979-02 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.536 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1979-03 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.435 MB CLOAD Magazine 1979-04 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.499 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1979-05 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.455 MB CLOAD Magazine 1979-06 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.538 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1979-07 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.390 MB CLOAD Magazine 1979-08 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.409 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1979-09 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.448 MB CLOAD Magazine 1979-10 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.371 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1979-11 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.827 MB CLOAD Magazine 1979-12 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.203 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1980-01 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.389 MB CLOAD Magazine 1980-02 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.397 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1980-03 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.349 MB CLOAD Magazine 1980-04 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.498 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1980-05 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.353 MB CLOAD Magazine 1980-06 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.694 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1980-07 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.345 MB CLOAD Magazine 1980-08 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.709 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1980-09 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.848 MB CLOAD Magazine 1980-10 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.407 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1980-11 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.660 MB CLOAD Magazine 1980-12 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.501 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1981-01 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.506 MB CLOAD Magazine 1981-02 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.365 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1981-03 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.473 MB CLOAD Magazine 1981-04 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.378 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1981-05 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.334 MB CLOAD Magazine 1981-06 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.361 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1981-07 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.325 MB CLOAD Magazine 1981-08 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.366 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1981-09 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.340 MB CLOAD Magazine 1981-10 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.214 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1981-11 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.344 MB CLOAD Magazine 1981-12 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.332 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1982-01 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.358 MB CLOAD Magazine 1982-02 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.524 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1982-03 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.417 MB CLOAD Magazine 1982-04 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.673 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1982-05 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.354 MB CLOAD Magazine 1982-06 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.546 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1982-07 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.813 MB CLOAD Magazine 1982-08 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.435 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1982-09 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.443 MB CLOAD Magazine 1982-10 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.298 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1982-11 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.480 MB CLOAD Magazine 1982-12 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.537 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1983-01 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.353 MB CLOAD Magazine 1983-02 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.150 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1983-03 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf2.102 MB CLOAD Magazine 1983-04 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.758 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1983-05 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.735 MB CLOAD Magazine 1983-06 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.868 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1983-08 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.674 MB CLOAD Magazine 1983-09 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.420 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1983-10 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.689 MB CLOAD Magazine 1983-11 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.723 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1983-12 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.878 MB CLOAD Magazine 1984-01 (1984)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.840 MB 
CLOAD Magazine 1984-03 (1984)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.581 MB CLOAD Magazine 1984-04 (1984)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.693 MB 
CLOAD Magazine Apology Letter (1978)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.150 MB CLOAD Magazine Index (1981)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.186 MB 
CLOAD Mailing List Program (19xx)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf0.570 MB 
CoCo Friends Disk Magazine - Issue 43 (1995)(Rick Cooper).pdf4.694 MB Coco Nutz! - Volume 01 Number 01 (2005)(-).pdf0.085 MB 
Coco Nutz! - Volume 01 Number 02 (2005)(-).pdf0.247 MB CoCo Registry Issue 1 (19xx)(Ricks Computer Enterprise)[DSK]0.194 MB 
CoCo Registry Issue 2 (19xx)(Ricks Computer Enterprise)[DSK]0.214 MB CoCo Registry Issue 3 (19xx)(Ricks Computer Enterprise)[DSK]0.366 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine April (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.066 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine August (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.067 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 14 (1992)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.558 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 16 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.547 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 17 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.546 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 18 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.557 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 19 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.622 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 20 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.561 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 21 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.551 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 22 (1993)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.544 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 23 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.549 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 24 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.552 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 25 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.611 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 26 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.602 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 27 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.568 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 28 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.566 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 32 (1995)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.615 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 33 (1995)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[TIF]0.523 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 34 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.611 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 35 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.602 MB 
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 36 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.618 MB CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 37 (1994)(Mid Iowa and Country CoCo)[DSK]0.773 MB 
Color Micro Journal - Volume 01 Number 01 (1983)(Computer Publishing Inc).pdf15.195 MB Color Micro Journal - Volume 01 Number 02 (1983)(Computer Publishing Inc).pdf10.734 MB 
Color Micro Journal - Volume 01 Number 03 (1983)(Computer Publishing Inc).pdf16.006 MB Color Micro Journal - Volume 01 Number 04 (1983)(Computer Publishing Inc).pdf19.240 MB 
Forum Sixty Eight - Volume 01 Number 02 (1983)(Remarkable Software).pdf9.988 MB Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 01 (1993)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf0.395 MB 
Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 02 (1993)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf2.260 MB Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 03 (1993)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf2.678 MB 
Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 04 (1993)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf2.568 MB Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 05 (1993)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf3.365 MB 
Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 06 (1993)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf2.281 MB Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 07 (1994)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf2.114 MB 
Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 08 (1994)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf1.752 MB Metamorphosis - Volume 01 Number 09 (1994)(Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff).pdf2.183 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 88-07 (1988)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.303 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 88-08 (1988)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.465 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 88-09 (1988)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.800 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 88-10 (1988)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.303 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 88-11 (1988)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.298 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 88-12 (1988)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.366 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-02 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.395 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-03 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.509 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-04 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.461 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-05 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.599 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-06 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.447 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-07 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.504 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-08 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.515 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-09 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.572 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-10 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.500 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-11 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.523 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 89-12 (1989)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.659 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-02 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.437 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-03 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.563 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-04 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.654 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-05 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.634 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-06 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.606 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-07 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.530 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-08 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.686 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-09 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.359 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-10 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.264 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-11 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.299 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 90-12 (1990)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.351 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-02 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.193 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-03 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.242 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-04 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.365 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-05 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.212 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-06 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.290 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-07 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.467 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-08 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.561 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-09 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.257 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-10 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.200 MB National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-11 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.223 MB 
National OS9 Newsletter - Issue 91-12 (1991)(National OS9 User Group).pdf0.455 MB NineTimes Disk Magazine (1990)(JWT Enterprises)[DSK]0.975 MB 
OSKer - Volume 01 Issue 01 (1990)(SIG Computers Inc).pdf3.448 MB OSKer - Volume 01 Issue 05 (1991)(SIG Computers Inc).pdf2.731 MB 
OSKer - Volume 01 Issue 06 (1991)(SIG Computers Inc).pdf5.159 MB 0.000 MB 
Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 01 (1984)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf6.599 MB Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 02 (1984)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf7.621 MB 
Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 03 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf8.380 MB Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 04 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf9.028 MB 
Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 05 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf8.669 MB Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 06 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf8.527 MB 
Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 07 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf7.799 MB Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 08 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf7.947 MB 
Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 09 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf7.205 MB Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 10 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf7.778 MB 
Undercolor - Volume 01 Number 11 (1985)(ColorPlus Inc).pdf8.205 MB Up Time - Volume 01 Number 01 (1992)(JWT Enterprises).pdf0.820 MB 
Up Time - Volume 01 Number 02 (1992)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.064 MB Up Time - Volume 01 Number 03 (1992)(JWT Enterprises).pdf0.919 MB 
Up Time - Volume 01 Number 04 (1992)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.285 MB Up Time - Volume 01 Number 05 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.253 MB 
Up Time - Volume 01 Number 06 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.225 MB Up Time - Volume 01 Number 07 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf0.776 MB 
Up Time - Volume 01 Number 08 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.165 MB Up Time - Volume 01 Number 09 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.499 MB 
Up Time - Volume 01 Number 10 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.422 MB Up Time - Volume 01 Number 11 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.237 MB 
Up Time - Volume 01 Number 12 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.201 MB Up Time - Volume 02 Number 01 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.081 MB 
Up Time - Volume 02 Number 02 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf0.826 MB Up Time - Volume 02 Number 03 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.332 MB 
Up Time - Volume 02 Number 04 (1993)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.389 MB Up Time - Volume 02 Number 05 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.276 MB 
Up Time - Volume 02 Number 06 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.200 MB Up Time - Volume 02 Number 07 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.087 MB 
Up Time - Volume 02 Number 08 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.180 MB Up Time - Volume 02 Number 09 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.178 MB 
Up Time - Volume 02 Number 10 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf0.715 MB Up Time - Volume 02 Number 11 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf0.821 MB 
Up Time - Volume 02 Number 12 (1994)(JWT Enterprises).pdf1.231 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 01 (1993)(Farna Systems).pdf5.460 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 02 (1993)(Farna Systems).pdf5.404 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 03 (1993)(Farna Systems).pdf5.661 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 04 (1993)(Farna Systems).pdf5.442 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 05 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf6.081 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 06 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf5.708 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 07 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf5.890 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 01 Number 08 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf5.650 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 01 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf5.963 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 02 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf4.734 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 03 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf5.636 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 04 (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf5.349 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 05 (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf4.980 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 06 (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf5.254 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 02 Number 07 (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf4.957 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 03 Number 01 (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf4.495 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 03 Number 02 (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf4.209 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 03 Number 03 (1996)(Farna Systems).pdf3.530 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 03 Number 04 (1996)(Farna Systems).pdf4.175 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 03 Number 05 (1996)(Farna Systems).pdf4.008 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 04 Number 01 (1996)(Farna Systems).pdf3.879 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 04 Number 02 (1996)(Farna Systems).pdf3.685 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 04 Number 03 (1996)(Farna Systems).pdf3.878 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 04 Number 04 (1997)(Farna Systems).pdf3.744 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 04 Number 05 (1997)(Farna Systems).pdf4.502 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 04 Number 06 (1997)(Farna Systems).pdf4.042 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 05 Number 01 (1997)(Farna Systems).pdf4.439 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 05 Number 02 (1997)(Farna Systems).pdf3.548 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 05 Number 03 (1997)(Farna Systems).pdf3.918 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 05 Number 04 (1998)(Farna Systems).pdf3.853 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 05 Number 05 (1998)(Farna Systems).pdf5.071 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 05 Number 06 (1998)(Farna Systems).pdf3.765 MB World of 68 Micros - Volume 06 Number 01 (1998)(Farna Systems).pdf4.151 MB 
World of 68 Micros - Volume 06 Number 02 (1998)(Farna Systems).pdf4.461 MB 
Electronics - The Discovery That Changed the World (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf8.283 MB Electronics - The Discovery That Changed the World (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf8.707 MB 
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - The Community Action Program (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf5.477 MB TRS-80 Whiz Kids - A Deadly Choice (1990)(Radio Shack).pdf4.319 MB 
TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Answer To A Riddle (1987)(Radio Shack).pdf4.155 MB TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Computer Masters of Metropolis (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.278 MB 
TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Computer That Saved Metropolis (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf18.310 MB TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Computer Trap (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf3.697 MB 
TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Computer Trap (1984)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf44.342 MB TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Fit To Win (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf3.325 MB 
TRS-80 Whiz Kids - News by Computer Foils (1986)(Radio Shack).pdf3.558 MB TRS-80 Whiz Kids - No To Drugs (1985)(Radio Shack).pdf3.800 MB 
TRS-80 Whiz Kids - No To Drugs (1985)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf57.445 MB TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Saving the Environment (1991)(Radio Shack).pdf7.233 MB 
TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Victory by Computer (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf10.759 MB 
Magazines\HE Computronics
H&E Computronics Issue 47 (1982)(H&E Computronics).pdf8.845 MB H&E Computronics Issue 48 (1982)(H&E Computronics).pdf4.498 MB 
H&E Computronics Issue 49 (1982)(H&E Computronics).pdf8.281 MB H&E Computronics Issue 50 (1982)(H&E Computronics).pdf8.710 MB 
H&E Computronics Issue 51 (1982)(H&E Computronics).pdf4.644 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 01 (1979)(Micro-80).pdf0.597 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 02 (1980)(Micro-80).pdf0.828 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 03 (1980)(Micro-80).pdf1.243 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 04 (1980)(Micro-80)2.279 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 05 (1980)(Micro-80)2.675 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 06 (1980)(Micro-80)2.883 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 07 (1980)(Micro-80)2.294 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 08 (1980)(Micro-80)2.299 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 09 (1980)(Micro-80)3.068 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 10 (1980)(Micro-80)2.379 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 11 (1980)(Micro-80).pdf17.397 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 12 (1980)(Micro-80)5.207 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 13 (1980)(Micro-80)2.026 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 14 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf4.561 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 15 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf4.425 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 16 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf4.560 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 17 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf6.036 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 18 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf5.626 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 18 (1981)(Micro-80)[a].pdf2.645 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 19 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf4.470 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 20 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf6.149 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 21 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf5.245 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 22 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf5.536 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 23 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf5.876 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 24 (1981)(Micro-80)2.424 MB Micro-80 Volume 01 Issue 24 (1981)(Micro-80).pdf5.769 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 01 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf7.162 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 02 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf7.103 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 03 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.185 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 04 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf7.071 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 05 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.120 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 06 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.450 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 07 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.008 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 08 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.118 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 09 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.929 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 09 (1982)(Micro-80)[a].pdf2.740 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 10 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf6.280 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 11 (1982)(Micro-80).pdf7.337 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 11 (1982)(Micro-80)[a].pdf2.766 MB Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 12 (1983)(Micro-80).pdf7.603 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 03 Issue 12 (1983)(Micro-80)[a].pdf2.728 MB Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 01 (1983)(Micro-80).pdf7.395 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 02 (1983)(Micro-80).pdf7.341 MB Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 02 (1983)(Micro-80)[a].pdf2.455 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 03 (1983)(Micro-80).pdf7.052 MB Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 04 (1983)(Micro-80).pdf7.907 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 06 (1984)(Micro-80).pdf5.559 MB Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 07 (1984)(Micro-80).pdf4.815 MB 
Micro-80 Volume 04 Issue 08 (1984)(Micro-80).pdf4.880 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 01 (1977)(Radio Shack).pdf4.180 MB Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 02 (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf3.282 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 03 (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf4.490 MB Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 04 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf4.868 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 05 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf3.029 MB Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 06 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf1.452 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 07 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf1.535 MB Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 08 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf1.117 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 09 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf2.414 MB Microcomputer News Volume 01 Issue 10 (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf1.945 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 01 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf3.231 MB Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 02 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf5.422 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 03 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf3.089 MB Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 04 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf4.817 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 05 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf4.307 MB Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 06 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf6.265 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 07 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf4.595 MB Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 08 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf4.999 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 09 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf2.095 MB Microcomputer News Volume 02 Issue 10 (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf5.057 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 01 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf4.062 MB Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 02 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf3.171 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 03 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf3.605 MB Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 04 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf3.882 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 05 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf4.766 MB Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 06 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf5.394 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 07 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf5.266 MB Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 08 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf5.085 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 09 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf4.904 MB Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 10 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf5.839 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 11 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf6.766 MB Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 12 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf8.369 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 03 Issue 13 (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf2.333 MB Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 01 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.011 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 02 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf8.781 MB Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 03 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.802 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 04 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf9.677 MB Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 05 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf13.149 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 06 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf9.693 MB Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 07 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf9.155 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 08 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf8.405 MB Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 09 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf8.949 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 10 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.601 MB Microcomputer News Volume 04 Issue 11 (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.129 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 01 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf12.473 MB Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 02 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf11.302 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 03 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf13.684 MB Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 04 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf12.337 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 05 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf10.236 MB Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 06 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf9.233 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 07 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf9.615 MB Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 08 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf9.829 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 09 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf9.752 MB Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 10 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf13.501 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 11 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf10.892 MB Microcomputer News Volume 05 Issue 12 (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf12.931 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 06 Issue 01 (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf13.997 MB Microcomputer News Volume 06 Issue 02 (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf16.018 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 06 Issue 03 (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf14.746 MB Microcomputer News Volume 06 Issue 04 (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf16.096 MB 
Microcomputer News Volume 06 Issue 05 (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf16.430 MB Microcomputer News Volume 06 Issue 06 (1984)(Radio Shack).pdf17.552 MB 
BYTE Magazine Model I Review (April, 1978)1.197 MB Computer and Video Market Magazine Vol 02 No 06 (19xx)(CVMM).pdf2.787 MB 
Computer User - Volume 2 Issue 2 (1984)(McPheeters).pdf40.394 MB Computers and Gambling Magazine Volume 01 Number 01 (1979)(Joe Computer).pdf2.055 MB 
Model 4 Ad Isaac Asimov0.156 MB Modem Notes Vol 01 No 01 (1983)(Modem Notes).pdf0.936 MB 
TRS-80 Computing - Volume 1 Number 1 (19xx)(Computer Information Exchange).pdf8.424 MB TRS-80 Computing - Volume 1 Number 3 (19xx)(Computer Information Exchange).pdf2.058 MB 
Alcor Systems Newsletter 82-07 (1982)(Alcor Systems).pdf0.644 MB Maxi Series Newsletter Volume 01 Number 01 (1983)(Kubler Grupp Henderson).pdf1.857 MB 
Percom Peripheral 79-10 (1979)(Percom Data Co).pdf1.718 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Baron's Microcomputing Reports
Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 1 Number 04 (1983)(Baron's).pdf4.618 MB Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 04 (1984)(Baron's).pdf5.809 MB 
Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 05 (1984)(Baron's).pdf5.859 MB Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 06 (1984)(Baron's).pdf5.255 MB 
Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 07 (1984)(Baron's).pdf5.677 MB Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 08 (1984)(Baron's).pdf4.984 MB 
Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 09 (1984)(Baron's).pdf4.836 MB Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 10 (1984)(Baron's).pdf5.184 MB 
Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 11 (1984)(Baron's).pdf5.214 MB Baron's Microcomputing Reports Volume 2 Number 12 (1984)(Baron's).pdf4.992 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Bellingham OS9 Users Group
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 01 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf0.916 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 03 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf1.275 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 04 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf1.277 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 05 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf0.834 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 06 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf0.779 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 07a (1990)(Bellingham).pdf0.899 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 07b (1990)(Bellingham).pdf0.915 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 08 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf0.634 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 09 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf1.157 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 10 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf1.260 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 11 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf1.119 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 01 Number 12 (1990)(Bellingham).pdf1.212 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 01 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.940 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 01b (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.423 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 03 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.457 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 04 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.627 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 05 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.969 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 06 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.514 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 07 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.924 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 08 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.744 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 09 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.713 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 10 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.995 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 11 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.599 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 02 Number 12 (1991)(Bellingham).pdf1.944 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 01 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.880 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 02 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.838 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 03 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.671 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 04 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf2.135 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 05 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.839 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 06 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf2.000 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 07 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.669 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 08 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.942 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 09 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf2.132 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 10 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf2.260 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 11 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf1.882 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 03 Number 12 (1992)(Bellingham).pdf2.140 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 01 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.000 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 02 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf1.894 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 03 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.134 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 04 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.465 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 05 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf4.146 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 06 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.396 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 07 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.264 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 08 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.032 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 09 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf1.960 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 10 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.178 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 11 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf1.643 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 04 Number 12 (1993)(Bellingham).pdf2.537 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 01 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.852 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 02 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.907 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 03 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.835 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 04 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.780 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 05 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.839 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 06 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.959 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 07 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.815 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 09 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf2.045 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 10 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.986 MB Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 11 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf1.513 MB 
Bellingham OS9 Users Group - Volume 05 Number 12 (1994)(Bellingham).pdf2.699 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Byte Bandits
Byte Bandits 1985-12 (1985)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.443 MB Byte Bandits 1986-01 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.325 MB 
Byte Bandits 1986-04 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.323 MB Byte Bandits 1986-06 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.396 MB 
Byte Bandits 1986-08 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.296 MB Byte Bandits 1986-09 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.599 MB 
Byte Bandits 1986-10 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.572 MB Byte Bandits 1986-11 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.489 MB 
Byte Bandits 1986-12 (1986)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.523 MB Byte Bandits 1987-01 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.241 MB 
Byte Bandits 1987-03 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.218 MB Byte Bandits 1987-04 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.417 MB 
Byte Bandits 1987-05 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.271 MB Byte Bandits 1987-06 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.628 MB 
Byte Bandits 1987-08 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.656 MB Byte Bandits 1987-09 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.612 MB 
Byte Bandits 1987-10 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.894 MB Byte Bandits 1987-11 (1987)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf1.261 MB 
Byte Bandits 1988-01 (1988)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.795 MB Byte Bandits 1988-02 (1988)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.357 MB 
Byte Bandits 1988-03 (1988)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.427 MB Byte Bandits 1988-04 (1988)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.766 MB 
Byte Bandits 1988-05 (1988)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.781 MB Byte Bandits 1988-08 (1988)(Byte Bandits of America).pdf0.849 MB 
CoCo123 - Volume 15 Number 03 (1995)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf1.630 MB CoCo123 - Volume 15 Number 04 (1995)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf1.016 MB 
CoCo123 - Volume 15 Number 05 (1995)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf2.769 MB CoCo123 - Volume 15 Number 06 (1995)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf1.589 MB 
CoCo123 - Volume 16 Number 01 (1996)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf1.585 MB CoCo123 - Volume 16 Number 02 (1996)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf2.313 MB 
CoCo123 - Volume 16 Number 03 (1996)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf2.766 MB CoCo123 - Volume 16 Number 04 (1996)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf2.008 MB 
CoCo123 - Volume 16 Number 05 (1996)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf2.180 MB CoCo123 - Volume 17 Number 01 (1997)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf0.912 MB 
CoCo123 - Volume 18 Number 01 (1998)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf1.217 MB CoCo123 - Volume 20 Number 01 (1999)(Glenside Color Computer Club).pdf0.984 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\DOSPlus News
DOSPlus News Information Center 82-04 (1982)(Micro Systems Software).pdf1.257 MB DOSPlus News Information Center 82-06 (1982)(Micro Systems Software).pdf9.042 MB 
DOSPlus News Information Center 82-08 (1982)(Micro Systems Software).pdf9.349 MB DOSPlus News Information Center 82-10 (1982)(Micro Systems Software).pdf13.234 MB 
DOSPlus News Information Center 82-12 (1982)(Micro Systems Software).pdf14.361 MB DOSPlus News Information Center 83-08 (1983)(Micro Systems Software).pdf15.562 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 01 Number 07 (1978)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf3.279 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 01 Number 08 (1978)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.434 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 01 Number 09 (1978)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.655 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 01 Number 10 (1978)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf3.438 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 01 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.702 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 02 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.869 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 03 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.662 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 04 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf3.232 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 05 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.712 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 06 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.569 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 07 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.316 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 08 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.337 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 09 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.659 MB Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 10 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf2.233 MB 
Fayetteville TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter Volume 02 Number 11 (1979)(Fayetteville TUG).pdf0.433 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Kings Byte
Kings Byte Newsletter Volume 01 Number 07 (1981)(Kings Byte).pdf1.498 MB Kings Byte Newsletter Volume 01 Number 08 (1982)(Kings Byte).pdf1.818 MB 
Kings Byte Newsletter Volume 01 Number 12 (1982)(Kings Byte).pdf1.108 MB Kings Byte Newsletter Volume 02 Number 01 (1982)(Kings Byte).pdf0.982 MB 
Kings Byte Newsletter Volume 02 Number 10 (1983)(Kings Byte).pdf1.308 MB 
LICA Cancellation Notice [80-09] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.047 MB LICA Constitution (1983)(LICA).pdf0.447 MB 
LICA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 81-04-04 (1981)(LICA).pdf0.563 MB 
LITRUG Newsletter No 01 (1980)(LICA).pdf0.031 MB LITRUG Newsletter No 02 (1980)(LICA).pdf0.221 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Message of the Day
Message of the Day - Volume 00 Number 09 (1985)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf3.713 MB Message of the Day - Volume 01 Number 01 (1992)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf0.940 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 01 Number 02 (1992)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.171 MB Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 01 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf6.051 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 02 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf5.028 MB Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 03 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf4.665 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 04 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf4.145 MB Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 05 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf4.595 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 06 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf5.167 MB Message of the Day - Volume 02 Number 07 (1986)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf5.918 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 88 Number 01 (1988)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf3.608 MB Message of the Day - Volume 88 Number 02 (1988)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf5.938 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 88 Number 03 (1988)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf4.157 MB Message of the Day - Volume 89 Number 01 (1989)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf4.785 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 89 Number 02 (1989)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.904 MB Message of the Day - Volume 89 Number 03 (1989)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf2.166 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 93 Number 02 (1993)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.277 MB Message of the Day - Volume 94 Number 01 (1994)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.920 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 94 Number 02 (1994)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.166 MB Message of the Day - Volume 94 Number 03 (1994)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf3.548 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 94 Number 04 (1994)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.397 MB Message of the Day - Volume 95 Number 01 (1995)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf2.866 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 95 Number 02 (1995)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf2.116 MB Message of the Day - Volume 95 Number 03 (1995)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf3.278 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 95 Number 04 (1995)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf2.967 MB Message of the Day - Volume 96 Number 01 (1996)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf2.753 MB 
Message of the Day - Volume 96 Number 02 (1996)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf3.365 MB Message of the Day - Volume 96 Number 03 (1996)(National OS9 Users Group).pdf1.145 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\MMSForth Newsletter
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 01 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.686 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 01 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.682 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 02 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.755 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 02 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.725 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 03 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.654 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 03 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.627 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 04 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.653 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 04 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.624 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 05 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.748 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 05 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.725 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 06 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.632 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 01 Number 06 (1980)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.635 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 01 (1981)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.659 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 01 (1981)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.615 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 02 (1981)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.662 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 02 (1981)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.617 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 03 (1981)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.638 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 03 (1981)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.614 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 04 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.691 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 05 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.776 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 05 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.716 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 06 (1983)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.703 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 02 Number 06 (1983)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.676 MB MMSForth Newsletter Volume 03 Number 01 (1983)(Miller Microcomputer).pdf0.819 MB 
MMSForth Newsletter Volume 03 Number 01 (1983)(Miller Microcomputer)[a].pdf0.774 MB 
Newsfront July 1984 (1984)(Micro-Systems Software)[DOC].doc0.191 MB Newsfront July 1984 (1984)(Micro-Systems Software)[PDF].pdf0.187 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Northern Bytes
Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 01 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.277 MB Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 02 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.263 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 03 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.050 MB Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 04 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.258 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 05 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.142 MB Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 06 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf1.906 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 07 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.202 MB Northern Bytes Volume 05 Number 08 (1983)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.188 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 01 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.218 MB Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 02 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.162 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 03 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.146 MB Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 04 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.024 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 05 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf1.968 MB Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 06 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.054 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 07 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.148 MB Northern Bytes Volume 06 Number 08 (1984)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.596 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 07 Number 01 (1985)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.762 MB Northern Bytes Volume 07 Number 02 (1985)(Northern Bytes).pdf2.470 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 07 Number 03 (1985)(Northern Bytes).pdf4.770 MB Northern Bytes Volume 07 Number 04 (1985)(Northern Bytes).pdf4.411 MB 
Northern Bytes Volume 07 Number 05 (1985)(Northern Bytes).pdf3.692 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\OS-9 International
OS-9 International - Volume 02 Issue 1 (1992)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf2.276 MB OS-9 International - Volume 03a Issue 1 (1993)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.390 MB 
OS-9 International - Volume 03b Issue 1 (1994)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf2.729 MB OS-9 International - Volume 03b Issue 2 (1994)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf2.472 MB 
OS-9 International - Volume 03b Issue 3 (1994)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.195 MB OS-9 International - Volume 04 Issue 1 (1995)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.204 MB 
OS-9 International - Volume 04 Issue 2 (1995)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.266 MB OS-9 International - Volume 04 Issue 3 (1995)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.271 MB 
OS-9 International - Volume 05 Issue 1 (1996)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.363 MB OS-9 International - Volume 05 Issue 2 (1996)(Marc Balmer)(de).pdf3.448 MB 
OS-9 Users Group Letter (1993)(Jim DeStafeno).pdf0.287 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\South Bay TRS-80 Users Group
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 81-12 (1981)(SBUG).pdf1.265 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-01 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.119 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-03 (1982)(SBUG).pdf0.963 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-04 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.726 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-05 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.427 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-06 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.677 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-08 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.801 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-09 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.391 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-10 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.720 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-11 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.915 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 82-12 (1982)(SBUG).pdf1.693 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-01 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.646 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-02 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.998 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-03 (1983)(SBUG).pdf2.334 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-04 (1983)(SBUG).pdf2.139 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-05 (1983)(SBUG).pdf2.315 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-06 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.889 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-07 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.657 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-08 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.618 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-09 (1983)(SBUG).pdf2.043 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-10 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.495 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-11 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.993 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 83-12 (1983)(SBUG).pdf1.384 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-01 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.935 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-02 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.478 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-03 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.555 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-04 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.576 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-05 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.422 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-06 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.425 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-07 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.933 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-08 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.588 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-09 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.609 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-10 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.707 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-11 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.568 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 84-12 (1984)(SBUG).pdf1.480 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-01 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.585 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-02 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.376 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-03 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.598 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-04 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.596 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-05 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.439 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-06 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.411 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-07 (1985)(SBUG).pdf0.714 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-08 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.302 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-09 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.281 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-10 (1985)(SBUG).pdf2.247 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 85-11 (1985)(SBUG).pdf1.658 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-01 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.454 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-02 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.554 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-03 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.573 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-04 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.192 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-05 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.424 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-06 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.382 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-07 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.265 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-08 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.354 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-11 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.417 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 86-12 (1986)(SBUG).pdf1.748 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-01 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.859 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-02 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.651 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-03 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.610 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-05 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.404 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-07 (1987)(SBUG).pdf0.528 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-08 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.385 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-09 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.872 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-10 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.813 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-11 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.380 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 87-12 (1987)(SBUG).pdf1.439 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-01 (1988)(SBUG).pdf1.336 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-02 (1988)(SBUG).pdf1.338 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-03 (1988)(SBUG).pdf1.537 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-04 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.639 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-05 (1988)(SBUG).pdf1.434 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-06 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.553 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-07 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.597 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-08 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.637 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-09 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.583 MB South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-10 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.651 MB 
South Bay TRS-80 Users Group 88-11 (1988)(SBUG).pdf0.658 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\The Stack
The Stack Vol 02 No 10 [78-10] (1978)(LICA).pdf0.225 MB The Stack Vol 03 No 10 [79-10] (1979)(LICA).pdf0.375 MB 
The Stack Vol 04 No 01 [80-01] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.179 MB The Stack Vol 04 No 03 [80-03] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.279 MB 
The Stack Vol 04 No 04 [80-04] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.250 MB The Stack Vol 04 No 05 [80-05] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.494 MB 
The Stack Vol 04 No 06 [80-06] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.325 MB The Stack Vol 04 No 09 [80-09] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.212 MB 
The Stack Vol 04 No 12 [80-12] (1980)(LICA).pdf0.603 MB The Stack Vol 05 No 10 [81-10] (1981)(LICA).pdf0.308 MB 
The Stack Vol 05 No 10 [81-10] [a] (1981)(LICA).pdf0.321 MB The Stack Vol 05 No 12 [81-12] (1981)(LICA).pdf0.186 MB 
The Stack Vol 06 No 03 [82-03] (1982)(LICA).pdf0.850 MB The Stack Vol 06 No 03 [82-04] (1982)(LICA).pdf1.418 MB 
The Stack Vol 06 No 05 [82-05] (1982)(LICA).pdf0.622 MB The Stack Vol 06 No 08 [82-08] (1982)(LICA).pdf1.336 MB 
The Stack Vol 06 No 11 [82-11] (1982)(LICA).pdf1.064 MB The Stack Vol 07 No 01 [82-01] (1982)(LICA).pdf1.757 MB 
The Stack Vol 07 No 01 [82-01] [a] (1982)(LICA).pdf1.739 MB The Stack Vol 07 No 02 [83-02] (1983)(LICA).pdf2.303 MB 
The Stack Vol 07 No 03 [83-03] (1983)(LICA).pdf2.296 MB The Stack Vol 07 No 04 [83-04] (1983)(LICA).pdf1.541 MB 
The Stack Vol 07 No 05 [83-05] (1983)(LICA).pdf1.716 MB The Stack Vol 07 No 09 [83-09] (1983)(LICA).pdf1.122 MB 
The Stack Vol 07 No 11 [83-11] (1983)(LICA).pdf1.341 MB The Stack Vol 07 No 12 [83-12] (1983)(LICA).pdf1.370 MB 
The Stack Vol 08 No 02 [84-02] (1984)(LICA).pdf1.444 MB The Stack Vol 08 No 03 [04-03] (1984)(LICA).pdf2.857 MB 
The Stack Vol 08 No 11 [84-11] (1984)(LICA).pdf5.656 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group
Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 79-03 (1979)(TCS).pdf0.755 MB Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 79-06 (1979)(TCS).pdf1.683 MB 
Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 79-09 (1979)(TCS).pdf1.770 MB Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 79-12 (1979)(TCS).pdf1.837 MB 
Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 80-03 (1980)(TCS).pdf1.555 MB Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 80-05 (1980)(TCS).pdf2.046 MB 
Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 80-07 (1980)(TCS).pdf2.524 MB Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 80-09 (1980)(TCS).pdf2.069 MB 
Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 80-12 (1980)(TCS).pdf3.865 MB Tidewater TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter 81 (1981)(TCS).pdf3.337 MB 
Magazines\NewsLetters\TRS-80 Monthly
TRS-80 Monthly Newsletter 01-06 Part 1 (1979)(H and E Computronics).pdf8.397 MB TRS-80 Monthly Newsletter 01-06 Part 2 (1979)(H and E Computronics).pdf6.122 MB 
TRS-80 Monthly Newsletter 07 (1979)(H and E Computronics).pdf2.914 MB 
ZNews Fall 87 (1987)(Zedcor Inc).pdf2.232 MB ZNews Volume 01 Number 01 (1989)(Ariel Publishing).pdf1.631 MB 
ZNews Volume 01 Number 02 (1987)(Zedcor Inc).pdf5.437 MB ZNews Volume 01 Number 02 (1989)(Ariel Publishing).pdf1.394 MB 
ZNews Volume 01 Number 03 (1989)(Ariel Publishing).pdf1.491 MB ZNews Volume 02 Number 02 (1988)(Zedcor Inc).pdf2.605 MB 
ZNews Winter 87 (1987)(Zedcor Inc).pdf2.141 MB ZNews Winter 88 (1988)(Zedcor Inc).pdf2.860 MB 
PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 02 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf2.729 MB PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 03 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.375 MB 
PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 04 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf3.102 MB PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 05 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.731 MB 
PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 06 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf6.275 MB PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 07 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf2.186 MB 
PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 08 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.551 MB PROG-80 Magazine Vol 01 No 09 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.673 MB 
Best of SoftSide Magazine (1983)(SoftSide Publications).pdf11.797 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 04 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.764 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 05 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf6.042 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 06 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.835 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 11 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.022 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 12 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.666 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 2 (1978)(SoftSide Publications).pdf8.187 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No 3 (1978)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.315 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 02 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf7.145 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 03 (1979)(SoftSide Publications).pdf6.381 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 04 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.563 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 05 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf7.196 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 06 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf6.609 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 07 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.188 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 09 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.543 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 10 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf5.827 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 10 (1982)(SoftSide Publications).pdf21.519 MB SoftSide Selections Number 40 (19xx)(SoftSide Publications).pdf3.082 MB 
SoftSide Selections Number 41 (19xx)(SoftSide Publications).pdf3.065 MB SoftSide Selections Number 44 (19xx)(SoftSide Publications).pdf4.942 MB 
Softside-Atari-Disk-Issues1.392 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 08 (1980-05)(Softside Publications).pdf11.787 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 11 (1980-08)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf43.778 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 2 No 12 (1980-09)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf42.571 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 01 (1980-10)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf51.641 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 02 (1980-11)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf55.584 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 03 (1980-12)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf49.506 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 04 (1981-01)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf52.120 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 05 (1981-02)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf53.549 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 06 (1981-03)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf56.003 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 07 (1981-04)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf54.471 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 4 No 08 (1981-05)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf53.865 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 4 No 09 (1981-06)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf55.472 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 4 No 10 (1981-07)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf0.938 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 4 No 10 (1981-07)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf53.818 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 4 No 11 (1981-08)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf55.860 MB Softside Magazine Vol 4 No 12 (1981-09)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf0.781 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 4 No 12 (1981-09)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf57.402 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 01 (1981-10)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf4.910 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 01 (1981-10)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf61.843 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 02 (1981-11)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.248 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 02 (1981-11)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf60.455 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 03 (1981-12)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.223 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 03 (1981-12)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf61.105 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 04 (1982-01)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf61.399 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 04 (1982-12)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.166 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 05 (1982-02)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf0.564 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 05 (1982-02)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf49.044 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 06 (1982-03)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.354 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 06 (1982-03)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf56.733 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 07 (1982-04)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf61.865 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 08 (1982-05)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf61.732 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 10 (1982-07)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf64.032 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 11 (1982-08)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf65.802 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 5 No 12 (1982-09)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf63.369 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 01 (1982-10)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf21.327 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 02 (1982-11)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.735 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 02 (1982-11)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf85.693 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 03 (1982-12)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf20.415 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 04 (1983-01)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.635 MB Softside Magazine Vol 6 No 05 (1983-02)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.623 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 06 (1983-03)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.575 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 07 (1983-04)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.625 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 08 (1983-06)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.804 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 09 (1983-07)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.758 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 10 (1983-08)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.868 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 11 (1983-09)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.633 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 12 (1983-11)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.731 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 6 No 12 (1983-11)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf72.865 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 7 No 01 (1984-01)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.178 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 7 No 01 (1984-01)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf58.364 MB 
SoftSide Magazine Vol 7 No 02 (1984-02)(Softside Publicaitions) Inserts.pdf1.358 MB SoftSide Magazine Vol 7 No 02 (1984-02)(Softside Publicaitions).pdf49.657 MB 
SoftSide Selections No 40 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Atari.pdf6.171 MB SoftSide Selections No 41 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Atari.pdf6.382 MB 
SoftSide Selections No 42 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Atari.pdf6.956 MB SoftSide Selections No 43 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Atari.pdf9.179 MB 
SoftSide Selections No 44 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Apple.pdf9.374 MB SoftSide Selections No 44 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) TRS80.pdf4.881 MB 
SoftSide Selections No 45 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Atari.pdf9.068 MB SoftSide Selections No 46 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) FrontRunner.pdf5.247 MB 
SoftSide Selections No 47 (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) FrontRunner.pdf8.402 MB SoftSide Selections No xx (1983)(Softside Publicaitions) Atari.pdf9.225 MB 
Magazines\The Eighty
0.000 MB The 8ighty Vol 1 No 1 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)8.759 MB 
The 8ighty Vol 1 No 2 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)13.095 MB The 8ighty Vol 1 No 3 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)13.281 MB 
The 8ighty Vol 1 No 4 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)12.597 MB The 8ighty Vol 1 No 5 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)11.421 MB 
The 8ighty Vol 1 No 6 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)10.777 MB The 8ighty Vol 1 No 7 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)13.353 MB 
The 8ighty Vol 1 No 8 (1980)(SoftSide Publications)10.051 MB 
Magazines\The Eighty\Old Stuff
The 8ighty Vol 1 No 1 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf7.849 MB The 8ighty Vol 1 No 2 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf11.994 MB 
The 8ighty Vol 1 No 3 (1980)(SoftSide Publications).pdf11.987 MB The Eighty - Volume 01 Number 4 (1980)(Softside Publications)[Partial]0.663 MB 
The Eighty - Volume 01 Number 5 (1980)(Softside Publications)[Partial]0.752 MB The Eighty - Volume 01 Number 6 (1980)(Softside Publications)[Partial]0.598 MB 
The Eighty - Volume 01 Number 7 (1980)(Softside Publications)[Partial]1.326 MB The Eighty - Volume 01 Number 8 (1980)(Softside Publications)[Partial]0.623 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_1_No._1_1988-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US4.251 MB TRSTimes_Volume_1_No._2_1988-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.092 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_1_No._3_1988-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US_text6.529 MB TRSTimes_Volume_1_No._4_1988-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US_text5.447 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_1_No._5_1988-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US_text6.666 MB TRSTimes_Volume_1_No._6_1988-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.487 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_2_No._1_1989-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.815 MB TRSTimes_Volume_2_No._2_1989-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.903 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_2_No._3_1989-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.418 MB TRSTimes_Volume_2_No._4_1989-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.595 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_2_No._5_1989-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.008 MB TRSTimes_Volume_2_No._6_1989-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.905 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_3_No._1_1990-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.054 MB TRSTimes_Volume_3_No._2_1990-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.894 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_3_No._3_1990-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.370 MB TRSTimes_Volume_3_No._4_1990-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.345 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_3_No._5_1990-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.211 MB TRSTimes_Volume_3_No._6_1990-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.407 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_4_No._1_1991-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.535 MB TRSTimes_Volume_4_No._2_1991-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.655 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_4_No._3_1991-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.059 MB TRSTimes_Volume_4_No._4_1991-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.257 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_4_No._5_1991-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.486 MB TRSTimes_Volume_4_No._6_1991-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.163 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_5_No._1_1992-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US8.021 MB TRSTimes_Volume_5_No._2_1992-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.011 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_5_No._3_1992-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.779 MB TRSTimes_Volume_5_No._4_1992-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.430 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_5_No._5_1992-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.402 MB TRSTimes_Volume_5_No._6_1992-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.248 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_6_No._1_1993-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.530 MB TRSTimes_Volume_6_No._2_1993-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.523 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_6_No._3_1993-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.751 MB TRSTimes_Volume_6_No._4_1993-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.817 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_6_No._5_1993-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.789 MB TRSTimes_Volume_6_No._6_1993-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.171 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_7_No._1_1994-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.591 MB TRSTimes_Volume_7_No._2_1994-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.680 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_7_No._3_1994-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.787 MB TRSTimes_Volume_7_No._4_1994-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.088 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_7_No._5_1994-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US5.644 MB TRSTimes_Volume_7_No._6_1994-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.556 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_8_No._1_1995-01_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.310 MB TRSTimes_Volume_8_No._2_1995-03_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.254 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_8_No._3_1995-05_TRSTimes_Publications_US7.042 MB TRSTimes_Volume_8_No._4_1995-07_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.251 MB 
TRSTimes_Volume_8_No._5_1995-09_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.053 MB TRSTimes_Volume_8_No._6_1995-11_TRSTimes_Publications_US6.067 MB 
m2oper3.118 MB m4intro1.125 MB 
m4memory0.083 MB m4soft5.327 MB 
m4tech8.557 MB 
64K Upgrade Instructions (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl)0.003 MB 80 Applications for the LNW-80 (1983)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl)0.011 MB 
A Manual for Radio Shack's Editor-Assembler (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(txt)0.021 MB Collapse of IJG (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl)0.003 MB 
Custom Color (198x)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl)0.110 MB Increase MC-10 Memory to 8K (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl)0.006 MB 
Introduction to BASIC (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pdf)0.020 MB TRS 80 cassette interface rediscovered0.198 MB 
1 Meg Memory Upgrade Kit (19xx)(Disto Super Products).pdf0.818 MB 1400LT Modem Users Manual (1987)(Tandy).pdf5.008 MB 
16K RAM Expansion Service Manual (1978)(Tandy).pdf1.435 MB 2 Meg Memory Upgrade Kit (19xx)(Disto Super Products).pdf0.555 MB 
5-Meg Hard Disk Service Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf6.240 MB Acoustic Coupler (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.374 MB 
Acoustic Coupler 2 (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.405 MB Aerocomp Double Density Controller (1981)(Aerocomp).pdf0.218 MB 
Aerocomp Double Density Controller (1981)(Aerocomp)[a].pdf0.379 MB Aerocomp Troubleshooting Guide (19xx)(Aerocomp).pdf0.999 MB 
Alpha Joystick (19xx)(Alpha Products).pdf1.315 MB Alpha Products Joystick (19xx)(Alpha Products).pdf0.005 MB 
Analog Joystick (19xx)(WICO Computer Command).pdf0.383 MB Anti-Glare Mask (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.301 MB 
BASF 5138 Mini Disk Drive Specification (1983)(BASF).pdf0.332 MB BASF 6106 Mini Disk Drive (19xx)(BASF).pdf4.524 MB 
Bi-Directional Tractor Kit for DW2 (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.498 MB Cardco LQ1 Daisy Wheel (19xx)(Cardco Inc).pdf2.041 MB 
CCR-80 Computer Cassette Recorder (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.900 MB CCR-80 Computer Cassette Recorder (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf1.713 MB 
CCR-81 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.381 MB CCR-81 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf0.631 MB 
CCR-82 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.961 MB CCR-82 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.099 MB 
CCR-82 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf1.137 MB Centronics 730-1 Printer Owners Manual (1979)(Centronics Data Computer Corp).pdf1.346 MB 
CM-4 Color Monitor Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.815 MB CM-4 Color Monitor Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy)[a].pdf1.876 MB 
CM-8 Color Monitor Owners Manual (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.704 MB CoCo XT Hard Disk Interface Application Note 5 (1989)(Burke and Burke).pdf1.081 MB 
CoCo XT Hard Disk Interface v2.4 (1989)(Burke and Burke).pdf4.527 MB CoCo XT Hard Disk Interface v2.5 (1990)(Burke and Burke).pdf0.687 MB 
CocoPort (1984)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)0.009 MB Color Burner (1984)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)0.017 MB 
Color Computer 2 Operation Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf3.459 MB Color Computer 2 System Reference Card (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf0.951 MB 
Color Computer 3 BASIC Quick Reference Manual (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.920 MB Color Computer 3 Exended Basic (1986)(Tandy).pdf81.983 MB 
Color Computer 3 Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf8.561 MB Color Computer Disk System Owners Manual (1981)(Tandy).pdf10.350 MB 
Color Computer Operation Manual (1980)(Tandy).pdf4.246 MB Color Computer Quick Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.370 MB 
Color Computer Technical Reference Manual (1981)(Tandy).pdf4.585 MB Color Computer Technical Reference Manual (1981)(Tandy)[a].pdf4.654 MB 
Color Mouse (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.419 MB ColorPack ROM-RAM Cartridge (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)0.005 MB 
CTR-80 Cassette Tape Recorder (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.651 MB CTR-80 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.874 MB 
CTR-80A Computer Cassette Recorder (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.622 MB CTR-80A Owners Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.173 MB 
Daisy Wheel Printer IIB Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.976 MB Data Gatherer (1985)(Green Mountain Micro)0.025 MB 
DCM212 Intelligent Modem Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.766 MB DCM212 Intelligent Modem Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy)[a].pdf3.770 MB 
Deluxe RS-232 Program Pak Operation Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf2.101 MB Deluxe RS-232 Program Pak Operation Manual (1983)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.296 MB 
Direct Connect Modem Pak Operation Manual (1985)(Tandy).pdf2.007 MB Direct Connect Modem Pak Operation Manual (1985)(Tandy)[a].pdf1.453 MB 
Disc Interfacing Guide (1978)(Micro Applications).pdf1.955 MB Disk & Video Interface (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.556 MB 
Disk & Video Interface Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.685 MB DMP-100 Operations Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.693 MB 
DMP-105 Operations Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf4.688 MB DMP-130 Operations Manual (1985)(Tandy).pdf4.206 MB 
DMP-200 Operations Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.482 MB DMP-420 Operations Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf5.529 MB 
DMP-500 Owners Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf3.597 MB Double Density Adapter Kit Service Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf0.445 MB 
Double Density Adapter Kit Service Manual (1982)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.087 MB DT-1 Data Terminal Owners Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf2.099 MB 
DT-1 Service Manual (1982)(Tandy Corporation).pdf3.944 MB Dual Hi-Res Joystick Adapter (19xx)(Hawksoft).pdf0.115 MB 
DWP-210 Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf5.361 MB DWP-220 Owners Manual (1987)(Tandy).pdf3.804 MB 
DWP-410 Bidirectional Tractor Kit Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.421 MB DWP-510 Operation Manual (1984)(Tandy).pdf3.732 MB 
Epson FX-100 Printer User Manual (1984)(Epson America Inc).pdf1.367 MB Epson FX-80 Printer User Manual (1984)(Epson America Inc).pdf1.474 MB 
Epson MX-80 Type II Operation Manual (19xx)(Epson)1.524 MB Epson MX-80 Type II Operation Manual (19xx)(Epson).pdf1.238 MB 
Exatron Stringy Floppy (1982)(Exatron)(rtf).rtf0.119 MB Exatron Stringy Floppy Advanced Programmers Guide (19xx)(Exatron).pdf1.880 MB 
Exatron Stringy Floppy Users Manual (1982)(Exatron)(doc).doc0.132 MB Expander EG3014 Technical Manual (1981)(EACA).pdf0.918 MB 
Expander EG3014 Users Manual (1981)(EACA).pdf0.435 MB Expansion Interface Cable Fix (19xx)(-).pdf2.155 MB 
Expansion Interface Manual (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf2.470 MB Expansion Interface Manual (1979)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf5.410 MB 
Expansion Interface Operators Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.408 MB Expansion Interface Schematics (19xx)(-).pdf0.306 MB 
Expansion Interface Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf5.213 MB Expansion Interface [Redesigned PCB] Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf7.460 MB 
FD200 Disk Drive Operating and Service (1978)(Pertec).pdf2.011 MB Floppy Disk Controller Schematic for Model 3 and 4 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.691 MB 
FP-215 Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.471 MB Graftrax-80 (1981)(Epson America).pdf0.811 MB 
H Disk Super Adapter (19xx)(Disto Super Products).pdf0.792 MB Hard Disk System Startup (1984)(Tandy).pdf1.251 MB 
Hitachi HD63x09E CMOS MPU (19xx)(Hitachi).pdf1.095 MB Important Information for Cassette Users (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.327 MB 
Information for Cassette Users (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.648 MB Information for Cassette Users (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a2].pdf0.282 MB 
Information for Cassette Users (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf0.654 MB Information Guide For New Computer Owners (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.574 MB 
Internal Memory (1981)(Holmes Engineering).pdf1.594 MB Introducing Your Color Computer 2 (1984)(Tandy).pdf1.245 MB 
Introducing Your Color Computer 3 (1986)(Tandy).pdf14.312 MB Introducing Your Color Computer 3 (1986)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.702 MB 
Introduction To Your Disk System for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.025 MB Introduction To Your Disk System for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy)[a2].pdf2.393 MB 
Introduction To Your Disk System for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.919 MB Introduction to your Model 4D Disk System (1985)(Tandy).pdf0.797 MB 
Joystick Controllers (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.065 MB Komtek Microcomputer Manual (19xx)(-).pdf1.680 MB 
Level 1 Users Manual (1977)(David Lien).pdf15.744 MB Level II BASIC Reference Manual (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf0.755 MB 
Level II BASIC Reference Manual 1st Ed. (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf9.399 MB Level II ROM Reference Manual (1980)(Micro Products).pdf0.191 MB 
Line Printer (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.626 MB Line Printer (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf1.591 MB 
Line Printer II (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.383 MB Line Printer II (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf1.556 MB 
Line Printer II Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf2.973 MB Line Printer Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf2.166 MB 
Line Printer Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf4.543 MB Line Printer VI Operations Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.957 MB 
Line Printer VIII (1981)(Tandy).pdf5.804 MB LNDoubler 5-8 Double Density Adapter User Manual v1.0 (1981)(LNW Research Corp).pdf6.503 MB 
LNDoubler 5-8 Double Density Adapter User Manual v1.0 (1981)(LNW Research Corp)[a].pdf11.221 MB LNW80 Microcomputer Operations Manual (1982)(LNW Research).pdf1.439 MB 
LNW80 Technical Reference Manual (1982)(LNW Research Corp).pdf15.412 MB LNWBasic v4.0 (1982)(Modular Software Associates).pdf0.211 MB 
LNWBasic v4.0 Quick Reference (19xx)(Modular Software Associates).pdf0.014 MB LX80 Expansion Interface Manual (19xx)(Lobo Drives).doc0.266 MB 
MDX-3 Interface Expansion Board v1.1 (19xx)(Micro-Design).pdf5.087 MB MDX-6 Disk Upgrade for Model III (1983)(Micro Design).pdf0.340 MB 
Micro Computer System Desk (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.527 MB Mini Disk Operators Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.160 MB 
Mini Disk Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf16.590 MB MM-1 8 Megabyte DRAM Upgrade (1994)(BlackHawk Enterprises).pdf0.274 MB 
MM-1 Extended Kit (1991)(Interactive Media Systems).pdf1.300 MB MM-1 Hard Drive Partitioning (1995)(-).txt0.002 MB 
MM-1 Parallel Port Interface (1992)(BlackHawk Enterprises).txt0.003 MB MM-1 Serial Paddle Board (1993)(BlackHawk Enterprises).txt0.002 MB 
MM-1 Technical Manual (1991)(Interactive Media Systems).pdf5.358 MB MM-1 User Guide (1991)(Interactive Media Systems).pdf4.570 MB 
Model 1 Hard Disk Supplement (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.087 MB Model 100 Applications Quick Reference (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.276 MB 
Model 100 Applications Quick Reference (1983)(Tandy)[a].pdf0.481 MB Model 100 Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.724 MB 
Model 100 Service Manual [Preliminary] (1983)(Tandy).pdf8.900 MB Model 100 Users Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf15.255 MB 
Model 102 Owners Manual (1985)(Microsoft).pdf8.251 MB Model 12 Owners Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf3.365 MB 
Model 16 Operators Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf2.746 MB Model 16B Built In Hard Disk (1983)(Tandy).pdf3.357 MB 
Model 2 Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.134 MB Model 200 Portable Computer Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf11.668 MB 
Model 200 Technical Reference Manual (1986)(Tandy).pdf2.336 MB Model 3 Computer Graphics (1982)(Tandy).pdf10.920 MB 
Model 3 Disk Modification Kit (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.352 MB Model 3 Disk System Owners Manual (1980)(Tandy).pdf11.125 MB 
Model 3 Disk System Owners Manual (1980)(Tandy)[a2].pdf23.994 MB Model 3 Disk System Owners Manual (1980)(Tandy)[a].pdf29.398 MB 
Model 3 Operation and BASIC Language Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy)[a2].pdf5.304 MB Model 3 Operation and BASIC Language Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy)[a].pdf25.267 MB 
Model 3 Operation and Language Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy).pdf10.795 MB Model 3 Service Manual (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf10.702 MB 
Model 3-4-4P Diagnostics Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf8.658 MB Model 4 and 4P Hard Disk System Startup (1984)(Tandy).pdf4.130 MB 
Model 4 and 4P Technical Reference Manual (1984)(Tandy Corporation).pdf14.253 MB Model 4 Computer Graphics (1983)(Tandy).pdf7.319 MB 
Model 4 Disk System Owner's Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf11.409 MB Model 4 Disk System Owners Manual (1983)(Tandy)[a].pdf24.647 MB 
Model 4 Hard Disk Instructions (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.919 MB Model 4 Hard Disk System Start-Up Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf3.970 MB 
Model 4 Hard Disk System Startup (1984)(Tandy)[Full Size].pdf4.720 MB Model 4 Hard Drive Disk Instructions (1983)(Tandy).pdf0.361 MB 
Model 4 Hard Drive System Startup (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.277 MB Model 4 Introduction to Your Disk System1.125 MB 
Model 4 Memory Upgrade Installations0.083 MB Model 4 Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf0.944 MB 
Model 4 Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf2.820 MB Model 4 Technical Reference Manual (1983)(Tandy Corporation).pdf26.401 MB 
Model 4 Technical Reference Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.820 MB Model 4 Technical Reference Manual (1985)(Tandy).pdf12.180 MB 
Model 4 Technical Reference Manual 6.2 Updates (19xx)(Tandy).pdf4.894 MB Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual Part 1 Hardware8.557 MB 
Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual Part 2 Software5.327 MB Model 4D Disk System Owners Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf4.726 MB 
Model 4P Service Manual (1984)(Tandy).pdf5.151 MB Model 600 Owners Manual (1985)(Microsoft).pdf7.663 MB 
Model I Expansion Interface Schematics (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.383 MB Model I Schematics (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.081 MB 
Model II Technical Reference Manual (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf9.102 MB Model III Microcomputer Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf44.959 MB 
Model III Technical Reference Manual (1981)(Tandy).pdf14.402 MB Modem 4P Operation Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.954 MB 
Modem I Owners Manual (1981)(Tandy).pdf2.091 MB Modem I Owners Manual (1981)(Tandy)[a].pdf1.157 MB 
Modem II Operations Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf3.584 MB Mostek Z80 Microcomputer Micro-Reference Manual (1978)(Mostek Corporation).pdf11.062 MB 
Motorola MC6809E HMOS 8 Bit Microprocessor (1984)(Motorola).pdf3.388 MB Motorola MC6821 NMOS Peripheral Interface Adapter (1985)(Motorola).pdf1.816 MB 
Motorola MC6847 MOS Video Display Generator (1984)(Motorola).pdf2.390 MB Motorola MC6883 Synchronous Address Multiplexer Advance Sheet (19xx)(Motorola).pdf0.689 MB 
MPI 51-52 Disk Drive Product Manual (1980)(MPI).pdf3.920 MB MPI Floppy Drive Schematic (19xx)(MPI).pdf3.684 MB 
MT-32 Instruction Manual (19xx)(Microtek Inc).pdf0.731 MB MT-32 Printer-Memory Module Instructions (19xx)(Microtek).pdf0.990 MB 
Multi-Board 3 in 1 Adapter (19xx)(Disto Super Products).pdf0.472 MB Multi-Pak Interface Owners Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.820 MB 
MX-70 Users Manual (1981)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf0.748 MB MXseries Printer Option User Manual (1980)(Epson).pdf1.229 MB 
Numeric Pad (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf3.261 MB Omikron Mapper (1980)(Omikron).pdf2.487 MB 
Orchestra-80 (1980)(Software Affair).pdf2.045 MB Orchestra-90 Manual (1983)(Jon Bokelman).pdf0.826 MB 
Orchestra-90CC Stero Music Synthesizer (1983)(Software Affair).pdf5.119 MB PC-1 Operations Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.860 MB 
PC-1 Printer Cassette Interface Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.468 MB PC-1 Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.853 MB 
PC-2 Operations Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.678 MB PC-2 Printer Cassette Interface Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.708 MB 
PC-2 Printer Cassette Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf9.503 MB PC-2 RS-232 Interface (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.524 MB 
PC-2 RS-232C Interface Owners Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf9.678 MB PC-3 Owners Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf4.804 MB 
PC-4 Cassette Interface Owners Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.824 MB PC-4 Computer and Cassette Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.698 MB 
PC-4 Owners Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf5.229 MB PC-6 Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.774 MB 
Percom Data Separator (19xx)(Percom).pdf0.498 MB Percom Data Separator Installation Manual (19xx)(Percom Data Co.).pdf0.984 MB 
Percom TFD-100 Mini-Disk System (1979)(Percom Data Co).pdf0.594 MB Plotter Printer (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.209 MB 
Plug n Power Appliance and Light Controller (1984)(Pico Electronics).pdf0.809 MB Pocket Computer 1 Operation Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf7.813 MB 
Portable Disk Drive 2 Operation Manual (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.922 MB Portable Disk Drive Command Reference (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.050 MB 
Portable Reference Guide (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.675 MB PTC-64 Printer Controller Operation Manual (1984)(Tandy).pdf2.252 MB 
RS-232-C (1978)(Tandy).pdf2.336 MB RS232 Pak (19xx)(CoCoPro).pdf1.017 MB 
SA400 Floppy Disk Drive Application Bulletin (1977)(Shugart).pdf0.655 MB SA4400 Ministreaker Floppy Controller (1977)(Shugart).pdf2.472 MB 
SA800-801 Diskette Drive Illustrated Parts (1977)(Shugart).pdf0.556 MB SA800-801 Diskette Drive Maintenance Manual (1977)(Shugart).pdf4.938 MB 
SA800-801 Diskette Drive OEM Manual (1977)(Shugart).pdf3.356 MB SA800-801 Diskette Drive Theory of Operations (1977)(Shugart).pdf1.701 MB 
Sams Computerfacts - Color Computer 2 (1986)(Howard W Sams).pdf11.967 MB Sams Computerfacts - Disk Drive (1985)(Howard W Sams).pdf9.911 MB 
Sams ComputerFacts - Model I (1985)(Howard Sams).pdf19.289 MB Sams Computerfacts for Model 4 Gate Array (1986)(Sams).pdf56.412 MB 
Sams ComputerFacts Tandy Model 1000SX Computer (1987)(Howard W Sams).pdf40.519 MB SCSI System v2.2 (19xx)(Randsoft).pdf1.969 MB 
Speech-Sound Cartridge Service Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.820 MB Sprinter 1L Speed-Up Board (1981)(Archibold Electronics).pdf1.707 MB 
Sprinter II (1981)(Holmes Engineering).pdf5.508 MB Sprinter II (19xx)(Holmes Engineering).pdf11.464 MB 
Sprinter III (1982)(Holmes Engineering).pdf2.756 MB Sprinter III (1982)(Holmes Engineering)[a].pdf1.032 MB 
System-80 Users Manual (19xx)(-).pdf1.821 MB Tandon Disk Drive Manual (19xx)(Tandon).pdf0.631 MB 
Tandon Floppy Drive Schematic (19xx)(Tandon).pdf0.434 MB Tandon OEM TM501-2-3 Operating and Service Manual (1983)(Tandon Corp).pdf4.275 MB 
Tandon OEM TM602S-603S Operating and Service Manual (1982)(Tandon Corp).pdf1.583 MB Tandon TM-100-1 Flexible Disk Drive (1982)(Tandon).pdf4.656 MB 
Tandon TM-50 Floppy Drive Schematics (19xx)(Tandon).pdf1.350 MB Tandon TM-50 Service Manual (1983)(Tandon).pdf1.957 MB 
Tandon TM-600 Mini-Winchester Drive (19xx)(Tandon).pdf0.626 MB Tandon TM100 Floppy Drive (1982)(Tandon).pdf0.654 MB 
Tandy 1000 Computer Service Manual (1985)(Tandy).pdf12.434 MB Tandy 600 BIOS Programmers Reference Guide (1986)(Tandy).pdf13.687 MB 
Tandy WP-2 Portable Wordprocessor Service Manual (1989)(Tandy).pdf9.571 MB Teac FD-55 Drive Maintenance Manual (1983)(Teac Corporation of America).pdf6.088 MB 
Teac FD-55 Floppy Drive Schematic (19xx)(Teac).pdf1.208 MB Teac FD-55AV Drive Maintenance Manual (1985)(Teac Corporation of America).pdf6.032 MB 
Teac FD-55BR Disk Drive Data Sheet (19xx)(Teac).pdf0.151 MB Teac FD-55BV-06 Drive Specification (19xx)(Teac Corporation of America).pdf0.819 MB 
Teac FD505 Floppy Drive (1994)(Teac).pdf0.888 MB Teac FD55BR Floppy Drive (19xx)(Teac).pdf0.360 MB 
Teac FD55GFR Floppy Drive (1996)(Teac).pdf0.605 MB Tomcat TC70 Board (1991)(Frank Hogg Labwatories).pdf0.070 MB 
Tomcat TC70 Color Test (1991)(Frank Hogg Labwatories).txt0.001 MB Tomcat TC70 Floppy Commands (1991)(Frank Hogg Labwatories).txt0.001 MB 
Tomcat TC70 Memory Map (1991)(Frank Hogg Labwatories).txt0.001 MB Trilogy Model III Drive Controller Installation (1983)(World Wide Data).pdf4.561 MB 
TRS-80 Level 1 Patent (1986)(Steve Leininger).pdf2.480 MB TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 1st (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf5.132 MB 
TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 2nd (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf10.142 MB TRS-80 Printer Parts (19xx)(Radio Shack)8.072 MB 
TRS-80 Screen Printer (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.767 MB TRS-80 Technical Manual (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf6.549 MB 
TRS-80 Video Display (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.272 MB TVBuff Video Output Buffer (1984)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)0.009 MB 
Using the Heath H-14 Line Printer (1979)(Author Unknown).pdf1.711 MB Video Display (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.285 MB 
Video Genie Service Manual (1980)(EACA).pdf1.569 MB Video Genie System BASIC Manual (1980)(EACA International Ltd.).pdf2.169 MB 
Video Genie System Service Manual (19xx)(Trommeschlager Computer GMBH).pdf25.275 MB Video Genie System Technical Manual (19xx)(Trommeschlager Computer GMBH).pdf0.899 MB 
VoxBox Speech Recognition Device (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf1.167 MB VoxBox Speech Recognition Device Addendum (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.090 MB 
VoxBox Speech Recognition Device Service Manual (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf2.272 MB VS100 Voice Synthesizer Manual (19xx)(Alpha Products).pdf0.837 MB 
WD1002-05 Winchester Controller (19xx)(Western Digital).pdf4.189 MB Western Digital 1000 Winchester Disk Controller (19xx)(Western Digital).pdf3.753 MB 
Western Digital 1002-SHD Winchester Controller (1984)(Western Digital).pdf2.431 MB Western Digital 1771-01 Application Notes (19xx)(Western Digital).pdf0.591 MB 
Western Digital 1771-01 Data Sheets (19xx)(Western Digital).pdf2.049 MB Western Digital FD179X Application Notes (19xx)(Western Digital).pdf1.329 MB 
Western Digital FD179X Data Sheets (19xx)(Western Digital).pdf2.371 MB Western Digital FD179X-02 Floppy Disk Controller (19xx)(Western Digital)[Partial].pdf4.001 MB 
WP-2 Portable Word Processor Owners Manual (1987)(Tandy).pdf4.588 MB X-Pad GT-116 Owners Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf6.150 MB 
XLR8er Operator Manual (19xx)(-).djvu0.608 MB Z-80 CPU Technical Manual (1977)(Zilog).pdf6.464 MB 
Z80 and Z80A Technical Manual (1977)(Zilog).pdf6.154 MB Z80 Microprocessor Reference Card (1981)(Nano Systems Corp).pdf1.732 MB 
13 Ghosts (1983)(Tandy).pdf0.210 MB 6.2 Plus User's Guide (19xx)(Micro-Systems Software).pdf2.755 MB 
68000 Cross-Assembler v1.02 (1984)(IDA Software).pdf3.135 MB Abbreviated Instructions For Basic Compiler (19xx)(-).pdf0.151 MB 
Accel 2 Compiler (19xx)(Southern Software)[a][PDF].pdf0.412 MB Accel 2 Compiler (19xx)(Southern Software)[PDF].pdf2.038 MB 
Accel 2 Compiler (19xx)(Southern Software)[TXT].txt0.019 MB Accel 3 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software).pdf2.585 MB 
Accel 3-4 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software).pdf2.010 MB Accounts Payable System (1981)(Tandy).pdf4.156 MB 
Accounts Receivable System (1979)(Tandy).pdf7.583 MB Accounts Receivable System (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.923 MB 
Accounts Receivable v5.1 (1982)(SBSG).pdf7.265 MB Active Filter Design (1980)(Howard M Berlin).pdf0.942 MB 
Advanced Statistical Analysis (1979)(Tandy)[a].pdf13.748 MB Advanced Statistical Analysis 1st Edition (1979)(Tandy).pdf18.718 MB 
Adventure (19xx)(Adventure International).pdf0.158 MB Adventure Editor (19xx)(Bruce Hansen).pdf2.599 MB 
Adventure Loading Instructions (19xx)(Adventure International).pdf0.024 MB Agri-Calc Feeder Pig Module (1982)(The Micro Group).pdf4.367 MB 
AIDS-II (1980)(Metatechnologies Corporation).pdf4.666 MB AIDS-III (1980)(Metatechnologies Corporation).pdf0.961 MB 
Air Traffic Controller (19xx)(Creative Computing).pdf1.050 MB AJ Modifications to NEWDOS80 (19xx)(Alan Johnstone).txt0.004 MB 
Alcor C for Model 4 (1983)(Alcor Systems).pdf14.790 MB Alcor Pascal v2.0 Users Manual (1983)(Alcor Systems).pdf22.284 MB 
ALDS Assembly Language Development System v3.02 Manual (1983)(Tandy).pdf15.170 MB Algebra I (1978)(Tandy).pdf3.882 MB 
Alien Defense (1981)(Soft Sector Marketing).pdf2.303 MB Allwrite! (1984)(Tesler Corp).pdf19.778 MB 
Allwrite! (1984)(Tesler Corp)[Shortened].pdf0.706 MB Allwrite! (1985)(Prosoft).pdf21.219 MB 
Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Hill).pdf0.506 MB APL80 (19xx)(Phelps Gates-Ramware).pdf0.290 MB 
Apparat Software Distribution System (19xx)(Apparat).pdf0.470 MB Arc4 File Archive Utility v01.02.00 (1987)(System Enhancement Associates).txt0.013 MB 
Archimedes Apprentice (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.310 MB ARCHIVE4 v1.0.1 (1986)(Helpware Inc).doc0.004 MB 
ARCHIVE4 v3.2 (1986)(Charles B. Harper).doc0.009 MB Armored Patrol (1981)(Adventure International).pdf2.461 MB 
Armored Patrol (1981)(Adventure International)[a].pdf0.879 MB ASMB-Z8 Z80 Cross Assembler for the Z8 Microprocessor (1980)(Allen Ashley).pdf1.378 MB 
Assembly Language Development System v3.02 (1983)(Tandy).pdf11.949 MB Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy).pdf16.377 MB 
Astrology (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.363 MB Astrology (19xx)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.021 MB 
Asylum II (1982)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.662 MB Asylum II Hint Sheet (1982)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.260 MB 
AutoPlot v2.2 (1981)(Menlo Systems).pdf1.401 MB Basic Answer (1982)(Logical Systems)[DOC].doc0.092 MB 
Basic Answer (1982)(Logical Systems)[PDF].pdf0.246 MB Basic Answer (1982)(Logical Systems)[TXT].txt0.044 MB 
BASIC Coding Form (19xx)(-).tif0.797 MB BASIC Compiler (19xx)(Microsoft).pdf5.251 MB 
BASIC Compiler for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf6.655 MB BASIC Compiler v5.3 (1981)(Microsoft).pdf15.899 MB 
BASIC Compiler v5.34 (1984)(Tandy).doc1.539 MB BASIC Compiler v5.35 (1984)(Tandy).pdf0.527 MB 
BASIC Compiler v5.35 Users Manual (1984)(Tandy).pdf5.611 MB Basic Course (1981)(Tandy).pdf1.834 MB 
Basic Tape Instruction Course (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.264 MB BASIC Tape Instruction Course for Model 3 (1981)(Tandy).pdf1.149 MB 
BASIC-80 v5.0 (1979)(Microsoft).pdf11.747 MB BASIC-S Compiler System v3.1 (1981)(Breeze-QSD).pdf1.808 MB 
BASIC-S Compiler System v3.7 (1982)(Breeze-QSD).pdf1.838 MB BASIC-S II Compiler System (1982)(Breeze-QSD).pdf1.049 MB 
Basketball (1980)(Acorn).pdf0.521 MB Battlestar Galactica (1979)(Cybermate).pdf0.299 MB 
Bedlam (1982)(Tandy).pdf0.419 MB BFBDEM Basic Faster and Better Demonstration v1.0 (1982)(IJG).pdf0.563 MB 
BFBLIB Basic Faster and Better v1.0 (1982)(IJG).pdf1.890 MB Bionic Basic (1981)(Apparat Inc).pdf1.975 MB 
Blackjack and Backgammon (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.614 MB Blackjack and Backgammon (1978)(Tandy)[a].pdf0.287 MB 
BOOT63 FIX v1.1 (1987)(Doug Mayfield).doc0.003 MB Boss v2.2 Utility Reference Manual (1980)(Vernon B Hester-SSM).pdf1.662 MB 
Bounceoids (1982)(Cornsoft Group).pdf0.389 MB Bridge Challenger (1978)(George Duisman-Personal Software).pdf1.007 MB 
Budget Management (1981)(Tandy).pdf9.285 MB Budget Management 1st Edtion (1981)(Tandy)[a].pdf17.867 MB 
Business Systems Payroll (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.395 MB C-80 v2.0 (1982)(Software Toolworks).pdf2.651 MB 
Casino Game Pack (1979)(Tandy).pdf1.901 MB Cassette Comm (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.705 MB 
Cassette Portfolio Analysis (1980)(Tandy).pdf7.346 MB Cassette Scope (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.061 MB 
CBASIC Language Reference (1982)(Digital Research).pdf11.948 MB CBASIC Language Reference (1982)(Digital Research)[a].pdf0.315 MB 
Chainer (1980)(Frank R Neal).doc0.007 MB Checker King (1979)(Personal Software).pdf1.145 MB 
Chroma Basic (19xx)(-).pdf3.577 MB CLOAD Magazine 1984-02 (1984)(CLOAD Magazine Inc).pdf1.659 MB 
CNVBasic (19xx)(-).pdf0.203 MB CO-DIR v2.1 (1982)(Hunt K Brand).pdf1.187 MB 
Code Decode Utility (19xx)(-).doc0.001 MB Command File (19xx)(Misosys).pdf0.675 MB 
Commbat (1981)(Adventure International).pdf2.623 MB Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy).pdf21.727 MB 
Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy)[a2].pdf35.151 MB Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy)[a].pdf21.009 MB 
Comproc (1979)(Racet Computes).pdf2.003 MB CompuServe Information Service Users Guide (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.959 MB 
Connection-80 BBS (1981)(BT Enterprises).pdf0.405 MB Conv3ToPC v2.0 (1984)(Educational Micro Systems).pdf2.017 MB 
CopyArt II (1982)(Simutek).pdf0.023 MB CopyCat v3.0 (1983)(Omnisoft Research).pdf0.728 MB 
CopyCat v3.0 (1983)(Omnisoft Research)[a].pdf0.117 MB CopyCat v4.1 (19xx)(Omnisoft Research).pdf0.166 MB 
Cosmic Fighter (1980)(Big 5 Software).pdf0.600 MB CPM Model 4 (1984)(Montezuma Micro)[DOC].doc0.094 MB 
CPM Model 4 (1984)(Montezuma Micro)[PDF].pdf0.343 MB CPM v1.4 and v2.x Programmers Reference Guide (19xx)(Microsystems).pdf1.100 MB 
CPM+ v3 for Model 4 Reference (1983)(Digital Research).pdf1.637 MB Crazy Painter (1982)(Cornsoft Group).pdf0.480 MB 
Cross Assembler for the MCS-48 (19xx)(Mumford Micro Systems).pdf2.421 MB Cross Reference Utility (1980)(Tandy).pdf1.031 MB 
Crush Crumble and Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations-Epyx).pdf8.037 MB Crush Crumble and Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations-Epyx)[a].pdf8.159 MB 
Customer Service Bulletin 1590-04 (1984)(Tandy).pdf0.160 MB Customer Service Bulletin 312-05 thru 312-15 (1981)(Tandy).pdf2.496 MB 
Dancing Demon (1980)(Tandy).pdf19.136 MB Datahandler (1981)(Miller Microcomputer Systems).pdf1.678 MB 
DCS Editor v2.0 (19xx)(DCS Software).pdf0.544 MB DDIR Virtual Disk Directory Utility v1.0 (1986)(Brian McKay).doc0.001 MB 
DDSD (19xx)(The Alternate Source).pdf1.052 MB Deadline (19xx)(Infocom).pdf0.026 MB 
Deadline Walkthrough (19xx)(Infocom).txt0.003 MB DEARC v2.0 (19xx)(Richard VanHouten).doc0.002 MB 
Deathmaze 5000 (19xx)(Frank Corr Jr-Med Systems Software).pdf0.717 MB Debug (1981)(Tandy).pdf2.088 MB 
Debugger Disassembler Trace Utility DD&T (19xx)(-).pdf0.006 MB Defiance (19xx)(-).pdf0.012 MB 
Demo II (1979)(Instant Software).pdf6.630 MB Demo III (1979)(Instant Software).pdf4.981 MB 
Demon (19xx)(Mumford Micro).pdf12.847 MB Demon Debugger (19xx)(Mumford Micro Systems).pdf3.055 MB 
Deskmate Quick Reference Guide (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.702 MB Deskmate Reference Manual (1985)(Tandy).pdf39.229 MB 
DeskMate Sample Session (1985)(Tandy).pdf5.349 MB DeskMate v1.0 Reference Manual (1985)(Tandy).pdf5.758 MB 
Developing Applications with Microsoft Works for Model 600 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.837 MB DEZIP v2.0 (19xx)(Richard VanHouten).doc0.002 MB 
DEZIP31 and 4 v1.1 (19xx)(Richard VanHouten).doc0.001 MB Digital Disk Analysis System v3.3 (1983)(J M Systems).pdf10.089 MB 
Disk Basic v1.1 and TRSDOS v2.0 (1978)(Tandy)(De).pdf6.159 MB Disk Course (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.320 MB 
Disk Course for Model 3 (1981)(Tandy).pdf1.312 MB Disk Disk (19xx)(Logical Systems)[DOC].doc0.008 MB 
Disk Disk (19xx)(Logical Systems)[PDF].pdf0.013 MB Disk Drive Analysis System v3.3 (1983)(J and M Systems).pdf2.408 MB 
Disk Editor Assembler Plus (1981)(Microsoft).pdf0.063 MB Disk Indexing Program v3.0 (1982)(Mumford Micro).pdf1.100 MB 
Disk Oriented Terminal Package v1.0 (1984)(Indiana Software Development Co).pdf3.367 MB Disk Payroll (1982)(Tandy).pdf7.546 MB 
Disk Payroll Tax Tables (1982)(Tandy).pdf6.327 MB Disk Reference Card (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.569 MB 
Disk Scripsit Reference Manual for the Model 4 (1983)(Tandy).pdf5.119 MB Disk Scripsit Reference Manual for the Model 4 (1983)(Tandy)[a].pdf1.675 MB 
DiskDISK (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.008 MB Dome Bookkeeping (19xx)(Roger Robatille).pdf0.583 MB 
Donut Dilemma (1984)(Fun Division).pdf0.743 MB DOSPLUS IV vA.4 (1983)(Micro-Systems Software).pdf13.195 MB 
DOSPLUS v3.3 (1981)(Micro-Systems Software Inc).pdf9.484 MB DOSPLUS v3.3 (1981)(Micro-Systems Software Inc)[a].pdf10.156 MB 
DOSPLUS v3.4 Rev A2 (1981)(Micro-Systems Software).pdf12.415 MB DOSPLUS v3.4 Rev A2 (1981)(Micro-Systems Software)[a].pdf10.203 MB 
DOSPLUS v3.5 (19xx)(Micro-Systems Software).pdf21.730 MB DOSPLUS vA.3 (1983)(Micro Systems Software).pdf25.249 MB 
DOSPLUS vA.3 (1983)(Micro Systems Software)[OCR].pdf1.065 MB Dot Print v1.5 (1982)(JF Consulting).pdf13.057 MB 
Dot Print v3.0 (1983)(W K Mason).pdf5.047 MB Dot Writer v1.3 (1983)(J F Consulting).pdf2.937 MB 
Dot Writer v1.5 (1982)(J F Consulting).pdf4.891 MB Dot Writer v3.0 Commands (1984)(-).pdf1.151 MB 
Dot Writer v4.0 (1984)(Prosoft).pdf3.406 MB Dot Writer v4.0 (1984)(Prosoft)[a].pdf2.616 MB 
Dot Writer v4.0 Letterset Design System (1984)(W.K. Mason).pdf1.273 MB DoubleDOS (1985)(SoftLogic Solutions).pdf4.603 MB 
DoubleDuty (19xx)(Tandy).pdf5.953 MB Draw v1.1 (19xx)(Scott McBurney).pdf1.019 MB 
Dsmblr (1983)(Misosys).pdf1.456 MB Dsmblr III (1983)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.018 MB 
Dsmblr III (1983)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf0.029 MB Dsmblr IV (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB 
Dunjonquest Morlocs Tower (1979)(Automated Simulations).pdf0.794 MB Duplik and Renum (1979)(Instant Software).pdf1.715 MB 
Dvorak Keyboard Driver (19xx)(-).txt0.001 MB E-Z Packet 80 v1.1 (1986)(Martin Company).pdf1.172 MB 
ED-IT (1981)(Mark Alan Read).pdf0.633 MB EDAS (1980)(Misosys).pdf7.832 MB 
EDAS (19xx)(Misosys)[SCR]0.016 MB EDAS 5th Ed. (1983)(Misosys).pdf5.715 MB 
EDI Disk Editor v3.5 (1982)(M. Winter)(De).pdf2.384 MB Edit (1982)(Southern Software).pdf2.589 MB 
Edit (1982)(Southern Software)[a].pdf2.722 MB Edit-80 (1979)(Microsoft).pdf1.459 MB 
Editor Assembler (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.722 MB Editor Assembler (1978)(Tandy)[a].pdf10.189 MB 
Editor Assembler Package (1979)(Microsoft).pdf13.654 MB Editor Assembler Plus (1979)(Microsoft)[Cassette].pdf4.504 MB 
Editor Assembler Plus (1979)(Microsoft)[Disk].pdf1.130 MB Editor Assembler Plus (1980)(Microsoft)[Reference Card].pdf1.208 MB 
Editor Assembler Series I (1981)(Tandy).pdf10.308 MB Editor Assembler v4.x (1984)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.077 MB 
Editor Assembler v4.x (1984)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf0.129 MB Editor Assembler v4.x Commands (1984)(Misosys).txt0.004 MB 
Editor-Assembler Plus Update 3 (19xx)(Microsoft).pdf0.363 MB EDTASM+ With ZBUG (19xx)(Tandy).pdf5.723 MB 
Electric Pencil (1977)(Michael Shrayer).pdf0.042 MB Electric Pencil (1978)(Michael Shrayer).pdf4.698 MB 
Electric Pencil (1978)(Michael Shrayer)[a].pdf1.415 MB Electric Pencil v2.0z (1981)(Michael Shrayer).pdf4.894 MB 
Electric Pencil v2.0z (1981)(Michael Shrayer)[a].pdf9.481 MB Electric Secretary (19xx)( Peripheral People).pdf1.910 MB 
Electric Webster (1982)(Cornucopia Software).pdf2.169 MB Electric Webster (1984)(Cornucopia Software).pdf1.780 MB 
Electrical Engineering I (19xx)(Tandy).pdf6.054 MB Electronic Library Aide (19xx)(Society for Visual Education).pdf0.794 MB 
Eliza (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.750 MB Eliza (1979)(Tandy).pdf0.211 MB 
Enchanter Walk Through (19xx)(-).txt0.001 MB Engineering Math III (1981)(Tandy).pdf5.967 MB 
Enhanced Basic Compiler Development System (1986)(Philip Oliver)[DOC].doc0.085 MB Enhanced Basic Compiler Development System (1986)(Philip Oliver)[PDF].pdf0.159 MB 
Epson Package v1.2 (1981)(Roger Smith).pdf0.612 MB Escape from Traam (1981)(Adventure International).pdf1.889 MB 
ESF Z-80 Forth v1.0 (19xx)(Vern Tallman).djvu0.594 MB ESF Z-80 Forth v1.0 (19xx)(Vern Tallman)[PDF].pdf4.238 MB 
Essential Math vol. 2 (1979)(Tandy).pdf2.845 MB Exec (1982)(Southern Software).pdf2.567 MB 
Executive Calendar for the Model 100 (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.617 MB Executive Calendar for the Model 100 Quick Reference (1983)(Tandy).pdf0.603 MB 
Faster v1.0 (19xx)(Prosoft).pdf0.631 MB Faster v1.2 (1981)(Prosoft).pdf0.800 MB 
FDR6 (19xx)(Duane Saylor).doc0.003 MB Fifteen Numbers (19xx)(Programma).pdf0.153 MB 
File Transfer Disk Utility (19xx)(Breeze Computing).txt0.002 MB File Transfer Utility (19xx)(Breeze Computing).txt0.002 MB 
Flexible Online Remote Communications Environment BBS (19xx)(Guy Smith).txt0.026 MB Floppy Disk Diagnostic (1980)(Dave Stambaugh).pdf1.014 MB 
Floppy Doctor (1981)(Meta Technologies).pdf0.763 MB Floppy Doctor and Memory Diagnostics (1981)(Data Resources Corp).pdf1.606 MB 
Flying Saucers (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.244 MB Flying Saucers (1981)(Tandy)[a].pdf0.351 MB 
Foreign Exchange (1982)(Avalon Hill).pdf0.647 MB Formation Forms Management System (19xx)(Tandy).pdf33.704 MB 
Forming Inferences - Reading Comprehension C (1984)(Media Materials).pdf4.057 MB Forth-79 (1980)(Forth Standards Team).pdf2.078 MB 
Fortran (1979)(Microsoft).pdf0.792 MB Fortran Package (1979)(Tandy).pdf9.782 MB 
Fortran-80 for Model 4 (1983)(Tandy).pdf13.966 MB Fortran-80 Reference Card (1978)(Intel).pdf1.964 MB 
Fortran-80 Users Manual (1979)(Microsoft).pdf0.857 MB Fortran-80 v3.2 (1979)(Microsoft).pdf11.597 MB 
Fortran-80 v3.2 (1980)(Microsoft).pdf28.933 MB Fortran-80 v3.2 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy).pdf3.187 MB 
Fortran-80 v3.2 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy)[a].pdf4.164 MB Fortran-80 v3.3 (1978)(Microsoft).pdf9.138 MB 
Four Cubes (1978)(NW Publishing Co).pdf0.548 MB Freeway v5.0 (19xx)(Tandy).txt0.001 MB 
Frogger (1981)(Sega Enterprises).pdf0.393 MB Full Screen Editor (19xx)(Computer Applications Unlimited).pdf3.041 MB 
Galactic Empire (1979)(Broderbund).pdf1.095 MB Galactic Firebird (1982)(Kansas).pdf0.101 MB 
Games Pack 2 (1983)(Tandy).pdf0.336 MB Games Pack I for Level I (1978)(Tandy).pdf2.628 MB 
Gammon Gambler (1981)(Visicorp).pdf0.375 MB GDOS v2.4 (1984)(TCS Computer).pdf8.230 MB 
GEAP Font Disk 2 (1982)(W K Mason).pdf0.591 MB GEAP Font Disk 3 (1982)(W K Mason).pdf0.644 MB 
GEAP Font Disk 4 (1982)(W K Mason).pdf0.563 MB GEAP Graphics Editor and Program (1981)(J F Consulting).pdf2.529 MB 
GEAP Graphics Editor And Programmer (1981)(J F Consulting)[a].pdf6.802 MB General Ledger (1979)(Adam Osborne).pdf9.613 MB 
General Ledger v1.0 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf4.711 MB General Ledger v1.1 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf4.980 MB 
Generalized Subroutine Facility (1978)(Racet).pdf6.892 MB Gif2HR (19xx)(Chris Page).pdf0.160 MB 
Gif4Mod4 v2.0 (1990)(Frank Slinkman).pdf0.723 MB Gif4Mod4 v2.0 (1990)(Frank Slinkman)[a].pdf1.221 MB 
Gobbler (1981)(Superior Software).pdf0.374 MB Golden Oldies Command Utility Package (1988)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.057 MB 
Golden Oldies Command Utility Package (1988)(Misosys)[TXT].txt0.043 MB Golden Oldies Maintenance Package (1988)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.027 MB 
Golden Oldies Maintenance Package (1988)(Misosys)[TXT].txt0.018 MB Golden Oldies System Enhancement Package (1988)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.046 MB 
Golden Oldies System Enhancement Package (1988)(Misosys)[TXT].txt0.034 MB Graph Creator v1.5 (1988)(Rick Hisebaugh).pdf0.509 MB 
Graphing Package (19xx)(Creative Computing).pdf1.595 MB Graphing Package (19xx)(Creative Computing)[Small].pdf0.810 MB 
GW-Convert (19xx)(The Alternate Source).doc0.034 MB Hard Disk Operating System (19xx)(Tandy).pdf28.041 MB 
Hartforth 79 Forth Compiler (1983)(AM Graham)[DOC].doc0.038 MB Hartforth 79 Forth Compiler (1983)(AM Graham)[PDF].pdf0.066 MB 
Haunted House (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.279 MB Hellfire (1980)(Automated Simulations).pdf2.557 MB 
High Resolution Graphics (19xx)(Microware-Microfirm).pdf1.454 MB Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1984)(Infocom).pdf1.523 MB 
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Walk Through (19xx)(-).txt0.002 MB Home Accountant (1981)(Continental Software).pdf10.588 MB 
Home Budget (1982)(Howe Software).pdf1.794 MB House of Thirty Gables (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.248 MB 
How To Use LOAD-80 Diskettes (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.320 MB Hypercross II v2.0a (1985)(Hypersoft).pdf1.579 MB 
Hyperzap v3.2c (1985)(Hypersoft)[DOC].doc0.067 MB Hyperzap v3.2c (1985)(Hypersoft)[PDF].pdf0.105 MB 
Hyperzap v3.2c (1985)(Hypersoft)[TXT].txt0.027 MB HyperZap! v3.0a (1983)(Hypersoft Raleigh).pdf2.171 MB 
HyperZap! v3.2 (1983)(Hypersoft Raleigh).pdf2.432 MB HyperZap! v3.2 (1985)(Hypersoft Raleigh).pdf2.270 MB 
Icon Management (19xx)(Robert Doerr).pdf0.987 MB In the Hall of the Mountain King (1981)(Leo Christopherson).pdf1.181 MB 
In The Hall Of The Mountain King (1982)(Leo Christopherson).pdf0.707 MB In-Memory Information System (1980)(Tandy).pdf1.820 MB 
Infocom Adventure Clues and Walthroughs (19xx)(-)0.044 MB Inside Super Utility Plus (1982)(PowerSoft).pdf8.892 MB 
Instant Assembler (1981)(Mumford Micro Systems).pdf4.069 MB Instant Assembler (1981)(Mumford Micro Systems)[a].pdf2.999 MB 
Institute (1981)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.703 MB Institute Hint Sheet (1981)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.323 MB 
Instructions for Converting Model I to Model III (1980)(Tandy).pdf0.625 MB Instructions for Converting Model I to Model III (1980)(Tandy)[a].pdf0.590 MB 
Interactive Command Line Editor v1.0 (19xx)(AISE).pdf0.930 MB Interlude #99 (1980)(Syntonic Software Corp).doc0.003 MB 
Interlude (1980)(Syntonic Software Corp).pdf6.666 MB Interlude (1980)(Syntonic Software Corp)[a].pdf2.342 MB 
Intersoft C Compiler v2.5 (1982)(Intersoft Unlimited).pdf3.601 MB Invaders-Plus (1980)(Larry Ashmun).pdf0.250 MB 
Invasion Force (1979)(Tandy).pdf0.876 MB Invasion Orion (1979)(Automated Simulations).pdf4.841 MB 
Inventory Control System (1981)(Tandy).pdf2.408 MB Investor's Paradise (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.890 MB 
IQ Builder (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.437 MB IQ Test (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.324 MB 
JKL Driver (19xx)(Joachim Kelterbaum).doc0.009 MB Job Control Language (19xx)(Christopher Fara).pdf1.016 MB 
Keyboard Debounce and Real-Time Clock (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.139 MB Keys of Acheron (1981)(Automated Simulations).pdf0.621 MB 
Labyrinth Hint Sheet (19xx)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.288 MB Laser Ball (1982)(Adventure International).pdf1.554 MB 
Laser Defense (1981)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.536 MB Lazy Writer v3.5 (1985)(AlphaBit Communications).pdf23.256 MB 
LBasic (1981)(Galactic Software)[DOC].doc0.051 MB LBasic (1981)(Galactic Software)[PDF].pdf0.072 MB 
LC C Language Compiler (1982)(Misosys).pdf6.272 MB LC C Language Compiler (1983)(Misosys).pdf7.287 MB 
LDOS 5.1 Manual Addendum (1984)(Misosys).pdf1.984 MB LDOS 5.3 Update (1984)(Misosys).pdf2.122 MB 
LDOS Filter Package 1st Disk (1981)(Logical Systems).doc0.017 MB LDOS Filter Package 2nd Disk (1981)(Logical Systems).doc0.014 MB 
LDOS Fix Disk (1982)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf0.409 MB LDOS Interface Kit (19xx)(Misosys).pdf0.021 MB 
LDOS Quick Reference Card (1982)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf1.762 MB LDOS Update From 5.3.0 to 5.3.1 (1991)(Misosys Inc)[a].pdf0.061 MB 
LDOS Update From 5.3.0 to 5.3.1 (1991)(Misosys).pdf0.276 MB LDOS Update From 6.3.0 to 6.3.1 (1990)(Misosys Inc).pdf0.086 MB 
LDOS v5.1 (19xx)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf16.327 MB LDOS v5.1 for Model I and III (19xx)(Tandy).pdf16.419 MB 
LDOS v5.1.4 Update (1983)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf2.478 MB LDOS v5.1.x (1982)(Logical Systems).djvu7.388 MB 
LDOS v5.1.x 2nd Ed (1981)(Logical Systems)[DOC].doc0.275 MB LDOS v5.1.x 2nd Ed (1981)(Logical Systems)[PDF].pdf0.344 MB 
LDOS v5.1.x 3rd Ed. (1981)(Logical Systems).djvu6.473 MB LDOS v5.3.1 Upgrade (1991)(Misosys).doc0.036 MB 
Le Script Word Processing Training Guide (1986)(Anitek Software Products).pdf0.824 MB Learning 100 Reading Strategies (1984)(Arista Corp).pdf1.207 MB 
Learning Fun I-Scurve Invaders (1980)(Dick Smith Electronics).pdf0.032 MB Leo Christopherson Package (19xx)(Ramware).pdf1.573 MB 
Leo Christopherson Package (19xx)(Ramware)[a].pdf0.104 MB LeScript v1.1 (1983)(Anitek).pdf2.255 MB 
Letterset Manipulation Utilities (1983)(W K Mason).pdf3.829 MB Level I Games Pack Addendums (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.202 MB 
Level I to Level II Program Conversion (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.159 MB Level II BASIC Instruction Course (1979)(Tandy).pdf0.180 MB 
Level II BASIC Reference Manual Addendum (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.104 MB Level III BASIC (1979)(Microsoft).pdf3.006 MB 
Level III BASIC (19xx)(Microsoft).pdf4.273 MB Level III BASIC Instruction Manual (1979)(Microsoft Consumer Products).pdf0.732 MB 
Level III BASIC Reference Card (1979)(Microsoft).pdf1.570 MB Library 100 (19xx)(The Bottom Shelf).pdf13.128 MB 
Library Utility v1.13 (1986)(David Huelsmann).doc0.004 MB Link-80 (1979)(Microsoft).pdf1.429 MB 
Link-80 (1979)(Microsoft)[a].pdf0.458 MB Little Brother Data Management (19xx)(Misosys).pdf0.589 MB 
Little Brother Installation Manual (1985)(Misosys).pdf0.433 MB Little Brother v1.22 Beta (1989)(Misosys).pdf0.094 MB 
LNW-CPM Operating System (19xx)(R.M. Stiles).pdf2.238 MB LOAD-80 1981-06 (1981)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.079 MB 
LOAD-80 1981-08 (1981)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.119 MB LOAD-80 1981-08 (1981)(1001001 Inc)[a].pdf0.135 MB 
LOAD-80 1982-03 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.268 MB LOAD-80 1982-04 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.255 MB 
LOAD-80 1982-06 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.258 MB LOAD-80 1982-08 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.278 MB 
LOAD-80 1982-08 (1982)(1001001 Inc)[a].pdf0.259 MB LOAD-80 1982-09 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.188 MB 
LOAD-80 1982-09 (1982)(1001001 Inc)[a].pdf0.138 MB LOAD-80 1982-10 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.177 MB 
LOAD-80 1982-11 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.270 MB LOAD-80 1982-12 (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.204 MB 
LOAD-80 1982-Anniversary (1982)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.229 MB LOAD-80 1983-01 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.286 MB 
LOAD-80 1983-02 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.222 MB LOAD-80 1983-03 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.132 MB 
LOAD-80 1983-04 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.328 MB LOAD-80 1983-05 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.343 MB 
LOAD-80 1983-06 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.295 MB LOAD-80 1983-07 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.279 MB 
LOAD-80 1983-08 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.309 MB LOAD-80 1983-09 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.280 MB 
LOAD-80 1983-10 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.195 MB LOAD-80 1983-11 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.213 MB 
LOAD-80 1983-12 (1983)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.244 MB LOAD-80 1984-01 (1984)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.245 MB 
LOAD-80 1984-02 (1984)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.201 MB LOAD-80 1984-03 (1984)(1001001 Inc).pdf0.244 MB 
LOAD-80 1985-09 (1985)(CW Communications).pdf0.846 MB LS-DOS Update From 6.3.0 to 6.3.1 (1990)(Misosys).pdf0.297 MB 
LS-Host-Term (1983)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf2.425 MB LTerm v3.0 (1983)(Lary Myers).doc0.003 MB 
M-Zal (19xx)(Computer Applications Unlimited).pdf5.724 MB M-Zal v2.0 (19xx)(Computer Applications Unlimited).pdf2.255 MB 
Macro-80 Assembler (1979)(Microsoft).pdf1.877 MB Magic Carpet (1982)(Datasoft).pdf0.421 MB 
Mailgram (19xx)(Tandy)[Partial].pdf1.346 MB Mailing List System (1978)(Tandy).pdf2.928 MB 
Marc4 File Archive Utility v01.00.00 (1986)(System Enhancement Associates).doc0.007 MB Master Reversi (1981)(Instant Software).pdf6.821 MB 
MasterRAR Warning (19xx)(Computronics Inc).pdf0.558 MB Mathematics - Concept by Concept (1983)(Larry Andrew).pdf0.389 MB 
Maxi Manager A.3.1 Bug Report (19xx)(-).pdf0.444 MB Maxi Manager II Sort Patch (1983)(The Business Division).pdf0.130 MB 
Maxi Manager II vD0 (1983)(Exador Inc).pdf51.715 MB Maxi Manager vA3 Upgrade (1981)(Exador Inc).pdf7.330 MB 
MC C-Language Compiler (1985)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.170 MB MC C-Language Compiler (1985)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf0.375 MB 
MDraw (1988)(Scott McBurney).pdf0.060 MB Medic-80 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.038 MB 
Memdisk LDOS (19xx)(Harry Kight).doc0.001 MB Menu (19xx)(-).pdf0.178 MB 
MI-C v3.10 C Compiler (1983)(G. Kersting)(De).pdf4.916 MB Micro Movie (1979)(Tandy Corp)[a].pdf1.499 MB 
Micro Movie (1979)(Tandy).pdf1.521 MB Micro Music (1978)(Tandy).pdf2.512 MB 
MicroChess v1.5 (1978)(Micro-Ware Ltd).pdf0.653 MB MicroChess v1.5 (1978)(Micro-Ware Ltd)[a].pdf0.846 MB 
Microcosm I (19xx)(Basics and Beyond Inc).pdf0.624 MB Microcosm II (19xx)(Basics and Beyond Inc).pdf0.620 MB 
MicroDOS Disk Operating System Systems Manual (1979)(Percom Data Company).pdf6.083 MB Microfiles (1980)(Tandy).pdf10.385 MB 
Microscreen (19xx)(International Data Services).pdf0.234 MB Microshell v2.0 (19xx)(New Generation Systems).pdf5.085 MB 
Microsketch 2 (19xx)(International Data Services).pdf0.514 MB Microsketch 3 (19xx)(International Data Services).pdf0.068 MB 
Microsoft Adventure (1979)(Microsoft).pdf3.002 MB Microsoft Editor Assembler-Plus (1979)(Microsoft).pdf1.128 MB 
Microsoft Editor Assembler-Plus Reference Card (1980)(Microsoft).pdf0.887 MB Microsoft Multiplan for CPM 198210.136 MB 
Microsoft Typing Tutor (1979)(Microsoft).pdf1.859 MB Microsoft Works Utility Disk for Model 600 (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.515 MB 
Midway Campaign (1980)(Avalon Hill).pdf0.377 MB Mind Warp (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.324 MB 
Misosys Disassembler Disk Version III (1983)(Misosys).doc0.018 MB MMSForth v2.0 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer Services).pdf18.916 MB 
MMSForth v2.1 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer Services).pdf14.901 MB Model 100 Applications Quick Reference (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.276 MB 
Model 100 Basic Language Lab (1983)(Tandy).pdf7.056 MB Model 100 Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.724 MB 
Model 102 Applications and BASIC Reference Guide (1985)(Tandy)[PDF].pdf6.742 MB Model 102 Applications and BASIC Reference Guide (1985)(Tandy)[RTF].rtf0.032 MB 
Model 16 Assembler-16 Programming Package (1982)(Tandy).pdf7.679 MB Model 16 TRSDOS-16 Disk Operating System (1982)(Tandy).pdf9.328 MB 
Model 2 & 12 BASIC Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy).pdf11.303 MB Model 2 Disk Operating System Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy).pdf12.016 MB 
Model 3 BASIC Reference Card (1980)(Tandy).pdf2.148 MB Model 3 Disk System Reference Card (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.220 MB 
Model 3 Hard Disk Instructions (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.521 MB Model 4 Computer Graphics (1984)(Tandy).pdf15.399 MB 
Model 4 Quick Reference Guide (1984)(Tandy).pdf0.944 MB Model 4 Toolbelt (1983)(Breeze-QSD).pdf2.199 MB 
Model 4 Toolbelt (1983)(Breeze-QSD)[a].pdf2.689 MB MODELA-III (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf0.500 MB 
Modem80 Communications Package (1981)(Les Mikesell).pdf1.258 MB Modem80 Communications Package (1981)(Les Mikesell)[a].pdf2.577 MB 
Moni v4.0 (1982)(Christian Gengenbach)(De).pdf0.735 MB Monitor 4 Command Reference (1979)(ACS Service).pdf0.039 MB 
Montezuma Micro CPM 2.2 (19xx)(Montezuma Micro).pdf13.425 MB Monty Plays Monopoly (1982)(Ritam).pdf0.434 MB 
Monty Plays Monopoly (1982)(Ritam)[a].pdf0.202 MB Monty Plays Scrabble (1982)(Ritam).pdf1.776 MB 
Morloc's Tower (1979)(Automated Simulations).pdf2.581 MB Mouse (1988)(Scott McBurney).pdf0.073 MB 
MTC Que Card v1.0 for NEWDOS-80 (1980)(Meta Technologies Corporation).pdf1.343 MB MultiDOS (1981)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation).pdf2.840 MB 
MultiDOS (1982)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation).pdf7.192 MB MultiDOS (1982)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation)[a].pdf2.832 MB 
MultiDOS (1984)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation).pdf11.192 MB MultiDOS v1.6 Quick Reference (19xx)(-).txt0.015 MB 
Multiplan (1982)(Microsoft).pdf64.396 MB Multiplan for Tandy 100 (1984)(Microsoft).pdf0.114 MB 
Multiplan for Tandy 200 (1985)(Microsoft).pdf4.509 MB Multiplan Quick Reference Card (19xx)(Tandy).pdf2.326 MB 
Multiplan Quick Reference Card (19xx)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.326 MB Multiple Disk Copy Utility (19xx)(Breeze Computing).txt0.002 MB 
MuMath and MuSimp (1980)(Soft Warehouse).pdf2.046 MB Network Pascal Student Manual (1984)(Alcor Systems).pdf15.557 MB 
Nevada Fortran (1982)(Ellis Computing).pdf5.112 MB Nevada Pilot 4th Ed (1982)(John Starkweather).pdf5.804 MB 
New Term (19xx)(-).txt0.001 MB NewDos Plus (1979)(Apparat Inc)[a][PDF].pdf3.339 MB 
NewDos Plus (1979)(Apparat Inc)[DOC].doc0.031 MB NewDos Plus (1979)(Apparat Inc)[PDF].pdf0.091 MB 
NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)(De).pdf31.114 MB NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc).pdf7.071 MB 
NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[a2].pdf20.632 MB NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[a].pdf35.951 MB 
NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[OCR].pdf1.007 MB NewDOS-80 v2.0 Model I Zaps (19xx)(Apparat Inc).pdf3.237 MB 
NewDOS-80 v2.0 Model III Zaps (19xx)(Apparat Inc).pdf3.556 MB NewDOS-80 v2.0 Zaps (1982)(Apparat Inc).pdf1.632 MB 
NewDOS-80 v2.5 (19xx)(Apparat Inc).pdf0.472 MB NewDOS-80 v2.5 - Appendix C (19xx)(Apparat Inc).pdf3.072 MB 
NewList Basic Program Lister v6.5 (1983)(JP McKouen).doc0.003 MB NewScript (1981)(Prosoft).pdf7.360 MB 
NewScript v7.0 (1982)(Tesler Software Corporation).pdf19.281 MB NewScript v7.0 Quick Reference (1982)(Prosoft).pdf0.606 MB 
NewScript v7.0 Summary Sheet (1982)(Prosoft).pdf0.351 MB Nine Games for Pre-School Children (19xx)(Ramware).pdf1.313 MB 
North Atlantic Convoy Raider (1980)(Microcomputer Games Inc).pdf0.526 MB Omniterm Release 3 (1982)(Lindbergh Systems).pdf8.555 MB 
Opal-68000 Cross-Assembler v1.03 (1984)(IDA Software)(de).pdf5.938 MB Orchestra-85 Register List (19xx)(-).txt0.002 MB 
Orchestra-90 (1981)(Software Affair).pdf5.656 MB Order Prospector (19xx)(Main Street Publishing).pdf0.765 MB 
Outliner (19xx)(Kevin Keirans).pdf1.127 MB Packer (1979)(Cottage Software).pdf0.054 MB 
Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy).pdf3.572 MB Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy)[a].pdf0.504 MB 
Pascal (1983)(Alcor).pdf0.967 MB Pascal (1983)(Tandy).pdf21.015 MB 
Pascal 80 Help File (19xx)(-).doc0.005 MB Pascal Quick Reference (1983)(Alcor).pdf0.046 MB 
Pascal Quick Reference Guide (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.498 MB Pascal v1.2a (1982)(Alcor Systems).pdf15.241 MB 
Pascal v2.0 (1983)(Alcor).pdf34.484 MB Pascal-80 (19xx)(New Classics Software).pdf3.103 MB 
Pascal-80 (19xx)(Ramware).pdf2.881 MB Pascal-80 (19xx)(Ramware)[a2].pdf0.313 MB 
Pascal-80 (19xx)(Ramware)[a].pdf1.180 MB Passgo (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB 
PBoot (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB PC Cross-Zap (1986)(Hypersoft).pdf1.906 MB 
PC Cross-Zap v1.2 (1986)(Hypersoft).pdf1.986 MB PCheck (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.005 MB 
PClear (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.004 MB PComp (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.001 MB 
PDirt (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB Penetrator (1982)(Beam Software).pdf0.983 MB 
People's Software Tape I (19xx)(People's Software).pdf0.075 MB Peoples Pascal II (1979)(Kin-Man Chung and Herbert Yuen).pdf0.135 MB 
PErase (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB Personal Deskmate Quick Reference Card (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.498 MB 
Personal Finance (1978)(Tandy).pdf1.245 MB Personal Finance (1978)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.700 MB 
PEx (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB PFilt (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB 
PFind (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.004 MB PFix (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.006 MB 
PFSFile (1983)(Software Publishing).pdf2.325 MB PFSReport (1983)(Softwre Publishing).pdf1.662 MB 
PHD-1 (19xx)(-).pdf0.561 MB PHelp (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB 
Planetoids (1981)(Adventure International).pdf0.744 MB Playful Professor (1980)(Med Systems Software).pdf0.193 MB 
Plotting Graphs for Video Display (1980)(Howard M Berlin).pdf1.139 MB PMap (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB 
PMove (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB PMX Filter (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.000 MB 
Postmaster (1990)(David Miller).pdf0.874 MB Power-Copy Disk Utility (19xx)(Breeze Computing).txt0.002 MB 
PowerMAIL (1982)(Breeze).doc0.015 MB Powertool (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.125 MB 
PReform (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.003 MB Pro-ADE (1984)(Misosys).pdf0.777 MB 
Pro-MC Compiler (1985)(Misosys).doc0.170 MB Pro-NTO (1985)(Misosys).pdf6.193 MB 
Probability Handicapping Device 1 - PHD-1 Rev A (1980)(Joe Computer).pdf1.299 MB Profile (1979)(Tandy).pdf7.122 MB 
Profile 4 Plus Customer Service Bulletins (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.514 MB Profile 4 Plus Quick Reference Card (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.562 MB 
Profile 4 Plus Reference Manual (1984)(Small Computer Company).pdf9.206 MB Profile 4 Plus Reference Manual (1984)(Small Computer Company)[a].pdf28.691 MB 
Profile III Plus (1982)(Tandy).pdf16.127 MB Profile III Plus Customer Service Bulletins (1986)(Tandy).pdf0.464 MB 
Profile III Plus Hard Disk (1983)(Tandy).pdf2.772 MB Program and Data Conversion (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.289 MB 
Project Manager (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.129 MB PSS (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB 
PUn (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB PVU (19xx)(Misosys).doc0.002 MB 
Pyramid 2000 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.256 MB Qedit (19xx)(Stan Misel).pdf0.031 MB 
Quick Compress (19xx)(Prosoft).pdf0.194 MB Quick Fix (1980)(Breeze Computing).txt0.015 MB 
Quick Quiz - A Mini-Authoring System (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.623 MB Quick Watson (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.152 MB 
QuikPro+ Automatic Program Writer (1981)(ICR Futuresoft).pdf3.278 MB Quikpro+II Automatic Program Writer (1986)(ICR Futuresoft).pdf3.484 MB 
Raaka-Tu (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.357 MB Radex-10 (1979)(International Jewelry Guild)[Partial].pdf2.436 MB 
Read and Solve Math Problems 1 (1984)(Activity Records).pdf2.624 MB Read and Solve Math Problems 2 (1983)(Activity Records).pdf4.607 MB 
Real Estate Analysis Volume 1 (1979)(Tandy).pdf2.531 MB Real Estate Analysis Volume 2 (1979)(Tandy).pdf1.548 MB 
Real Estate Analysis Volume 3 (1979)(Tandy).pdf2.529 MB Real To Life Blackjack (1986)(Eric Husted).pdf0.244 MB 
Relocating Macro Assembler Development System (1985)(Misosys)[a][DOC].doc0.085 MB Relocating Macro Assembler Development System (1985)(Misosys)[a][PDF].pdf6.640 MB 
Relocating Macro Assembler Development System (1985)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.085 MB Relocating Macro Assembler Development System (1985)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf0.130 MB 
Rembrandt (19xx)(-).pdf0.489 MB Robot King of the Hill (19xx)(Smith & Jones Software).txt0.004 MB 
RSCobol Language Reference Manual (1980)(Tandy).pdf8.326 MB RSCobol Systems User Guide (1980)(Tandy).pdf2.635 MB 
RSCobol v1.3 (1980)(Ryan McFarland Corporation).pdf11.080 MB RSCobol v1.6 Users Guide (1983)(Ryan-McFarland Corporation).pdf20.852 MB 
RSHard Hard Disk Driver Package (1987)(Misosys)[DOC].doc0.020 MB RSHard Hard Disk Driver Package (1987)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf0.037 MB 
RSM System Monitors (19xx)(Small System Software).pdf0.105 MB RSM System Monitors (19xx)(Small System Software)[a].pdf0.894 MB 
RSM-1 (1978)(Small System Software).pdf2.015 MB RSM-2D (1978)(Small System Software).pdf1.093 MB 
Running under LDOS v5.1 (1982)(Logical Systems Inc)[DOC].doc0.519 MB Running under LDOS v5.1 (1982)(Logical Systems Inc)[PDF].pdf0.130 MB 
Salvo Battleship (1979)(Semi-Sentient Software).pdf0.577 MB Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (1979)(Instant Software).pdf1.177 MB 
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (19xx)(George Blank).doc0.005 MB Sargon Chess (1978)(Hayden Book Company).pdf10.170 MB 
Sargon II (1979)(Hayden Book Company).pdf1.026 MB SC-78503 Starfighter (19xx)(Adventure International).pdf0.407 MB 
Scarfman (1981)(Cornsoft Group).pdf0.341 MB Scarfman (1981)(Cornsoft Group)[a].pdf0.314 MB 
Scientific Calculator SS-51 (19xx)(S S Software).pdf1.121 MB Scott Adams Adventure 00 (Sampler)(1981)(Adventure International).pdf1.037 MB 
Scott Adams Adventure 12 (Golden Voyage)(1981)(Adventure International).pdf0.874 MB Scott Adams' Adventure Hint Book (1981)(Adventure International).pdf0.200 MB 
Scott Adams' Adventure Hint Book (1982)(Adventure International).pdf2.346 MB Screen Save Utility (19xx)(International Data Services).pdf0.076 MB 
ScriPlus 3 (1981)(Rostek)(scr).doc0.008 MB Scripsit 109 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.506 MB 
Scripsit Dictionary (1981)(Tandy).pdf1.938 MB Scripsit Dictionary (1981)(Tandy)[a].pdf2.045 MB 
Scripsit Guide (19xx)(Gordon Williams).txt0.006 MB Scripsit Instruction Summary Card (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.959 MB 
Scripsit Model 1 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.029 MB Scripsit Model 3 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf3.190 MB 
Scripsit Model II v2.0 (1981)(Tandy).pdf5.351 MB Scripsit Pro (1985)(CompuSoft Publishing).pdf14.738 MB 
Scripsit Quick Reference Card (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.199 MB Scripsit Training Program (1979)(Tandy).pdf5.532 MB 
Scripsit Word Processing System Training Program (1979)(Tandy)[White Cover].pdf1.602 MB Scripsit Word Processing Training Program (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf1.724 MB 
Shell v1.7 (1985)(Stephen Milliken).doc0.006 MB Shootout (1982)(Avalon Hill).pdf0.286 MB 
Simutek Package One (1979)(Simutek).pdf1.007 MB Snapp BASIC (1982)(Snapp Ware).pdf3.698 MB 
Softside Selections 46 (1983)(Softside Publications).pdf2.781 MB Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle Walkthrough (19xx)(Adventure International).doc0.004 MB 
Space Ace 21 (1981)(Synergistic Solar).pdf1.459 MB Space Castle (1982)(Cornsoft Group).pdf0.287 MB 
Space Warp (1980)(Personal Software).pdf0.206 MB Speak! (1980)(William Nelville)[Partial].pdf0.281 MB 
SRCH (1981)(Southern Software)[PDF].pdf0.135 MB SRCH (1981)(Southern Software)[TXT].txt0.004 MB 
SSED (19xx)(Les Mikesell).doc0.002 MB ST80 III (1980)(Small Business Systems Group).pdf3.311 MB 
ST80D Smart Terminal (19xx)(Lance Micklus).pdf3.100 MB Star Trek III (19xx)(Lance Micklus).pdf3.807 MB 
Star Trek III.5 (1980)(Lance Micklus).pdf4.852 MB Starcross Walk Through (19xx)(Infocom).txt0.003 MB 
Starfleet Orion (1979)(Automated Simulations).pdf1.365 MB Starfleet Orion Battle Manual (1979)(Automated Simulations).pdf1.399 MB 
Starquest (1983)(Tandy).pdf0.249 MB Starquest Star Warrior (1980)(Automated Simulations).pdf7.036 MB 
Stimulating Simulations (1977)(C William Engel).pdf3.562 MB String 80 Bit (1980)(Key Bits Inc).pdf3.263 MB 
Subdirectory Utilities (1992)(David Goben).pdf1.700 MB Success with Math - Addition and Subtraction (1983)(Microcomputer Workshops).pdf0.491 MB 
Success with Math - Quadratic Equations (1983)(Microcomputer Workshops).pdf0.553 MB SupDup v3.0 (1983)(WittSoft).pdf0.515 MB 
Super Nova (1980)(Big Five Software).pdf0.870 MB Super Utility 4 (1984)(Breeze)[DOC].doc0.178 MB 
Super Utility 4 (1984)(Breeze)[PDF].pdf8.519 MB Super Utility 4-4P (1984)(Breeze).pdf9.258 MB 
Super Utility 4-4P (1984)(Breeze)[a].pdf7.592 MB Super Utility News (1984)(Breeze).pdf2.683 MB 
Super Utility News (19xx)(Breeze).pdf0.457 MB Super Utility Plus v2.2 (1982)(Breeze).pdf4.138 MB 
Super Utility Plus v3.0 (1983)(Breeze)[DOC].doc0.076 MB Super Utility Plus v3.0 (1983)(Breeze)[TXT].txt0.063 MB 
Super Utility Plus v3.1 (1983)(Breeze)[DOC].doc0.064 MB Super Utility Plus v3.1 (1983)(Breeze)[TXT].txt0.062 MB 
Super Utility Plus v3.2 (1983)(Breeze).pdf11.510 MB Super Utility Plus v3.2 (1984)(Powersoft).pdf9.263 MB 
Super Utility Plus v3.2 Changelog (1983)(Breeze).pdf0.508 MB Super Utility Plus v3.2 Rev 12 (1983)(Breeze).pdf15.182 MB 
SuperCross (1985)(Hypersoft).pdf2.162 MB SuperDirectory (1982)(Computer Shack).pdf1.391 MB 
SuperDirectory (1982)(Computer Shack)[a].pdf0.885 MB SuperDrive (1986)(Anitek Software).pdf0.074 MB 
SuperMenu (19xx)(James Garon).pdf0.103 MB SuperPIMx (19xx)(Charles House).pdf1.254 MB 
SuperSCRIPSIT (1982)(Tandy).pdf10.964 MB SuperSCRIPSIT Addendum 876-9319 (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.282 MB 
SuperSCRIPSIT Epson FX-286e Printer Driver (19xx)(Steven C. Jerkins).doc0.001 MB SuperSCRIPSIT for Model 4 (1984)(Tandy).pdf4.934 MB 
SuperSCRIPSIT for Model 4 Reference Manual (1984)(Tandy)[a].pdf14.800 MB SuperSCRIPSIT for Model 4 Supplement (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.485 MB 
SuperSCRIPSIT for Model III Figures Book (1982)(Tandy).pdf4.008 MB SuperSCRIPSIT for Model III Reference Manual (1982)(Tandy).pdf21.446 MB 
SuperSCRIPSIT Quick Reference Guide (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.224 MB SuperScripsit v1.03.00 Addendum (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.022 MB 
SuperScript (1980)(Acorn Software Productions).pdf2.330 MB SuperStep (1980)(Allen Gelder).pdf3.027 MB 
Sword of Roshon (1983)(Software Concepts).pdf0.413 MB System 80 Basic Manual (19xx)(-).pdf2.694 MB 
System 80 Disk and Memory Diagnostic (19xx)(-).doc0.004 MB System Programmer's Guide for Montezuma Micro CPM v2.2 (1986)(Montezuma Micro).pdf3.007 MB 
System Programmers Guide for CPM (1985)(Montezuma Micro).pdf3.021 MB System Savers (1979)(Acorn).pdf1.446 MB 
T-Short (19xx)(Web Associates).pdf0.613 MB T80-FS1 Flight Simulator (1980)(Sublogic).pdf5.068 MB 
T80-FS1 Flight Simulator Disk Edition (19xx)(Sublogic).pdf0.090 MB Talker 2.0 (19xx)(Alpha Products)[PDF].pdf1.649 MB 
Talker 2.0 (19xx)(Alpha Products)[RTF].rtf0.007 MB Tank (1979)(Programma).pdf0.215 MB 
Tank Arcade (1982)(Avalon Hill).pdf0.195 MB Tape Payroll (1979)(Tandy).pdf4.449 MB 
Tarano Accounts Payable Installation Guide (19xx)(Tarano).pdf0.772 MB TASMON (19xx)(The Alternate Source).pdf1.873 MB 
TASMON (19xx)(The Alternate Source)[a].pdf1.422 MB Tasmon Addendum v1.11 (19xx)(Bruce Hansen).pdf0.769 MB 
Tasmon Update v1.11 to v1.12 (19xx)(Bruce Hansen).pdf0.041 MB Tasmon Update v1.12 to v1.13 (19xx)(Bruce Hansen).pdf0.115 MB 
TASMON4 (1984)(The Alternate Source).pdf5.639 MB TBUG Z-80 Monitor (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.389 MB 
Telcom for Tandy 200 (1985)(Microsoft).pdf3.301 MB Telengard (19xx)(Avalon Hill).pdf1.143 MB 
Temple of Apshai (1979)(Automated Simulations).pdf6.785 MB The Battle of Zeighty (1982)(George Geczy).pdf2.828 MB 
The Disassembler (1980)(Instant Software).pdf0.055 MB Three Blind Mice Accel2 Demo (1981)(Southern Software)0.133 MB 
Time Bomb (19xx)(David Bohlke).pdf0.237 MB Time Manager (1981)(Image Producers).pdf2.769 MB 
Time Manager (1981)(Tandy).pdf7.075 MB Time Trek (1978)(Joshua Lavinsky).pdf2.391 MB 
Tiny Comp v3.13 (1980)(David Bohlke-Ramware).pdf0.342 MB Tiny GEAP (1983)(W K Mason).pdf1.592 MB 
Tiny Pascal (1982)(Tandy).pdf1.133 MB Tiny Pascal (19xx)(Tandy)1.543 MB 
TK!Solver Introductory Guide (1984)(Software Arts Inc).pdf2.201 MB TK!Solver v1.0 (1984)(Software Arts Inc).pdf30.451 MB 
Toolbelt for Model 4 TRSDOS (1983)(Breeze).pdf2.561 MB Toolbox for LDOS (1982)(Powersoft).pdf3.044 MB 
Toxic Dumpsite & Spook House (1982)(Adventure International).pdf0.061 MB Trakcess (1980)(R Baker).pdf0.641 MB 
Trakcess (1980)(R Baker)[a].pdf0.705 MB Trakcess v3.0 (1980)(R Baker).pdf2.253 MB 
Trakcess v3.0 (1981)(R Baker).pdf2.871 MB Trashman (19xx)(Prosoft).pdf0.441 MB 
Trcopy (1978)(J.S. Anthony).pdf1.208 MB Tribble Trap (1979)(Programma).pdf0.156 MB 
TRS-80 Computer Graphics (1982)(Tandy).pdf20.051 MB TRSDOS & Disk Basic Reference v2.1 (1979)(Tandy).pdf9.410 MB 
TRSDOS & Disk Basic Reference v2.3 (1979)(Tandy).pdf24.063 MB TRSDOS 6.2 Upgrading Instructions (19xx)(Tandy).pdf1.690 MB 
TRSDOS Mandatory Upgrade to TRSDOS 6.2.1 (1985)(Tandy).pdf0.080 MB TRSDOS Update Notes to v2.2 (1979)(Tandy).pdf1.417 MB 
TRSDOS Update Notes to v2.3 (1979)(Tandy).pdf0.083 MB TRSDOS v1.3 Quick Reference (19xx)(-).txt0.007 MB 
TRSDOS v2.0 and Disk Basic v1.1 Manual (1978)(Tandy).pdf6.772 MB TRSDOS v2.0 Preliminary Manual (1978)(Tandy).pdf2.376 MB 
TRSDOS v2.1 Fact Sheet (1978)(Tandy).pdf0.466 MB TRSDOS v2.1 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy).pdf13.422 MB 
TRSDOS v2.3 Addendum (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.423 MB TRSDOS v2.3 Release Note (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf0.284 MB 
TRSDOS v6.2.1 Mandatory Upgrade (1985)(Tandy).pdf0.285 MB TRSDraw v2.1 (19xx)(Paul Bradshaw).pdf1.214 MB 
TSave (19xx)(Southern Software)[PDF].pdf0.135 MB TSave (19xx)(Southern Software)[TXT].txt0.004 MB 
TSHORT (1979)(Web Associate).pdf0.433 MB Tuesday Morning Quarterback (1981)(Automated Simulations).pdf5.248 MB 
Ultramon (19xx)(-).doc0.002 MB Uniterm80 (1981)(Pete Roberts).pdf1.377 MB 
Unknown (19xx)(Krell Software).pdf0.270 MB UNREL REL to ASM Translator (19xx)(Misosys).pdf0.030 MB 
Upgrading to TRSDOS 6.2.1 Floppy (1985)(Tandy).pdf0.146 MB User Notes on TRS-80 CPM (19xx)(Small System Software).pdf0.682 MB 
VEdit (1981)(Compuview Products Inc).pdf4.657 MB Video Display Worksheet (19xx)(-).tif1.302 MB 
Videotex (19xx)(-).doc0.010 MB Videotex Plus I and III (1983)(Tandy).pdf13.153 MB 
Videotex Plus IV (1983)(Tandy).pdf9.543 MB Visicalc (1979)(Software Arts).pdf27.983 MB 
Visicalc (1979)(Software Arts)[a].pdf21.090 MB Visicalc for Model 1 (1980)(Personal Software)[1st Edition].pdf30.476 MB 
Visicalc for Model 3 (1980)(Software Arts).pdf10.540 MB VisiCalc for the Model 4 Pocket Reference (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf0.776 MB 
Visicalc III Pocket Reference (1981)(Personal Software Inc).pdf2.359 MB Visicalc Pocket Reference (1981)(Software Arts).pdf0.309 MB 
Visicalc Pocket Reference v1.2 (1979)(Software Arts).pdf0.617 MB Vivace (1984)(Lou Witt).pdf0.184 MB 
Voyage of the Valkyrie (1981)(Leo Christopherson).pdf2.074 MB Voyager (19xx)(-).pdf0.303 MB 
VTOS v4.0 (19xx)(Randy Cook)[DOC].doc0.033 MB VTOS v4.0 (19xx)(Randy Cook)[PDF].pdf0.071 MB 
Word Machine 3.0 Plus (1984)(Pel-Tek).pdf4.102 MB Word Processor, The (1982)(Bible Research Systems).pdf0.949 MB 
Wordstar Rel 4 for CPM (1979)(Micropro International).pdf6.298 MB Wordwatch (1979)(Instant Software).pdf1.377 MB 
World Series Baseball (1980)(Ramware).pdf3.572 MB XARC4 v01.01 (1987)(System Enhancement Associates).doc0.009 MB 
Xenix Operating Guide (1983)(Tandy).pdf30.540 MB XENIX v1.00.02 Upgrade (19xx)(Tandy).pdf0.171 MB 
Xenos (1982)(Tandy).pdf0.744 MB Xenos Walk Through (1999)(Jim Bakman).txt0.003 MB 
XModem (1982)(Ward Christensen).txt0.003 MB XModem Protocol (1982)(Ward Christensen).doc0.007 MB 
XREF (1981)(Southern Sofware)[PDF].pdf0.137 MB XREF (1981)(Southern Sofware)[TXT].txt0.004 MB 
XT.CAD Reference Manual (1987)(Microdex Corporation).pdf1.985 MB XT.CAD Reference Manual (1987)(Microdex Corporation)[a].pdf0.941 MB 
Z80 Instruction Set (19xx)(-).pdf3.458 MB Zapsit (1982)(Soft Sector Marketing Inc).pdf2.412 MB 
Zaxxon (1983)(Tandy).pdf0.212 MB ZBasic 4th Edition (1987)(Zedcor).pdf1.063 MB 
ZBasic 4th Edition with 3rd Edition Appendixes (1987)(Zedcor).pdf12.213 MB ZBasic v2.2 (1982)(Simutek).pdf4.208 MB 
ZBasic v3.0 Appendix for the TRS-80 (1985)(Zedcor Inc).pdf1.059 MB ZBasic v3.0 Quick Reference Card (1985)(Zedcor Inc).pdf0.317 MB 
ZBUG (19xx)(Southern Software)[PDF].pdf0.143 MB ZBUG (19xx)(Southern Software)[TXT].txt0.006 MB 
Zeus (1983)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation).pdf4.160 MB Zork I (19xx)(Personal Software).pdf0.895 MB 
Zork I Walkthrough (19xx)(-).txt0.005 MB Zork II Walkthrough (19xx)(-).txt0.005 MB 
Zork III Walkthrough (19xx)(-).txt0.004 MB Zork The Great Underground Empire (1982)(Infocom).pdf2.182 MB 
Zorlof Word Processing (1982)(Anitek).pdf1.242 MB 
80C Disassembler Owners Manual (1981)(The Micro Works Inc).pdf6.417 MB Adventure Trilogy (1982)(Softlaw Corp).pdf0.074 MB 
Androne (1983)(Tandy).pdf5.136 MB Arkanoid (1989)(Tandy).pdf0.449 MB 
Auto Dim (19xx)(Don Lucas).pdf0.207 MB Bedlam (1982)(Tandy).pdf1.462 MB 
Bedlam (1982)(Tandy)[a].pdf14.140 MB BGFX Basic Interface Library 4 (1992)(Kevin Darling).pdf1.354 MB 
Biosphere (1985)(Tandy).pdf2.427 MB Blue Streak Ultima (19xx)(Dayton Associates).pdf0.174 MB 
C Compiler (1983)(Microware Systems Corp).pdf7.143 MB CDF CDRom File Manager for OS-9 (1994)(Hawksoft).pdf0.229 MB 
CharIt v2.0 (1983)(Green Mountain Micro)0.004 MB Checkbook Plus (1992)(Sub Etha Software).pdf1.162 MB 
Chess (1980)(Tandy).pdf9.220 MB Coco Graphics Designer (1986)(Zebra Systems Inc).pdf0.308 MB 
Coco Graphics Designer (1986)(Zebra Systems).pdf0.308 MB CoCo III Utilities (1987)(Spectrum Projects).pdf0.341 MB 
Color File (1981)(Tandy).pdf6.198 MB Color Scripsit (1982)(Tandy).pdf3.588 MB 
ColorForth v1.0 (1981)(Talbot Microsystems).pdf12.277 MB Conquering Armies (1988)(Mitchell Software).pdf0.096 MB 
Dallas Quest (1984)(Datasoft).pdf1.689 MB DeskMate Quick Reference Quide (1987)(-).pdf0.268 MB 
Development System OS-9 Level Two (1987)(Tandy).pdf15.126 MB Diagnostics (1980)(Tandy).pdf0.499 MB 
Diagnostics (1980)(Tandy)[a].pdf4.241 MB DigiTech Professional Sound Recorder (1993)(RAD-REMCOMS).pdf0.074 MB 
Disk EDTASM (1983)(Microsoft).pdf1.901 MB Disk Edtasm (1983)(Tandy).pdf11.957 MB 
DiskMaster (1987)(D P Johnson).pdf1.778 MB Donut Dilemma (1987)(Nikolas Marentes).pdf0.225 MB 
Doubleback (1982)(Tandy).pdf0.595 MB Dungeons of Daggorath (1983)(Tandy).pdf1.422 MB 
Dynacalc (1984)(Tandy).pdf4.665 MB Expanded Color BASIC (1984)(Tina Delbourgo).pdf0.357 MB 
EZGen Boot File Editor v1.05 (1990)(Burke and Burke).pdf0.512 MB Flightsim I (1984)(Tandy).pdf2.193 MB 
Football (1980)(Tandy).pdf5.195 MB Forth09 (1988)(D P Johnson).pdf7.092 MB 
G-Windows (19xx)(-).pdf5.150 MB GCP Max (1989)(J D Walker-SuperSoft Inc).pdf0.077 MB 
Ghana Bwana (1984)(Tandy).pdf2.048 MB Ghana Bwana (1984)(Tandy)[a].pdf1.093 MB 
Ghana Bwana Bug Fix (19xx)(Tandy).pdf5.992 MB Grand Prix [Code Book] (19xx)(-).txt0.009 MB 
Graphicom Part II (1984)(Whitesmith).pdf1.140 MB Handyman (1981)(Tandy).pdf6.841 MB 
Interbank Incident (1986)(Spectral Associates).pdf2.007 MB Interbank Incident (1986)(Spectral Associates)[a].pdf2.348 MB 
Invoice09 (19xx)(Chris Dekker).pdf1.732 MB K-Windows Chess v1.0 (1994)(ColorSystems).pdf1.174 MB 
KBCom (1990)(Kala Software).pdf3.045 MB Keyboard Extender Cable (19xx)(Marty Goodman).pdf0.572 MB 
Kings Quest III (19xx)(Sierra).pdf11.770 MB Koronis Rift (1987)(Epyx).pdf1.439 MB 
Kyum-Gai To Be Ninja (1989)(Sundog Systems).pdf1.401 MB Level II Tools v1.0 (1989)(Alpha Software Technologies).pdf0.741 MB 
Macro-80C Assembler Reference Manual (1982)(Micro Works).pdf7.026 MB Macro-80C Owners Manual (1982)(Micro Works).pdf4.815 MB 
Madness and the Minotaur (1982)(Spectral Associates).pdf0.637 MB Master Design (1984)(Derringer Software).pdf0.358 MB 
Memory Master (1984)(Green Mountain Micro)0.003 MB Microsocopic Mission (1987)(Activision).pdf1.482 MB 
Mind-Roll (1989)(Epyx).pdf0.380 MB Multi-Vue (1987)(Tandy).pdf7.045 MB 
MVCanvas v2.0 (1989)(Hyper-Tech Software).pdf2.361 MB MyDOS (1987)(Hawksoft).pdf0.263 MB 
NitrOS-9 (19xx)(Mustang Professional Software).pdf1.002 MB OddJob Script Language Interpreter for OS-9 (1990)(Technoteacher Inc).pdf7.362 MB 
One On One (1983)(Electronic Arts).pdf1.096 MB OS-9 Assembler-Linker (1991)(Microware Systems Corp).pdf0.154 MB 
OS-9 Game Pack v2.0 (1994)(ColorSystems).pdf2.026 MB OS-9 Hi-Res Screen Dump Utilities (1984)(Tandy).pdf1.853 MB 
OS-9 Level I (1983)(Tandy).pdf33.664 MB OS-9 Level II (1986)(Tandy).pdf24.296 MB 
OS-9 Ramdisk (1988)(Microcom Software).pdf0.613 MB OS-9 v2.4 Technical I-O Manual (1990)(Microware Systems Corp).pdf0.630 MB 
OS-9 v2.4 Technical Reference Manual (1994)(Microware Systems Corp).pdf1.190 MB P51 Mustang Flight Simulator (19xx)(-).pdf0.389 MB 
Paint v1.0 (1992)(Hyper-Tech Software).pdf0.751 MB Panic Button (1985)(Tandy).pdf6.993 MB 
PASCAL OS-9 v2.0 (1984)(Microware Systems Corp).pdf7.419 MB Pegasus and the Phantom Riders (1985)(Spectral Associates).pdf0.895 MB 
Personal Finance II (1983)(Tandy).pdf11.820 MB Phantomgraph (1987)(Tandy).pdf2.765 MB 
Pinball (1980)(Tandy).pdf4.549 MB Pitstop II (19xx)(Epyx).pdf16.341 MB 
Polaris (1981)(Tandy).pdf6.329 MB Poltergeist (1982)(SLM Entertainment).pdf0.423 MB 
Printer Lightning (1987)(ColorVenture).pdf0.175 MB Pyramid (1982)(Device Oriented Games).pdf14.208 MB 
Quasar Commander (1980)(Robert Kilgus).pdf4.170 MB Raaka-Tu (1982)(Robert Arnstein).pdf21.755 MB 
Ram Board Installation Manual (19xx)(ColorVenture).pdf0.381 MB Ramdisk Driver for 512K Coco 3 (1987)(ColorVenture).pdf0.198 MB 
RAS MAX 1.0 (1990)(J D Walker-SuperSoft Inc).pdf0.027 MB Reactoid (1983)(Tandy).pdf4.311 MB 
Rescue on Fractalus I (1985)(Lucasfilm).pdf7.982 MB Robot Odyssey 1 (1986)(Learning Company).pdf3.707 MB 
Rockys Boots (1986)(Learning Company).pdf2.048 MB Rogue (1986)(Epyx).pdf0.560 MB 
Roman Checkers (1981)(Image Producers Inc).pdf0.593 MB Rupert Rythm (1988)(Nickolas Marentes).pdf0.297 MB 
Schematic Diagram Kit (1993)(Disto Super Products).pdf1.782 MB Schematic Drafting Processor (19xx)(Tony DiStefano).pdf1.263 MB 
Scroll A Roll (1983)(Green Mountain Micro)0.007 MB SeaStalker Infocards (19xx)(Infocom).pdf1.592 MB 
SeaStalker Logbook (19xx)(Infocom).pdf4.925 MB SeaStalker Reference Card (19xx)(Infocom).pdf0.219 MB 
Shanghai (1987)(Activision).pdf0.881 MB Shooting Gallery (1982)(Tandy).pdf0.882 MB 
Simply Better (1988)(CoCoPro).pdf8.161 MB Sokoban (1984)(Thinking Rabbit).pdf0.632 MB 
Space Assault (1981)(Tandy).pdf4.006 MB Space Intruders (1988)(Nickolas Marentes).pdf0.261 MB 
Spectaculator (1981)(Radio Shack).pdf0.520 MB Spectaculator (1981)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf18.123 MB 
StG Login Package (1990)(StG Computers).pdf0.431 MB Sub Battle (19xx)(Epyx).pdf3.018 MB 
Super Controller II (19xx)(Disto Super Products).pdf0.536 MB Super Ram Disk OS-9 (1985)(Disto Super Products).pdf0.337 MB 
Super Sleuth (1983)(Computer Systems Consultants).pdf1.879 MB T-S Spell (1987)(Tandy).pdf2.759 MB 
Tanjali (1981)(Strawberry Software).pdf1.978 MB Telegraphics (1985)(Derringer Software Inc).pdf0.206 MB 
Temple of ROM (1984)(Tandy).pdf5.108 MB Thexder (19xx)(Sierra).pdf0.133 MB 
Typing Tutor (1980)(The Image Producers).pdf5.933 MB Using Professional OS-9 v2.4 (1991)(Microware Systems Corp).pdf1.204 MB 
Variations of Solitaire for OS-9 v2.0 (1994)(ColorSystems).pdf4.040 MB Varloc (1985)(Greg Zumwalt).pdf2.378 MB 
VCDP (1994)(Hawksoft).pdf0.214 MB Videotex (1981)(Tandy).pdf0.426 MB 
VIP Disk-ZAP (1983)(Softlaw Corp).pdf1.037 MB Warrior King (1988)(Sundog Systems).pdf4.032 MB 
Waves (1994)(Hawksoft).pdf0.210 MB Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (1986)(Broderbund).pdf1.431 MB 
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (1986)(Broderbund)[a].pdf0.139 MB Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Reference (1986)(Broderbund).pdf1.969 MB 
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Reference (1986)(Broderbund)[a].pdf12.909 MB Wiz Professional (1988)(William Brady).pdf5.207 MB 
Wordpak Driver Program Installation (1985)(PBJ Inc).pdf0.660 MB Wordpak Users Manual (1984)(PBJ Inc).pdf1.176 MB 
Write-Right! (1993)(Sub Etha Software).pdf0.961 MB X10 Master Control v1.0 (1994)(ColorSystems).pdf1.349 MB 
Xenion (19xx)(Diecom Products Inc).pdf0.227 MB XSCF Extended File Manager (1993)(Ark Systems).pdf1.252 MB 
Zaxxon (1983)(Datasoft).pdf1.175 MB Zone Runner (1987)(Radio Shack).pdf0.765 MB 
Zone Runner (1987)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf1.410 MB