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PLEASE NOTE: The software on this web site comes with absolutely
no guarantees of any kind whatsoever.
If you download or use any of this software, you do so entirely at
your own risk and peril.

This software is designed for use with 'CP/M-86 For The IBM, Version 1.1.'
Much of it will NOT function correctly under other permutations of CP/M-86.



Check out some useful DOS files related to CP/M-86 here.


  STANDBY2.ZIP (3.7k) - Puts your computer into a 'Standby'
    condition from the CP/M-86 command line. Shuts off the
    monitor, and puts the CPU into 'idle' mode. Pressing any
    key brings the system back to life again. Saves power,
    yet keeps the system ready for instant use without the
    need for a total shutdown or a 'cold boot.' Requires
    Advanced Power Management version 1.1 or higher.

  FASTBROT.ZIP (16k) - A fast Mandelbrot generator. Uses an array
    to hold the Mandelbrot data, for speedy screen generation.
    Includes Turbo Pascal source code.

  PLASMA3.ZIP (16k) - A sophisticated graphical VGA plasma-type
    display. Includes Turbo Pascal source code. Colorful 'eye
    candy' for CP/M-86, ported from DOS by Ross Simpson.

  COMSWAP.ZIP (1k) - Utilities to swap the port addresses of
    of COM2<-->COM4 or COM1<-->COM3 in the CP/M-86 BIOS data
    area.  Esoteric, but occasionally useful.

  NASM2HDR.ZIP (142k) - A programming package that allows the ASM
    programmer to write and assemble CP/M-86 programs under DOS.
    Includes the GPLed NASM assembler for DOS, and a specialized
    NASM2HDR utility (written by Steve Dubrovich) which produces
    a custom CP/M-86 header for the assembled .BIN file.  Since
    NASM is a 32-bit assembler, this package opens the door for
    the creative programmer to produce CP/M-86 programs using
    the extended capabilities of 32-bit x86 processors.  Demo ASM
    source code is included, which you can assemble yourself.

  DUMPASC.ZIP (2k) - Dumps a binary file to the screen, one
    page at a time. Allows you to view readable ASCII text
    within the 'dumped' file.

  LC02.ZIP (1k) - Update! LINECOLOR version 0.2.  Lets you
    change the color to the CP/M-86 status line to your choice
    of 15 colors.

  PORTS.ZIP (2k) - Reports the addresses of all installed COM
    and LPT ports in the computer.

  COMSET.ZIP (1k) - 'Installs' COM3 and COM4 into the CP/M-86
    BIOS data area -- even if these ports don't physically exist.
    Use PORTS program (above) to verify installation.

  PIANO.ZIP (6k) - Turns your computer into a musical
    instrument. Play tunes on your keyboard!  1-octave
    range. Songbook included.  With A86 ASM source.

  NITELITE.ZIP (3k) - Turns your VGA screen into a
    variable-brightness 'night light.' No more stumbling
    around your computer room in the dark!

  BOUNCY.ZIP (6k) - Animated graphical display: a ball
    bounces around inside a box. Requires CGA or higher.
    With Small-C source.

  FASTCOM1.ZIP (4k) - COM port speed setter. Set your COM
    ports to 19.2, 38.4 or 57.6...speeds which the CP/M-86
    utility 'CONFIG.CMD' doesn't know about. New version 0.1.

  QXFONT2.ZIP (3k) - VGA screen font changer. Installs a
    nostalgic green-colored, 'skinny' CP/M-80-style font.
    Requires VGA video. ASM source code is included.

  AU2.ZIP (5k) - 1994 animated ad for the 'Ambient Underwear'
    Finnish BBS. Great visual effects...in TEXT mode! Requires
    VGA. Includes assembly language source code.

  BOBS.ZIP (4k) - An animated demonstration of the 'shadebobs'
    graphics technique under CP/M-86. Requires VGA video. With
    assembly source.

  BETH.ZIP (2k) - Animated graphical display: pink and blue
    vertical bars scroll across the VGA screen. A86 source.

  WORM.ZIP (12k) - Graphics-mode 1-player video game, similar to
    "QUIXX." Control your ever-growing "worm." VGA only.

  RULZ.ZIP (10k) - Animated graphical multi-colored flag waves
    in the breeze. Nice effect. VGA. Turbo Pascal source.

  SPAGHETI.ZIP (15k) - Animated graphical display: a 'globe'
    bounces along a moving platform. VGA only. T.P. source.

  2DSTAR.ZIP (11k) - Graphical animated star field. 3 layers
    of 'stars' scroll across the VGA screen. T.P. source.

  3DSTAR.ZIP (13k) - Graphical animated 3-D star field. Cool
    'Star Trek'-style 3-D graphics. VGA. Turbo Pascal source.

  HITAKEY.ZIP (7k) - The classic '80s graphical 'duck-with-a-
    hammer' PAUSE command. Requires CGA +. With A86 source.

  PRTSCR.ZIP (1k) - Disables/restores the 'Print Screen'
    function. Prevents dumping the screen to printer. ASM.

  REVERSE.ZIP (10k) - Turns characters on the screen upside-
    down. Bizarre! Also restores things to normal. EGA/VGA.

  VGASCROL.ZIP (10k) - Graphics-mode text scroller. Smooth-
    scrolls a message across the screen. VGA only. TP source.

  SEEMEM01.ZIP (6k) - A full-featured memory browser. Examine
    your system's memory, from address 0000:0000h to FFFF:FFFFh.
    Works with all video systems. A professional quality tool.
    Includes A86 source. Version 0.1 (the newest).

  MBR.ZIP (4k) - Hard disk Master Boot Record browser. Examine
    your hard disk's MBR. Works with all video systems. Pro-
    fessional quality. Includes A86 source. Version 0.1.


   (February, 2002)

  An addition to Freek Heite's 'CVV' software package.  When used
  in conjunction with CVV (below), CVVMKBO enables your system to
  boot 'CP/M-86 For The IBM, Version 1.1' from the first volume
  of a CVV partition on your first hard disk.  CVVMKBO automatic-
  ally loads the necessary driver for all CVV partitions on your
  system's hard disks, and ALSO loads a driver to support a 1.44
  MB floppy disk drive (the same driver contained in the '144FEAT2'
  package, listed below).  Also included are CP/M-86 and DOS-
  executable versions of 'SETBOOT,' a convenient way to change the
  active partition on your hard disk if you don't have a boot
  manager program installed.

  CVVMKBO plus CVV (below), brings 'CP/M-86 For The IBM, Version
  1.1' totally up to date, and allows it to boot and run effort-
  lessly from the huge, multi-gigabyte hard disks in today's
  leading-edge IBM-compatible computers.  Yet another incredible
  software accomplishment from Freek Heite.

  Download CVVMKBO.ZIP (21k)

   (July, 2001)

  CVV enables 'CP/M-86 For The IBM' to recognize, and use, up
  to 120 megabytes of hard disk drive space.  It works by sub-
  dividing a large hard disk partition into 'virtual volumes'
  of 8 megs each.  Up to 15 virtual volumes can be created.
  If your system has two separate hard disks, both of them can
  be used to hold CVV 'virtual volumes,' if you wish.  CVV even
  handles the huge, multi-gigabyte hard drives that HDMAINT.CMD
  can't touch!  Virtual volumes can also co-exist with a normal
  8 meg CP/M-86 partition created by HDMAINT.

  The CVV package includes partition preparation software, plus
  a memory-resident CP/M-86 device driver (a 'FIDD') which makes
  all this possible.  Comprehensive instructions are included,
  along with complete MASM source code.  Another history-making
  technical breakthrough from Freek Heite.

  Download CVV.ZIP (72k)

   (November, 2000)

  Version 2.0 of Freek Heite's brilliant memory-resident floppy
  disk driver (a 'FIDD').  Enables 'CP/M-86 For The IBM, Version
  1.1' to use regular IBM-style high capacity floppy drives:
  1.44 meg, 1.2 meg, and 720k.  An ideal answer for those wanting
  more CP/M-86 floppy disk capacity, or for those who don't have
  a 5.25-inch, 360k floppy drive installed in their computer.
  No 'patching' of CP/M-86 is required.  Complete documentation
  and MASM source code are included.

  Download 144FEAT2.ZIP (85k)

   (October, 2000)

  Extended memory -- previously a wasted commodity under 'CP/M-86
  For The IBM, Version 1.1' -- can now be put to productive use.
  XRD is a device driver (a 'FIDD') which enables you to create
  a RAMdisk, from 1 to 8 megabytes in size, in EXTENDED memory.
  XRD can also be used to create =multiple= extended-memory RAM
  disks, up to a total of 15 MB.  Complete documentation and
  source code are included.  Hardware requirements: 286 or higher,
  with at least 2 megs of memory installed.  Another amazing soft-
  ware achievement from Freek Heite.

  Download XRD.ZIP (28k)


Archiving and Compression Stuff:  86ARKIVE.ZIP  (154k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    ARC86......ARC file archiver/de-archiver.
    ARCHIVE....File back-up utility. Copies files to multiple
               floppies, using the state of a file's archive bit
               to determine whether to copy.
    DELBR......Extracts all files from an .LBR archive.
    LAR........LBR file archiver/de-archiver.
    LDIR86.....Displays names of all files in an .LBR archive.
    LTYPE86....Types a sQueezed file to the screen.
    LU86.......Command-line .LBR file archiver/de-archiver.
    LU86-106...Interactive .LBR file archiver/de-archiver.
    NUSQ.......Improved file UnSQueezer, with interactive mode.
    SQ.........The original SQueeze file compression utility.
    TYPESQ86...Types a sQueezed file to the screen.
    TYSQ.......Types a sQueezed file to the screen.
    UNSQ.......Another file UNSQueezer (A86 source included).
    USQ........The original UnSQueeze file extraction utility.

Audio Stuff:  86AUDIO.ZIP  (4k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    BEEP.......Sounds a 'beep' through the PC speaker.
    HAPPY......Plays 'Happy Birthday To You' through PC speaker.
    NOISE......Generates 'white noise' through the PC speaker.
    SHUTUP.....Silence the PC speaker. Useful when the speaker
               gets stuck 'on,' and generates continuous noise.

Clock/Calendar Stuff:  86CLKCAL.ZIP  (18k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    CLK........Puts a ticking digital 'clock' on the screen.
    GETATCLK...System time/date-setter for 286s-and-up.
    GETCLOCK...System time/date-setter for 8086/8088 PCs/XTs.
    NEWTOD.....Manual time/date setter. Replaces DRI's original
               TOD.CMD. Supports 21st century parameters.
    SETTOD.....System time/date setter for XTs containing the
               Dallas Semiconductor 'Smartwatch' clock chip.
    VGACLK.....Graphics-mode digital screen clock. VGA only.

Communications Stuff:  86COMM.ZIP  (67k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    COMOFF.....Takes UARTs off the interrupt bus; may resolve
               some IRQ conflicts.
    DIAL.......Telephone dialer. Dial voice phone numbers from
               the CP/M-86 command line.
    FASTCOM....Initializes serial ports to 19,200 baud, 8-N-1.
    MINITERM...Tiny, bare-bones terminal program.
    MODEM9.....Old, full-featured communications program.
    SEND.......Send commands to modem from the command line.
    TERMINAL...Small comm program with XModem d/l protocol.

Disk Stuff:  86DISK.ZIP  (86k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    DU.........Ward Christensen's original DISK UTILITY, an
               interactive low-level disk examination and
               manipulation program. For 'techies' only!
               Dangerous in inexperienced hands.
    FILLDISK...Fills all remaining space on a floppy disk.
    HDFMT......Invokes the in-ROM low-level format routine
               on most MFM hard disk controllers.
    NTREE......Displays sorted directory of all files on disk.
    PARK.......Hard disk head parker for MFM and RLL hard disks.
    SUPERDIR...Enhanced disk directory lister; better than DIR.
    XDIR.......Extended directory lister; many options.


    FILEVIEW.ZIP (35k) - An excellent Norton-style hex editor for
       binary files. Formerly a commercial product, now freeware
       from author Stephen Hunt. An indispensible professional-
       quality tool for CP/M-86. Version 2.8d.

    TED10.ZIP (12k) - Version 1.0 of the classic DOS-style TED
       text editor. Compact, and very easy to use. The cursor
       keys and the 'F' keys control the program's functions,
       so you can forget all those funky WordStar-type 'CTRL'
       sequences. Hooray! Works exactly like a DOS editor.

    VEPLUS86.ZIP (122k) - V-EDIT PLUS by Theodore Green. A very
       sophisticated text editor, with many advanced features.
       Fully user-configurable. The executable in this archive
       is pre-configured for 'CP/M-86 For The IBM,' and works
       right out of the box. Former commercial software from
       CompuView Products, now freeware. Version 2.03a (01/87).

    WRITE.ZIP (4k) - A quick-and-dirty ASCII text file creator.
       Not an actual 'editor,' as such, but a fast way to write
       text to disk. Handy for quick notes, SUBMIT files, etc.

Emulators:  86EMULAT.ZIP  (45k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    8080.......CP/M-80 emulator; runs 8080-code CP/M .COM files.
    VCPM.......A CP/M-80 emulator for use with the NEC V20 or V30
               processors. Uses the NEC's native 8080 mode. Much
               faster than software emulation.
    Z80........CP/M-80 emulator; runs Z80-code CP/M .COM files.

File-Related Stuff:  86FILUTL.ZIP  (295k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    BIDUMP.....Binary file browser (hex/ASCII display).
    BINCOM.....Compares two binary files, and finds differences.
    BISHOW.....Text file browser. Bi-directional.
    BOGUS......Creates 'fake' files on disk. Interactive.
    COPY.......DOS-style file copier. Wildcard/user area support.
    CRC........File cyclical redundancy checker.
    DUMMP......Dumps binary files to screen, or to disk file.
    ERAQ.......File deleter; prompts for user OK before erasing.
    FIND.......Searches any drive for your filespec.
    GREP.......Searches for user-specified patterns within files.
    MUCHTEXT...Counts lines and characters in a text file.
    NEWSWEEP...The ultimate all-in-one file utility; copy, erase,
               view, squeeze, set attribs, mass copy/delete, etc.
    PAGE.......Text file browser.
    PUT........File copier w/user area support. Less cumbersome
               than PIP.
    QSORT......Sorts a text file on disk lexicographically.
    READ.......Text file browser. Bi-directional.
    RES86......Resource86: classic binary file disassembler.
    SCRUB......Converts WordStar document-mode files to plain text.
    SIZE.......Shows size of all segments within a .CMD file.
    TAB........Replaces 'white' space in a text file with TABs.
    TELETYPE...'Teletypes' a text file to the screen, with sound.
    TU.........Text file browser. Bi-directional.
    UNERA......Un-erases deleted files.
    UNTAB......Replaces TAB characters in text files with spaces.
    UUDECODE...Decodes UUENCODEd files to their original form.
    UUENCODE...Encodes binary files to 7-bit low ASCII.
    VFILER.....Menu-driven point-and-shoot user interface.
    WC.........Counts lines, words and chars in a text file.
    WS-FIX.....Converts WordStar document-mode files to plain text.
    ZEROBYTE...Create 0-length disk files from the command line.

Games:  86GAMES.ZIP  (144k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    BLACKJACK..Text-based gambling game with cards ('21').
    GULPER.....'Pac-Man'-style arcade game (text mode).
    GUNNER.....Text-based artillery shooting game.
    HANGMAN....Choose-letters, guess-the-word game (in English).
    SNAKE......Gather 'coins,' avoid being eaten by the 'snake.'
    TETRIS3....The classic falling-blocks game for CP/M-86.
    TIC........1-player Tic-Tac-Toe game. VGA only.
    TICTAC.....2-player Tic-Tac-Toe game. VGA only.
    T-PONG.....Similar to 1970s 'Pong' video game.

Graphics Stuff:  86GRAFIX.ZIP  (218k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    CGAPCX.....PCX file viewer for CGA.
    DOODLE.....'Etch-A-Sketch'-style drawing program for VGA.
    FIRE1......Animated graphical 'burning fire' effect. VGA.
    GIF86......GIF file viewer. EGA/VGA only.
    HERCPCX....PCX file viewer for Hercules monochrome.
    IMG16......IMG file viewer. EGA/VGA only.
    KALEIDO....Animated graphical 'kaleidoscope.' VGA only.
    PLASMA1....Animated graphical 'plasma' effect. VGA only.
    PRAWN......Animated graphical plasma display. VGA only.
    PULSER.....Animated 'pulsing' circles on the screen. VGA.
    SCRIBBLE...Fills screen with random lines. CGA and up.
    TINYSTAR...Animated graphical 3-D star field. VGA only.
    TRIANGLE...The 'Sierpinski Triangle' algorithm. VGA only.
    VGAPCX.....PCX file viewer for EGA/VGA.

Keyboard Stuff:  86KEYUTL.ZIP  (13k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    CAPS.......Toggles the keyboard's CapsLock state (on/off).
    FASTKEYS...Increases key repeat rate. 286-and-up.
    FLASH......Sequentially flashes the keyboard's LEDs. 286 +.
    FLASH3.....Simultaneously flashes the keyboard's LEDs. 286 +.
    KEYBIOS....Shows keypress code: ASCII, scan, shift status.
    NUMOFF.....Turns off the NUM LOCK key. For 286-and-up.
    NUMON......Turns on the NUM LOCK key. For 286-and-up.
    WSKEYS.....Reprograms your keypad keys to make WordStar86
               behave more like a DOS-style editor. Use PGUP,
               PGDN, HOME, END, arrow keys, etc., and get the
               results you expect. Eliminates many of those
               awkward and cumbersome CTRL+ keypresses.

Miscellaneous Stuff:  86MISC.ZIP  (21k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    CRASH......A prank. 'Crashes' the computer.
    CRAZYCLK...Messes up the CP/M-86 system clock; makes
               minutes fly by, as if they were seconds.
    HANDSOFF...An ominous on-screen graphic and message.
               Discourages unauthorized computer use. 
    MOUSER.....CP/M-86 mouse demo; no driver required.
    RUDE-CPM...A prank. CP/M-86 'talks back' to the user and
               refuses to execute commands.
    WORM-2.....A 'worm' crawls around on your screen.

Patch-Related Stuff:  86PATCH.ZIP  (18k)
  This archive contains the following files:
    AT-PATCH...Text file describing how to patch 'CP/M-86 For
               The IBM' to run on computers containing a 286
               or higher processor.
    IFCPAT.....Patches the CP/M-86 DEC Rainbow versions of
               Infocom's 'ZORK' games, to make them runnable
               under 'CP/M-86 For The IBM.'.
    PATCHER....An assembly language 'skeleton;' allows you to
               write your own automatic binary patching program.
    YEAR2000...Text file describing how to patch 'CP/M-86 For
               The IBM' to display 21st century dates.

Print-Related Stuff:  86PRINT.ZIP  (65k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    CTRL-P.....Toggles console output to the printer. Works
               the same as pressing 'CTRL-P' on the keyboard.
    LABEL......Label printing program for dot-matrix printers.
    PINIT......Resets all printer ports; sets printers on-line.
    PRINT......Consolidates 2, 3 or 4 different text files so
               they can be printed side-by-side on the same page.
               Also formats a single text file to various lay-outs.
    PRT........Dot matrix printer controller for Epson-compatibles.
    PRTSC......Dumps the text-mode screen to the printer.
    SWAPLPTS...Swaps the hardware port addresses of LPT 1 / LPT 2.
    SWAPLST....Sets the CP/M-86 default LST device as 0 or 1.
    TYPER......Typewriter emulator for dot-matrix printers.

Programming Languages

    FORTH86.ZIP (131k) - The FORTH programming language for
        CP/M-86 -- version 2.1.0 of Henry Laxen and Michael
        Perry's freeware FORTH (June, 1984). Customized spec-
        ifically for 'CP/M-86 For The IBM.' Includes FORTH
        source code for a full-screen text editor.

    REC86.ZIP (50k) - Regular Expression Compiler from Univer-
        sidad Autonoma de Puebla. Includes source, but no DOCs.

    REC86FP.ZIP (71k) - Regular Expression Compiler, as above,
        with floating point math support added. Includes source,
        but no DOCs.

    SMALL-C.ZIP (54k) - The SMALL C compiler for CP/M-86. It
        produces assembly language source code from C code.
        But don't expect it to compile existing contemporary
        C code; it won't. SMALL C is old and rather limited,
        but might prove useful occasionally.

    XLISP.ZIP (56k) - Experimental object-oriented programming
        language. Includes C source.

Programming-Related Stuff:  86PROGRM.ZIP  (65k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    80X86......Translates CP/M-80 ASM code to CP/M-86 A86 code.
    F47-TEST...How to use BIOS function 47 ('chain to program').
    FLUFF1.....Example of graphics programming under CP/M-86.
               Draws a multi-colored diagonal line. VGA only.
    FORM.......Custom-formats your ASM source code.
    NEAT.......'Neatens' and reformats your ASM code.
    P-MODE.....Demonstration of raw 32-bit protected mode under
               CP/M-86. 386 or higher. With A86 source.
    XLT86......Translates CP/M-80 ASM code to CP/M-86 A86 code.

Spreadsheets:  86SPREAD.ZIP  (28k)
  This archive contains the following program:
    MICROCALC..A small spreadsheet program for CP/M-86. 147-cell
               capacity; many nice features. Freeware from Borland
               International. Includes Turbo Pascal source code,
               and a demo spreadsheet.

SUBMIT File Stuff:  86SUBMIT.ZIP  (4k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    ECHO.......DOS-style utility: can turn off screen echo to
               hide executing SUBMIT file commands. Also
               allows displaying of text to the screen from
               within the SUBMIT file, even with echo off.
    PAUSE......DOS-style utility: suspends SUBMIT file execution
               until user presses a key.
    POZZ.......Animated 'pause' utility: smooth-scrolls a 'press
               any key...' message across the status line. CGA +.
    WAIT.......Pauses for a user-specified number of seconds.

System-Related Stuff:  86SYSUTL.ZIP  (40k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    BATCHECK...CMOS battery checker. For 286-and-up.
    CHKMEM.....Displays total conventional memory, free memory.
    CPUDATE....Displays the date of the computer's CPU chip.
    DETECT.....Reports machine's processor type.
    EMUL.......Sets V20/V30 processor to CP/M-80 mode.
    FINDROM....Finds and identifies installed ROM BIOSes.
    GAMEPORT...Checks for presence of a game port. Can also
               force recognition of a game port when the
               system can't 'see' it.
    MOLASSES...Slows down the processor by 50 to 75 per cent.
    POWEROFF...'Powers down' your computer from the CP/M-86
               command line. Requires APM ver. 1.1 or higher.
    RBT........Cold-boot the computer from the command line.
    REBOOT.....Reboot from software; warm or cold boot.
    SPEEDUP....Speeds up 8086/8088 processors by 5 - 10 per cent.
    SWV........Sets V20/V30 processor to CP/M-80 mode.
    SYSVIEW....Comprehensive hardware report: processor, memory,
               drives, etc.
    TURBO......Enables 'turbo' mode on many XT-class machines.
    WHERE......Shows current drive and user area.

VGA Screen Font Changers:  86FONTS.ZIP  (6k)
  NOTE: These programs install the U.S. character set.
  This archive contains the following programs:
    GEMFONT....A large, thick screen font. Originally designed for
               Digital Research's 'GEM' user interface. VGA only.
    ISOFONT....A thin font that's literally identical to the old
               CP/M Kaypro screen font. Nostalgic! VGA only.
    NEWFONT....A contemporary, sans serif screen font that's very
               clean and easy to read. For VGA only.

Video Stuff:  86VIDEO.ZIP  (55k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    86LOGO.....Puts the 'CP/M-86' logo on the status line.
    BIG........Prints your custom message in HUGE letters.
    BORDER.....Sets CGA monitor border to your color choice.
    BOUNCE.....A 'bouncing ball' on the screen, with sound.
    CLS........DOS-style utility; clears the screen.
    COLORBAR...A 'test pattern' of colored bars on the screen.
    COPPRBAR...A moving copper-colored bar on screen. VGA.
    CURSOR.....Toggles the CP/M-86 cursor off and on.
    ETCHA......Simple text-mode sketching program.
    FADE.......Clears the screen by 'fading out.' VGA only.
    FSS........The world's first memory-resident screen saver
               for CP/M-86. Blanks the screen after 'x' number
               of minutes. Fully user-configurable. Supports
               Herc/MDA and VGA video.
    FIX0.......Changes VGA 'center-dot' zero to 'slashed' zero.
    LINE.......Toggles the CP/M-86 status line off and on.
    OFF........Manual screen blanker for Herc/MDA and VGA.
    REMIND.....A customized 'reminder' message on status line.
    RIP........A novelty screen-clear.
    SEEBURN....Check your CRT for screen phosphor 'burn.'
    SETCOLOR...Sets the CP/M-86 foreground and background colors.
    SETMONO....Alters screen attribs on Herc mono video systems.
    SPLIT......A novelty screen-clear.
    SQUASH.....A novelty screen-clear.
    SSAVER.....Manually-invoked animated 'screen saver.'
    STATIC.....Generates TV-style 'snow' on the screen.
    STROBE.....A 1960s-style psychedelic strobe light.
    VGABORD....Sets VGA border to your choice of 16 colors.
    VGASAVER...Manually-invoked animated 'screen saver.' VGA.
    VGATEXT....Sets VGA rez to 25, 28, 43 or 50 line mode.
    VIDCOLOR...Sets the CP/M-86 f/g and b/g colors.
    VMODE......Toggles 40- or 80-column mode. CGA and up.

Video Stuff for Dual-Monitor Systems:  86VIDEO2.ZIP  (4k)
  This archive contains the following programs:
    2..........Copies active screen's contents to inactive monitor.
    CLO........Clears the inactive screen.
    INIT2......Initializes both video cards/monitors.
    S..........Switches active screens.

  Special thanks to all the independent programmers around the
  world who have helped keep 'CP/M-86 For The IBM' alive and
  growing over the past 24 years: Richard Kanarek (USA), Ken
  Mauro (USA), Freek Heite (Netherlands), Stephen Hunt (UK),
  Richard Brady (USA), Bill Bolton (Australia), Jim Lopushinsky
  (USA), Dave Rand (Canada), Harry Van Tassell (USA), Ross
  Simpson (Australia) ...and many others.

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