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                     .dxddddddddddddl;'.               .,codddd.           
                    'kdddddddddddo:'                      'lddd.           
                   ,xddddddddddl;.                         .;od.           
                  :xdddddddddl,.                   .         .:            
                 oxddddddddl'                      xo:.                    
                lxdddddddo:.                       xddxo,                  
               cxdddddddl'                        .xddddxo'                
              cxddddddo;.            ..           .xddddddxl.              
             cxddddddl.             :kl           .xddddddddd;             
            ;xddddddl.              xdl           .xdddddddddxc            
           .xddddddl.              'xd:            dddddddddddd:           
          .ddddddd:.               cdd'            dddddddddddddc          
          odddddd;                 ddo.      .ox;  oodddddddddddd:         
         ;xddddd:                 ,xdc      .xddd. ..,cddddddddddd'        
        .xdddddc.                 cdd'    ;'cdddd'     .:oddddddddd.       
        odddddl.                  odd..  dxxxdddd;       .:odddddddl       
       ;xddddo.                  .xdl;x'cdddddcddc         .lddddddd,      
       xddddo.                   ,ddcldoxddddl.odo          .cddddddo      
      ;xdddd;                    :dd,lddddddd. cdd.           :dddddd,     
      dddddc                     ldd.odddoodl  ,dd,            ;dddddo     
     ;ddddo.                     ddo.lddd;:do. .dd:             :ddddd'    
     odddd;                     .xdo cddd.;dd. .ddo              lddddc    
    .xdddl                      'ddc ;ddl 'dd,  odo.             .odddo.   
    cdddd'             .cdd:    :dd: ,dd; .dd:  cdd.              ,dddd'   
    xddd:             .xdddd:   :dd, .dd;  ddo  ;dd,               :dddc   
   ,xddo.           .cxdddddd.  :dd' .dd:  odo. 'dd;               .dddo.  
   cddd:            dxddddddd,  ldd. .ddl  cdd. .dd'                cddd.  
   dddo.       .dl .xddo;.:ddc  odo.  ddo  ;dd'  :;                 .ddd:  
  ,xddc       cxdo..ddd;  .odl  xdo   odo. 'dd,                      lddl  
  cddd'      dxddd. odo.   cdo .xdl   cdd. .dd'                      ,ddo. 
  dddo      cxdddd' ldl    :do .ddc   :dd. .ol.      .:              .ddd. 
 .xdd:     .xddddd' :do    ;dl ,dd:   ,do.  ..       dd.              odd, 
 ,ddd.     cddl,oc  ;dd.   :dl ;dd;   .c'           .xd'              :dd: 
 :ddo     .xdd. ..  'dd.   ld: :dd'                 .xd,       .      ,ddc 
 lddc     ,ddc      .dd'  .xd, cdd.                  xd;     ,oxd.    .ddo 
 ddd,     ldd.      .dd: .odo. cdl                   dd:    ckdddl    .ddo 
.xdd.     xdl        ddddxdd:  'l'                   od:   ,xddddo     odd.
.ddo     .xd;        ddddddo.   .          .         ldc   dddoddo     ldd.
'ddl     ,dd'        oddddd;              .xc        cdl  .xdc'odl     cdd.
;dd:     :dd.    .'  ldddo,               ldo      .;odl  :dl.,xd,     cdd.
;dd;     cdo    .kx. cdo'.                odl     ,kxddo  od:.xdo.     :dd.
cdd,     cdo    ldd' cdl                  ld;    ,kddddo. dd:odd,      cdd.
cdd'     cdo.  ,xdo. :do                  .;    .xdddddd..xddxdc       cdd.
cdd.     cdd; .xdd:  ;do.                       cddo:odd..xdddo. .l.   cdd.
cdd.     :dddoxddo.  ;dd.                  .,   ddo. ,dd'.dddd,  ld;   cdo 
cdd.     'ddddddd,   ,dd.                  xx. .xd'  .dd,.ddd:  ,xd,   odo 
:dd.      oddddd:    'dd.              .  'xd. ;dl   .dd: ddd,.:xdo.   ddl 
;dd.      .lddo;     .dd.            .lx, 'dd' :dc    ddl lddxkxdd;   .xd: 
,dd'       .,;.      .do            ,kddc .dd, cd:    odo ;ddddddc    .xd; 
'dd,                  ,.           ,xdddc .dd; cdc    ldo..oddddc.    ,dd' 
.dd;                .             'xdddd: .dd: :do    ddd. .cll,      :dd. 
.ddc               .kl            dddc,c.  ddc ;dd'  :ddd,            odo  
 ddo               ldo      .lc  .xdc.     ddl ,ddd,:xddd,           .xdc  
 ldo.              odl     .dxd: ,dd,      odo .dddxxdddd.           'dd,  
 :dd.              ld;  .:.ldddo 'dddoc,   cdd. ldddddo;'            cdd.  
 ,dd;              .,   dxoxdddd..dddddxo. :dd. .odddl.              ddl   
 .ddc                  .xddddodd' oddddddc ;dd'  'cl:.              'xd:   
 .ddo               .' .ddddc.dd, .coddddl 'dd,    .                cdd'   
  ldd'              xx. dddd'.dd:   ..;odo .dd,                     xdo.   
  ;ddc             'dd. lddo. odc      odl .do.                    ;ddc    
  .ddd.            'dd' :ddl  odl     ;xd:  ,'                     ddd'    
   odd,            .dd, :ddc  cdo  ':lxdd'                        ;xdo.    
   :ddo            .dd, ,dd:  :dd.;kxdddc                        .xdd:     
   'ddd,            dd; ,dd:  ,dd,lddddc.                        oddd.     
    oddo            dd: 'dd:  .dd:;dddc.                        'xddl      
    :ddd:           odc .dd:  .ddc.;:'                         .dddd,      
    .dddd'          ldl .ddl   od:                             odddl       
     ldddo          cdo  ddl   :o.                            lxddd'       
     ,dddd:         :dd. odl   ..                            cxdddc        
      odddd'        ,dd. cdl                                cxdddo.        
      ,ddddd.       'dd' ;d:                               lxdddd,         
       lddddo.      .dd. .,.                             .oxdddd:          
       ,dddddd.     .do.                                .dxddddl.          
        cdddddd.     ,'                                ;xxddddo.           
        .ldddddd;                                    .lxdddddl.            
         .oddddddl.                                 :xddddddl.             
          ;dddddddx;                              'dxddddddl.              
           cdddddddxl.                          'okdddddddc.               
            cddddddddxl'                     .;dkdddddddo;                 
             :dddddddddxdl,.              .:okxddddddddc.                  
              ;dddddddddddxkoc;... ...,:oxkxdddddddddo;                    


"Hey, *HUMONGOUS* CP/M is REALLY cool. I want to impress my friends by staying on top of things, but how?"

We think you're lying. Not about *US*. WE'RE cool. About friends. Everyone knows geeks don't have any. Ah, well, here's the latest site news anyway.


2023     2022     2021     2020     2019     2018     2017     2016     2015     2014     2013     2012     2011


2023 Dec 15


2022 Apr 6

  • Finally completed my clean-up of the SIG/M Library. The existing sources (on Walnut Creek CD; OAK; CPMDOSGG, Sourdough; etc.) all had issues ranging from incompleteness to added files to corrupt file names (problematic characters such as /, @, $ had been altered to acommodate other file systems) to mismatched CRC values. This clean-up fixes (almost) all of these issues and delivers the cleanest and only complete set of the SIG/M software libraries, in expanded, LBR, ARK and IBM-3740-format disk images.

2022 Jan 12

  • Added the following to the CP/M Manuals:
    • Wordstar 3.2 for the IBM Personal Computer (1982)
    • Wordstar 4 CPM Edition (1979)
    • Wordstar Command Card for Kaypro (1982)
    • Wordstar Patching Wordstar by Gerald Grow
    • Wordstar Command Card (1982)
    • Wordstar 3 with MailMerge and SpellStar (May 1981)
    • Wordstar 4 CPM Edition What's New (1987)
    • Wordstar 3 for CPM General Information Manual (May 1981)
    • Wordstar Reference Card (Jun 1981)
    • Wordstar Professional Release 5 Printer Information
    • Wordstar Professional Release 5.0 (1988)
    • Wordstar 4 CPM Edition (1987)
    • Wordstar Professionl Release 5 What's New
    • Wordstar Training Guide 2nd Ed (Feb 1983)
    • Wordstar_3.3_Reference_Manual_1983
    • Morrow_Wordstar_3.0
    • Wordstar_3.0_Reference_Manual_May81
    • Wordstar_3.0_Installation_Manual_May81
    • Wordstar_3.3_Installation_Manual_1983
    • Wordstar_3.0_Addendum

2021 Dec 26

  • Added the following to the TRS-80 Library:
    • Model 4 Introduction to Your Disk System for the Model 4
    • Model 4P Introduction to Your Disk System for the Model 4P
    • Model 2 Operation Manual
    • Model 4 Introduction to Your Disk System
    • Model 4 Memory Upgrade Installation
    • Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual - Part 1 Hardware
    • Model 4-4P Technical Reference Manual - Part 2 Software
    • Model 3 TRS-80 Model 3 Disk System Owner's Manual
    • Model 4-4P Disk System Owner's Manual TRS-80 Model 4-4P
    • NewDOS-80 2.0 (German)
    • NewDOS-80 2.0 for the Model 3
    • Model 4P TRS80 Model 4P Service Manual
    • TRSDOS & Disk Basic Reference v2.1 (1979)(Tandy)
    • TRSDOS v2.1 Reference Manual
    • TRSDOS v2.3 and Disc Basic v 2.2 Reference Manual
    • TRSDOS_v2.1_and_Disk_Basic_v1.1_Manual_1979_Tandy_text

2021 Dec 25

2021 Jun 2

  • Begun transitioning to flexbox. Main page only done; not the TRS-80 page.
  • Discovered George's Home Page and added a link. I think I'm gonna get lost here for awhile. His TRS80 emulator looks particularly engrossing.

2020 May 18

2020 May 02

2020 Apr 28

  • A few weeks ago I moved the Downloads files to my local server as I was experiencing space issues on the main site, but I didn't get all the links updated. A visitor notified me of the problem and it should now be fixed.

2020 Apr 22

  • Found corruption in the files in SIGM v001 in the UserGroups copy of SIGM; also on the WalnutCD. Other copies of SIGM seem OK. Have updated SIGMV001.ARK in UserGroups and the extracted files and uploaded the changes to the online site.

2020 Mar 26

  • Updating FTP script again to get more UserGroup descriptions online.

2020 Mar 25

  • Some visitors were reporting issues with parts of the site which I eventually tracked down to misconfigured .htaccess files. This wasn't an issue before, so perhaps when classiccmp came back online some server configuration changes were introduced. In any case, I think I've got things working again, unless I've missed a stray .htaccess file somewhere.
  • Have updated FTP script to pick up description files in Software/UserGroups/MBUG. Had to create -MBUG.xxx index files for dirs MBUG028 - MBUG045.

2020 Mar 23

  • Added a link in the main menu line to the backup site due to the recent issues at the main site.
  • Removed 2015 mirror of Antediluvian from backup site (already gone from main site), because everything there was duplicated in the 2018 mirror. Updated mirror link from main page.
  • Back in December, Lars Brinkhoff sent me a file listing from a set of tapes he says is a backup of the MIT-MC archives. I had assumed the cpm/ directory on the Walnut Creek CD was just the MIT-MC archives, but there are significant differences. Unfortunately, Lars says he is not free to make available the contents of the tapes. So I have posted the file listing and updated the main page link to point to it. I hope eventually to add links to the listing to those files as scattered amongst other collections here at *HUMONGOUS* CP/M, but realistically who knows whether I'll ever complete that project?

2020 Mar 22

  • The main site seems to have run out of disk space. Until that issue has been resolved, any changes made from now will be reflected in the backup site only.
  • As a convenience, *HUMONGOUS* CP/M has maintained archived copies of most of the mirrored sites for download, available from the various "CD" links on the site homepage. To help relieve disk space issues, all those files have been moved to the backup site and the CD links on the site homepage have been updated to point to the backup site.

2020 Mar 18

  • Am running into space issues at the main site trying to upload electrickery. So for now, I will point mirror links from the main site to the backup site.
  • Added a partial collection of KUGEL, the Kaypro Users Group newsletter to the CP/M library.

2020 Mar 17

  • The main site is back up, so it's now been updated with all changes and additions from the backup site.
  • Added The Programmers' Guide to CP/M by Andrew Johnson Laird to the TRS-80 library.
  • Added a mirror of FJ Kraan's Electrickery.

2020 Feb 08

  • Zipped up several mirrors and added download links (the "CD" at the bottom right of the site boxes).

2020 Feb 07

  • Added Werner Cersovius' site; also made available a 7zip archive for download.
  • The main server at classiccmp.org has been down for some weeks. Have started advertising in comp.os.cpm the backup site at cpm.jenandcal.org.

2019 Apr 26

  • Added up-to-date mirrors of Udo Monk's Z80Pack site and of the Unofficial CP/M site.
  • Updated my collection of diskdefs in cpmdisks, pulling from old versions of cpmtools and backups of my own personal diskdefs files; also added my collection of versions of cptmools, libdsk, etc.

2019 Apr 12

  • Updated notes on the CP/M-Live! page indicating I no longer have a CD-ROM drive, and pointing users to possible solutions.

2019 Mar 08

  • Received a very nice email from a librarian explaining how much help the links page was to a patron of hers interested in the history of computing. In exhange, the patron offered a link to The History of Computer Memory, which I've now added to the Links page.
  • Received an email from a site user a couple of weeks ago informing me the Topics link at the top of the page was broken. This was to be the beginnings of a sitewide topical index which never got off the ground so I have removed the link.
  • An email from a frequenter of the site (thanks, Rainer!) alerted me to the existence of the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive, which I had been previously unaware of. This site has been added to the TRS-80 page, and I have been able to complete my 80Micro collection from there.

2018 Aug 29

  • Added the following to the library:
    Add-On Software Catalog - CPM software.pdf CPM_MAC_Macro_Assembler_Nov80.pdf
    CPM 2 Dynamic Debugging Tool User Manual.pdf CPM_MAC_Macro_Assembler_Nov80.txt
    CPM 2 Interface Guide.pdf Mastering_CPM_text.pdf
    CPM 2 Introduction to Features and Facilities.pdfMicrosoft BASIC-80 Revision 5.0 Reference Manual.pdf
    CPM 2 Introductory Manual.pdf Nevada COBOL Programmers Reference Manual.pdf
    CPM 2 User Guide for 1.4 Owners.pdf ProgrammersCpmHandbookByAndyJohnson-laird.pdf
    CPM 2 ZSM Assembler User Guide.pdf The CPM Handbook with MPM (excerpts).pdf
    CPM_Assembly_Language_Programming_1983 The_CPM_Handbook_with_MPM_text.pdf
    CPM_Assembly_Language_Programming_1983.pdf The_Z-80_Microcomputer_Handbook_text.pdf
    CPM_Mac_Macro_Assembler_1977.pdf Tricks_and_Tips_for_the_Commodore_64_1984_Abacus.pdf
    023-0039_Cromemco_Z80_Macro_Assembler_Oct78.pdf Morrow_Wordstar_3.0.pdf
    1541_Maintenance_Guide_1984.pdf MPM_Technical_Manual_and_Installation_Mar84.pdf
    ADM1A_Maint.pdf MX-80_and_MX-100_Training_Mar83.pdf
    ADM-1_Reference_Manual.pdf MX_Printer_Manual_1982.pdf
    ADM2_Maintenance_Man.pdf Osborne_16-Bit_Microprocessor_Handbook_1981.pdf
    ADM3A_Maint.pdf Osborne_3F00186-00_ExecutiveRef_1983.pdf
    ADM3_Char_ROM_2315LC.png Osborne_An_Introduction_to_Microcomputers_Volume_2_Sep78.pdf
    ADM3_Char_ROM_2315UC.png The_Anatomy_of_the_1541_Disk_Drive_Jun84.pdf
    ADM3_Char_ROM_2513l.bin The_Turbo_Pascal_Tutor_1985.pdf
    ADM3_Char_ROM_2513l.tif TM59-DM10-1_MicroB_Technical_Users_Manual_Nov79.pdf
    ADM3_Char_ROM_2513u.bin Turbo_Database_Toolbox_1985.pdf
    ADM3_Char_ROM_2513u.tif Turbo_Editor_Toolbox_Version_1.0_1985.pdf
    ADM-42_UsersMan_Feb80.pdf Turbo_GameWorks_1985.pdf
    Borland_Turbo_BASIC_Owners_Handbook_1987.pdf TURBO_Pascal_Reference_Manual_CPM_Version_3_Dec88.pdf
    CalcStar_Users_Manual_Oct81.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Reference_Manual_Feb84.pdf
    Commodore_Component_Data_Catalog_1981.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_2.0_and_8087_Supplement_Apr84.pdf
    Condor_20-DBMS_1980.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_2.0_Reference_1984.pdf
    CPM_Assembly_Language_Programming_1983.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_3.0_Reference_Manual_1985.pdf
    DP-211_ADM_31_Users_Manual_May80.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_3.0_Reference_Manual_1986.pdf
    DP2360382F_ADM_36_Users_Manual_Apr82.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_4.0_Owners_Manual_1987.pdf
    DP2880486F_ADM3A_UM_Apr86.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_5.0_Reference_Guide_1989.pdf
    DP2980984F_ADM_12_Users_Manual_Sep84.pdf Turbo_Pascal_Version_5.0_Users_Guide_1989.pdf
    DP3050683F_ADM_3A_3A+_Dumb_Terminal_Maintenance_Manual_Jun83.pdf Word_Finder_For_Wordstar_1986.pdf
    DP3090982F01_ADM_42_Maintenance_Addendum_Aug83.pdf Wordstar_3.0_Addendum.pdf
    DP3090982F_ADM_42_Maintenance_Manual_Sep82.pdf Wordstar_3.0_General_Information_Manual_May81.pdf
    DP3090982FD_ADM_42_Drawing_Package.pdf Wordstar_3.0_Installation_Manual_May81.pdf
    DP3361282F_ADM_36_Maintenance_Manual_Dec82.pdf Wordstar_3.0_Reference_Manual_May81.pdf
    DP3361282FD_ADM_36_Drawing_Package.pdf Wordstar_3.3_Installation_Manual_1983.pdf
    Microsoft_8080_Utility_Software_Package_1981.pdf Wordstar_3.3_Reference_Manual_1983.pdf
    Microsoft_8086_Utility_Software_Package_1981.pdf Wordstar_Command_Card_1982.pdf
    Microsoft_BASIC-80_5.0_Reference_1979.pdf Wordstar_CPM_Release_4_1987.pdf
    Microsoft_BASIC_Compiler_1980.pdf Wordstar_CPM_Release_4_Whats_New_1987.pdf
    Microsoft_COBOL-80_1978.pdf Wordstar_Professional_Release_4.0_1987.pdf
    Microsoft_FORTRAN-80_3.0_Reference_Manual_1977.pdf Wordstar_Professional_Release_5.0_1988.pdf
    Microsoft_FORTRAN-80_Users_Manual_1977.pdf Wordstar_Professional_Release_5_Printer_Information.pdf
    Microsoft_FORTRAN-80_Ver3.4_Users_Manual_Nov80.pdf ordstar_Professional_Release_5_Whats_New.pdf
    Microsoft_Multiplan_for_CPM_1982.pdf Wordstar_Reference_Card_Jun80.pdf
    Microsoft_Utility_Software_Manual_1978.pdf Wordstar_Training_Guide_2ed_Feb83.pdf
    MiniBee_IPB_Mar74.pdf Z80_Assembly_Language_Subroutines_1983.pdf

2018 Aug 26

  • Created 00-index.txt files in EBMMUG, all file descriptions now showing.
  • Rather than hiding the user group collections away under Humongous, I decided it needs its own section, so I moved it and gave it an entry on the main page. I suspect I'll be stumbling across broken links for awhile.

2018 Aug 25

  • Added the FOG IMD images and finally finished cleaning up the FOG 00-index.txt files. Extracted contents of four of the missing volumes (31, 152, 201 and ???) from the IMDs. Now missing only vol. 215. Since all the other missing volumes were tax schedules, 215 probably is too. Minor reorgs, moving ARC files into their own subdir. And I think I can now put paid to the FOG collection.
  • Larry Kraemer caught an error in the FOG file lists (had two vol 30 listings, no volume 31). That's been corrected.
  • Added the East Bay MicroMate User Group, the PascalZ User Group and the Toronto RCPM collections. Don't have any descriptions yet. All were obtained from Bitsavers.
  • Added an entry from the main page to Toronto RCPM.

2018 Aug 24

  • Added a link to Durgadas.com to the main page. No mirror currently. Will try to contact the site owner for permission. Though most of the updates are from between 10 and 20 years ago(!), on the simulator side of the site, I see updates from two to six years ago, and amongst the downloads, some stuff from early this year, so the site is still being worked on.
  • A query to comp.os.cpm yielded a link to Bitsavers, which has a complete FOG UG disk set in .IMD format, created from the original FOG Master Disks. Am downloading them as I type, will add them to the site and eventually extract the content of the missing volumes.

2018 Aug 23

  • Now have the *HUMONGOUS* FOG collection online. Again, the collection is available in .ARC format elsewhere; the *HUMONGOUS* collection expands out the content for individual file browsing, and cleans up the index file. Five volumes are missing: 31, 152, 201, 211, 215. Will try to track them down.

2018 Aug 18

  • Over the past few days I've put in twenty or so hours cleaning up the SIG/M catalog. It's done. All descriptions are now being pulled from it for the Collections SIGM.

2018 Aug 15

  • Over the past several days I've been building the Collections Collection (ok, terrible name, but "User Group Collections" seemed so dull), a collection of all user group disk collections I've found. My motivation was to put up a single, complete set of SIGM and CPMUG disks pulled together from the various sources (WalnutCD, Sourdough, etc.), none of which individually represented a complete set. Then I thought, why not just add other disk sets, like MBUG and BOSKUG, to it. In the case of MBUG, I have extracted all the archives into individual folders for browsing. There is nothing new here.
  • Fred Jan Kraan over in comp.os.cpm posted a link to his progress in annotating the LOOSECPM portion of the RLEE collection. It's incomplete, but a good start. Perhaps someday I'll contribute. Meanwhile, I've massaged what he's done into a useful format for *H*CP/M so that at least some descriptions are now available while browsing.

2018 Aug 11

  • Cleaned out the downloads directory.
  • Changed the name of "My CP/M Library" on the main page to "The *HUMONGOUS* Library".
  • Have checked site mirrors through CP/M86 Software Repository. In some cases I refreshed *H*CP/M's mirror; in others, no updates were necessary.
  • To do: I have three mirrors of The Unofficial CP/M Site, from 1999, 2000 and 2001. Compare them, then add a more recent mirror.
  • To do: Considering whether to add target=_blank rel="noopener noreferrer" to main page links, at least for offsite links.
  • To do: Go through CD links, update ISO images where necessary (e.g., the Minor Sites ISOs).
  • To do: Fix the styling of the scroll panel on the main page.

2018 Aug 10

  • Larry Kraemer sent me a link to "Sourdough Jim's CP/M Archive Disk", which was posted at the Classic Computers user forums. It's an ISO image titled, according to the post, "Sourdough Jim's CP/M Archive Disk (Includes PC-Blue and DKA MS-DOS Libraries)". Most of the contents are culled from well-known collections (OAK, SIGM, CPMUG), but much of the Kaypro material I don't seem to have elsewhere. I've made the full ISO image available for download, and excerpts (minus the PC/Blue MS-DOS stuff) available for FTP browsing.
  • Added an updated funet mirror. Originally was going to add a full mirror, including the cbm (Commodore Business Machines) side, but that side of the site is at least 7gb, while the cpm side is 18mb.
  • Added an updated mirror for the Home of the Z80 CPU site.

2018 Aug 7

  • Created index for SIGM volume descriptions, now used here and here.
  • Continuing work on adding descriptions and also message lines at the top of file listing.
  • While Jon Saxton's Tesseract site is still online, most of its links are dead. I have refreshed *H*CP/M's mirror, promoted it to the primary link, and pointed its links to *HCP/M's local WalnutCD.

2018 Aug 6

  • Continued working on ftp.php. It now reads descriptions from SIGM/VOLxxx/ catalog files. This was difficult because those files are inconsistently named.
  • I was alerted by a post in comp.os.cpm to a collection hiding at the bottom of a page here, which turns out to be quite large -- 14,000 files, 117mb. I've got it online now. The only bit of information I have is from a comp.os.cpm post describing it as containing "CP/M software from CPMUGUK", and content from "the Dutch CP/M User Group". It does contain most CPMUG vols (missing 4, 9, 43, 44, 45 and another, which I have supplied, and a few others which I haven't).
  • Added 00-index.txt files to the CPM_DOSGG collection. Still need to add code to ftp.php to pull descriptions from the individual catalog.x files.

2018 Aug 4

  • Some files had gone missing from SIGM vol. 226 both on the WalnutCD and in the OAK Collection. Larry Kraemer has sent me a complete set for vol. 226 which is now included in the *HUMONGOUS* Collection.
  • Needing some way to point visitors from the original WalnutCD and OAK SIGM collections to the additional SIGM files in the *HUMONGOUS* Collection, I added code to the FTP script to allow displaying a per-directory message at the top of the file listings. It is now possible to craft messages for specific directories.
  • There were only three new blog posts since the 2015 mirror of Antediluvian Designs was taken, and nothing since the end of 2015, so I've replaced the 2015 mirror with a new one. Since the blog side of the site runs on Wordpress and hence cannot be mirrored, *HUMONGOUS* mirrors only the downloads portion of the site. But the site has a lot of great information, so you should really go there to read the blog.
  • Fixed ftp.php code so it now properly pulls descriptions from the cpmug-fi.idx, here.

2018 Aug 3

  • Worked more on the indexing for the RLee collection collection. Mostly complete A - M.
  • Fix some issues with the site. A PHP error at *HUMONGOUS* CP/M Collection that only occurred on the online site, not the backup. And fixed the home link in the banner, which was trying to connect to the backup site from the main site.
  • I had taken a mirror of Antediluvian Designs in 2015, but discovered I'd never uploaded it to the main site. Did so, and added a second mirror taken today.

2018 Apr 10

  • Added SIGM vols. 184-192, obtained from Steven Hirsch, the original release of ZCPR3 together with v3.0 of the SYSLIB and Z3LIB libraries, the last version to support .MAC mnemonics. For unknown reasons, these volumes were later expunged from SIGM and all known mirrors. While the Walnut CD has a copy of ZCPR3, only v3.6 (.Z80 mnemonics) could be found. All is now recovered.

2018 Feb 25

  • Added a bunch of "CD" download links to the home page. Some of these were already in the .7z files, but I'd never linked to the downloadable ISOs from the home page. That's completed. Any site without a "CD" download link on the home page isn't in any of the ISO images and should be added to one and then linked to from the home page.

2018 Jan 30

  • Have continued over the past few days to expand the RLee collection index. Many hours spent, so much yet to do. Maybe won't ever be completed.
  • Added descriptions for the *HUMONGOUS* CP/M Collection.
  • Added code to turn the path line in ftp browsing into a breadcrumb. I like!

2018 Jan 26

  • Beginning to index the RLee collection -- gonna take a while! What I've got so far is showing up in the FTP file descriptions.

2018 Jan 25

  • Tweaked code so over on the TRS80 side, which has no descriptions but TOSEC-style Really Long File Names(tm) which are self-describing, the Description column width collapses to 0, leaving full width for the aforementioned long filenames.
  • Vistor Alan Laughton let me know that the contents of BOSKG302.ARK and BOSKG303.ARK in the BOSKUG collection were corrupt. Turns out when extracting the .DSK contents with cpmtools I'd specified the wrong Kaypro disk format. I've re-extracted the DSKs with the correct format, rebuilt the ARKs and updated the BOSKUG collection. Hopefully, everything is OK now. The only thing I haven't had time to do is update the index page to include the new files that had been "hidden" on the DSK images due to using the wrong format. Alan emailed me back later to report everything seems to be working now.

2018 Jan 24

  • Many additional hour of work later, I've now got file descriptions working for most areas on the CP/M side of the site; still need to go through the TRS80 side. The big, glaring exceptions are the RLee Peters and Maslin collections, the HUMONGOUS collection. RLee in particular is a huge collection. I've posted a query to comp.os.cpm to see if someone has already put together such a list; if I can't track anything down, I might have to do it myself (ugh!).

2018 Jan 22

  • Been doing lots more fiddling with styling, mostly behind the scenes.
  • Big addition: Have modified the FTP php code to read file descriptions from some of the description files provided in the collections, e.g., 00index.txt on the WalnutCD, and the dirs.txt used at the root of WalnutCD. So you'll now see file descriptions while browsing the ftp side of the site. Go browse the Walnut CD and marvel at the helful file descriptions! This was deceptively hard to get working, and is not complete yet. The code doesn't yet handle the mbug's 00mbug?.cat, or SIG/M's 0catalog or -catalog description files.

2018 Jan 17

  • Moved the search box inline with menu to reclaim even more vertical space. Added beveling effect to various elements. Still likin' it.
  • Some tinkering with internal site code.

2018 Jan 16

  • A bit of futzing with styling on the homepage. Moved the search box inline with menu to reclaim even more vertical space. Replaced the glaring white line-printer paper with a soft, comforting green background; darkened the banner background; liberally sprinkled some drop-shadow and rounded corners around and - voila! - the main page is practically popping. Best the site's ever looked.
  • After finalizing most of the tweaks above, I updated the ftp.php script styling, and cleaned up a couple of other miscellaneous things I stumbled across. Haven't encountered a 403 error recently, so I think those are solved, too.

2018 Jan 15

  • Some minimal tinkering with styling of the FTP pages.
  • For some time the main link to Funet.fi at Zimmers.net has been down. Have added a note to that effect in the pop-up and posted a query to comp.os.cpm. If it's permanently gone, I'll switch the main link to *HUMONGOUS*'s mirror.

2018 Jan 14

  • A user in comp.os.cpm thinks the "most logical" place for the BOSKUG collection would be in *HUMONGOUS* CP/M's "main archive", Miscellany/. I'd never thought of *H*CP/M having a "main archive" -- just a "collection of collections -- let alone Miscellany being it. Miscellany was just my own personal collection, supplemented from time to time with stuff I've collected but couldn't be bothered to find another place for. And I thought of BOSKUG as a software collection more akin to, say, RLee's, or SIG/M, so it seemed a natural fit there. However, in taking a look at Miscellany/, I noticed I do have a Kaypro/ dir there, so there's some sense to putting BOSKUG there instead. But that also means Miscellany isn't strictly speaking my own personal catch-all dump anymore. So I've renamed Miscellany to Humongous (and on the main page from "The Culver Collection" to "The *HUMONGOUS* Collection"), relocated it to inside the Software/ folder, and placed BOSKUG in Humongous/Kaypro/, then updated links to accomodate the changes. Of course all this results in only a couple of minor changes from the visitor's perspective.
  • Have reverted back to the text-graphic versions of the site banner and the "CP/M-Inside" logo. This has allowed me to reduce the vertical size of all that crap at the top of the site which is visually a bit overloading and tends to push most of the actual mainpage content "below the fold". It looks just fine with Firefox on my Linux Mint desktop and in both iOS and Opera on my iPad (though I believe most browsers on iPad simply reuse the stock supplied rendering engine, so they should all look the same). I'll test it elsewhere as time permits.

2018 Jan 13

  • The minixed script (see 2017 Sept 19, below) is way more flexible than I originally thought. It can automatically browse subdirs, so I don't have to put a copy in every subdir. One can also link directly to any subdir via a URL variable, e.g., "minixed.php?b=cpm/Software/WalnutCD", so I can keep a single copy of the script in the site root for sitewide use. And it will check for, and load if found, an index instead; so I can simply drop a custom index.html into any subdir I want to customize, and all links will continue to work. Goodby DirHTML, hello Minixed. And after customizing I gotta say I'm really liking the unified style it gives to the site. Very happy, I am. Only issue I haven't dealt with yet is potential direct external hotlinking, but there's probably an Apache .htaccess setting or something for that.
  • Just discovered the "name" attribute is deprecated in HTML 5, and that my version of Firefox doesn't support it, so have replaced all "name=" with "id=".
  • Site's been up five years now, and What's New is getting long. Added section headings and the year links at the top of this page.

2018 Jan 10

  • Extracted the contents of the BOSKUG disks and built a new index page. Still some coding bugs and broken file links to work out.

2018 Jan 9

  • Added an entry for the MIT-MC Archives, and rewrote pop-up hint discussions of WalnutCD and OAK to mention MIT-MC.

2017 Oct 24

  • Added DirHTML-generated index page to trs80/Software collection after a user notified me of a 403 error trying to access it on my home site. Haven't as yet uploaded the page to the main site.

2017 Sep 19

  • Added the index page for the TRS-80 Library. Puts everything on one page for easier browsing and (best of all) gets rid of the 403 errors. The page was autogenerated with DirHTML, then hand massaged a bit.
  • Added an index.php to cpm/Library and each subdir. This again eliminates the 403 errors and gives me the ability to style. This time I've used a php script call Minixed. The advantage of the script is it's dynamic -- if I add anything in future, it'll show up. Whereas DirHTML generates (rather ugly) static pages whcih will need to be regenerated if I add content. However, a copy of the Minixed script needs to be placed in every subdir, which is impossibly impractical with, say, the Walnut Creek CD collection. And since those collections are static anyway, DirHTML is advantageous, not least because it provides links to all subdir content on a single page.
  • Added generated index pages to Oakland and Demon.
  • The goal of all the above is to eliminate all links to bare, index-less subdirs, which were giving me 403 errors (undoubtedly an Apache permissions issue) on my local copy of the site, though they seem to work on the mainsite at classiccmp.org.
  • Mainpage link to *H*CPM's Funet.fi mirror was broken. Fixed.
  • Deleted the mirrors/wuarchive.wustl.edu folder, since it was basically empty and wu is just Oak plus Simtel's Z-System collection, both of which are on the Oak CD. I've left the mainpage textbox for informational purposes, and redirected links there to the Oak indices.
  • Similarly redirected the links in the SIMTEL-20 to the Walnut index page.
  • Only now realized there's no mainpage link to the CP/M library. Added.
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the TRS-80 mainpage.
  • Added a note to the 2006 TRS-80 Revived page that Ira's site is back online.
  • Uploaded all changes to the main site.
  • Updated this page ;) .

2017 Sep 13

  • Did some reorging of trs80/Misc, cleaning up the disk image collection and rebuilding the collection of blank images.
  • Added a new mirror of Tesseract RCPM. Jon has added volumes 89-96 since the last mirror.
  • Added Microbee Documents Project to the main index; mirror to come later.

2017 Mar 15

  • Have regained access to the site and have uploaded all new material except the BYTE magazine collection I have put together.
  • Added the FOG collection from Z-Node 51: uploaded a mirror of the files, but the *HUMONGOUS* CP/M ZNODE Index.html internal links still point to znode51.com. Will fix that as time permits.
  • Added the BOSKUG collection Neil Taylor sent me (thanks, Neil!). Only nine months late (sorry, Neil!).

2016 May 26

  • I have been unable to log into my site at classiccmp.org for over a year now -- credential failure or something. I have continued adding material to my local site backup, and will upload them as soon as I regain access.

2015 Mar 8

  • Sometime since the last update, added the Antediluvian Design link, but failed to note it here.
  • Received a very nice email from Susan on behalf of her daughter Zelda, a student who has found the site useful and requested I add a link to a history of computer programming page. How could I refuse?
  • Received another email enquiring as to whether I were familiar with the Rainbox on Tape series. Not being, I googled it and discovered a CoCo Coding site, with scans of many early computer magazines. Added a link to the links page. I'm considering mirroring it.

2014 Apr 13

  • Added a mirror of Tesseract RCPM+. Alerted by the site's maintainer, Jon Saxton.

2013 Oct 30

  • Added a mirror of The Cereal Port BBS. Thanks to Fred Jan and Jon Guidry.

2013 Aug 15

  • Gave new pop-up treatment to TRS-80 mainpage, which sent me into a flurry of mirror updates and software searches.
  • Michael Dutra's site is back online! Fully redesigned. I've retained my mirror of the old site, and added a mirror of the new site. The new site provides links to downloads however, like the old site, the actual files aren't there. I've managed to find sources for some of them, or at least facsimiles of them, though I have no idea how close they are to the files Dutra has (/doesn't have) on his site. For example, he has LDOS, but no indication which version. I replaced that with LDOS from Tim Mann's site, but it may be an entirely different version.

2013 Aug 14

  • Completed modifications on homepage styling popups. Hover over a link to see my great new popups!

2013 Aug 10

  • In response to a very nice email from Herb Johnson, I have included links to his site on the mainpage, even though, at his request, I'm not actually maintaining a mirror.
  • Added a link to Tilmann Reh's mirror of Udo Munk's Unix4Fun. Tilmann's site was the source of my mirror, though I'd neglected to actually include a link back.
  • Added John Monahan's name to the description for S100 Computers. Herb supplied the name in his email, though the name doesn't seem to appear anywhere on the actual site.

2013 July 27

  • John Gruver has donated complete scans of The Eighty. Previously I only had complete scans of the first three issues; the rest, from the TOSEC Project, were of select pages only. For all of you The Eighty fans, you can now get complee issues here.

2013 May 4

  • Added some internal site redirects for improved site navigation. Now when "parenting up", say, from an FTP directory, you'll be redirected back to the main site page rather than dumped into the internal site directories you have no interest (or business) in.

2013 May 3

2013 Apr 28

  • Jim Harre emailed me letting me know the link from the main TRS-80 page to the rebuild of the Ira Goldklang collection was broken. Fixed the link, which then led to a day trying to chase down some of the files that are still missing. That netted a dozen or two now-formerly-missing files, bringing *HUMONGOUS* to slightly more than half the total files on the last-known version of Ira's website. Thanks, Jim.
  • Fixed some broken HTML on the LIVE!, Links and Whatsnew pages causing the eye-candy table ("CP/M Inside" graphic plus ticker display) to appear behind, rather than below the banner.

2012 Nov 25

  • Thanks to Tom Burnett, we now have the entire KJSL TRS-80 software archives available online. Though the website has been mirrored for some time by *HUMONGOUS* CP/M, the software side was not available. It is linked to from the KJSL TRS-80 homepage. See over there? In the left-side menu? The link called "Download"? Yeah, that's it. One tiny little link hiding a hundred meg of Tandy software for the Models 1, III and IV. Actually, a quick preliminary glance through what's there suggests a high correlation with the TOSEC collection already available at *HUMONGOUS* CP/M here. Someday I may -- just may -- go through it in detail. Nearly four thousand files. Umm, maybe not. Thanks, Tom!

2012 Sept 24

2012 Sept 4

2012 Sept 1

  • Since browsers were inconsistent in their display of the "CP/M Inside" and site banner text graphics, I've swapped them out for real ones.
  • Reorganized the Culver Collection and added, for all you ZCPR afficianados, a scanned copy of Rick Conn's ZCPR3: The Manual, as far as I know,the only copy available online. Enjoy.
  • Added source code to the Microcornucopia collection.

2012 May 7

  • From an email from Fred Jan Kraan (thanks, Fred Jan!) alerted me to the fact that I had no proper mirror of Udo Munk's Unix4Fun site, home of the Z80-Sim. I did have a collection of Z80SIM stuff buried in the Culver Collection, but that wasn't a full site mirror. *HUMONGOUS* CP/M now has a proper mirror.

2011 Dec. 27

  • Finally converted the TRS-80 main page to the new sysbox grid layout.
  • In honor of the site's re-opening I've done a lot of tinkering under the hood (don't ask me what; I'll tell you it's too complicated for mere mortals just so I don't have to admit I can't remember). I've also added pop-up information bubbles (try hovering over the title bar/link in each sitebox) and the mirror and download links across the bottom of each sitebox, after finally resolving some self-inflicted issues with <div> overlaps.

2011 Dec. 23

  • With *HUMONGOUS* getting kicked off its previous host for being a file repository (violating the TOS), Jay West at Classic Computers has agreed to host the site. I'm uploading the site now, though it may take a few days to finish.

2011 Oct. 8-ish

  • My host informs me that the site, being a file repository (and occupying copious amounts of disk space), is against the host's Terms of Service, that host being Fatcow. This despite the fact that the hosting package promises unlimited disk space. Informed by a representative that, in violation of all the rules of English grammar, "what we call 'unlimited space'" apparently isn't so much "unlimited" as it is "limited", and I done crossed their line, I've removed the site contents, though leaving the html in place until a new host can be found. Apparently the only truth in advertising rule at Fatcow is that they get to define all the rules. There's marketing yelling in one ear "Unlimited!" while legal screams in the other, "Don't you dare!"

2011 Oct. 8

2011 Oct. 6

2011 Sept. 23

  • 13,000+ pieces of software added for the Models I, III, 4, 100, and CoCo aded courtesy of the TOSEC Project and Retro ROMs. Games, programming, utilities, operating systems -- the whole 9 yards -- covering everything except CP/M.
  • Reorg: Moved the Goldklang docs and manuals to the TRS-80 page, creating separate Library and Softwre entries.
  • Downloading and uploading 80 Micro, all issues I could find; thanks to the Internet Archives, and CoCo/OS-9 Archive. Should have what's available up in the next day or two.

2011 Sept. 22

  • Reworked the animated text design so it now looks like dot matrix on tractor feed paper. I like it -- and you better, too.

2011 Sept. 21

  • Finished adding Ira Goldlang's TRS-80 Revived library -- books (280 of 'em), magazines (nearly 1,000 individual issues spread across over a dozen different publications, including Micro-80, 80 US, CoCo Magazine, Softside, and even a series of Tandy comic books. But you gotta love the ads, such as "5 million byte" hard drive for ONLY $3750 (more than half the cost of a new car in 1980)) and manuals (hardware and software, and a few miscellaneous articles).

2011 Sept. 20

  • Added the SIMH Altair and YAZE-AG simulator mirrors.
  • Added the 3.7gb, 280-volume programmer's reference library from Ira Goldklang's site. Now 115k files, 17.8gb.
  • Re-orged Nathanael Culver collection; threw together a webpage for it to make the collection more accessible.

2011 Sept. 18

  • Trying to clean up and consolidate three separate "CP/M Miscellany" folders on my local system. I've uploaded a few hundred additional files to the "Nathanael Culver Collection". They're in there; good luck finding them.

2011 Sept. 17

  • Couldn't help tinkering, this time playing with the @font-face directive; I've changed up the site fonts to something decidely neither retro nor even courier-new-staid. I'm counting on the rest of the site design to carry the retro feel, though it's obviously struggling a bit more with a modern font.

2011 Sept. 16

  • Added Dave Brooks' Homepage, Mrynet, Matthew Reed's TRS-80 Emulator Site, 8N1, Pete C's TRS-80 Home Page at KJSL, TRS-80 Revived, David Keil's TRS-80 Computer Emulator Pages, Manmrk.net. Actually, some had already been uploaded, just hadn't updated the links pages.
  • Added links to the above; added a few links on the links page. Announced new stuff to comp.os.cpm.
  • No fiddling with site design today because I think it's looking pretty dang good now.

2011 Sept. 15

  • Added Tim Mann's TRS-80 site.
  • More fiddling with design: added the ASCII art banner; restyled links; changed links lists to ULs, left-justified them for improved appearance.

2011 Sept. 14

  • Uploaded the 2011 mirror of Ira Goldklang's site; the earlier mirror was uploaded yesterday. Added links to TRS-80 page.

2011 Sept. 13

  • More links added to the links page.
  • Added TRS-80 page; beginning to add mirror sites.
  • Reworked the CSS (stealing some ideas from Seattle Retro-Computing's site), and replaced the "CP/M Inside" graphic with an ascii art version. I think the site looks much better now.

2011 Sept. 12

  • Updated Links page - one broken link removed, several history links added.
  • Added the Nathanael Culver collection -- nearly 2gb of motley junk.

2011 Sept. 11

  • Switched typed-text javascript. The new one, from Pixel Art (http://www.thepixelart.com/create-a-typing-text-effect-using-jquery/), has the advantage that the text will still show even if javscript is disabled. It also has lots of other capabilities I'm not using.

2011 Sept. 10

  • Added the Rlee Peters Archive -- wow! what a collection. Thanks to David Griffith for suggesting it.
  • Added links to Pierogiorgio's site for many of the mirrors.
  • Added a search box, but it's not working yet. Need to investigate.

2011 Sept. 9

  • More work on html, switched most pages to php. Official announcement posted to comp.os.cpm.
  • Cleaned up site styling; got every page on the same page, as it were. Look-n-feel should now be entirely consistent cross-site.

2011 Sept. 8

  • Domain name registered, site switched over.

2011 Sept. 6

  • Got a full mirror of CB Falconer's site, and updated links to Hal Bower. Updated Minor-CPM-2.iso. Thanks to Michael Finn for the leads and links.
  • Fixed mime-type issue preventing people from downloading the 7-zipped ISOs. Thanks to Henk Siewert for reporting the problem.

2011 Sept. 5

  • What's new? Currently, everything. Site's been online less than a week, still not officially announced, and I don't have a permanent domain for it yet. Working on it!