The Z80 Instruction Set


History of CP/M
Architecture of CP/M

Using CP/M
Commands and the CCP
Programming with BDOS
The BIOS interface

The Z80 CPU
Architecture of the Z80
The Z80 instruction set

Software Tools
Installing an Emulator
Zip, ark, crunch, and urgh
Editors, Assemblers, Debuggers

Installing CP/M
Assembling a BIOS
Replacing the BDOS
Replacing the CCP

Memory Map
Data Structures

  These links will take you to tables that describe the Z80 instructions in detail. They are broken down into groups of similar instructions:

8-bit Load and Store - Using the general purpose registers
16-bit Load and Store - Using register pairs, index registers, and the stack pointer

1-bit Arithmetic - Set a bit, Clear a bit, Test a bit

8-bit Arithmetic - Add, Subtract, And, Or, etc.
8-bit Shift and Rotate - Shift left, Shift right, Rotate, Insert carry bit, etc.

16-bit Arithmetic - Add, Subtract, Increment, Decrement

Flag Control - Set carry flag, Clear carry, Enable and Disable interrupts
Program Flow - Jump, Conditional jump, Call subroutine

I/O - Input a byte, Output a byte
Block Instructions - Move block of memory, Search a block of memory, Input or Output a block

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