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These emulators are written in 80386 assembly language with a C++ front-end to provide a user friendly interface. All the TRS-80 emulation runs in assembly language for maximum speed. The start-up, configuration and virtual disk selection screens are written in C++. 

These programs emulate the TRS-80 Model 1, Model III, Model 4/4P & Color Computers. These microcomputers were popular in the 1980s. The emulators all function exactly like the real thing, including the ability to read and write real TRS-80 disks & cassettes.

Model 1
Emulator Info
Model III/4/4P
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Color Computer 1 & 2
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Why more emulators: 

These emulators are actually my second attempt at TRS-80 emulation. I wrote my first in 1993 and was just able to achieve full speed emulation with a 386-40 CPU. I wrote my first emulator as a practice in general hardware emulation and just to see if I could do it. I discontinued work on it after achieving full hardware emulation having proved I could indeed do it and freaking out some friends and Radio Shack managers, that I worked with during the 80's, by turning their 386 PCs into 2mhz TRS-80's. I posted my emulator on my BBS and several others but no interest was ever shown so the project died. 

Late in 1998 I felt it was time to revisit my TRS-80 emulator. I needed to brush up on my 80386 assembler and learn a new assembler and C++ and I felt this would be the perfect project. So I began writing the new emulator. It wasn't until I was almost finished with v1.00 that I went on the net and found my emulator wouldn't be the only emulator available. By this time however I was to far into it to stop. Now having achieved as close to a perfect emulation as possible I have begun work on a Color Computer emulator. When it's finished, who knows?

- I need your help -

If you have old TRS-80 & COCO disks filed away somewhere I need you to check if you have copies of original TRS-80 operating systems and copy protected program disks. I also need you to check for cassette tape software and TRS-80/COCO manuals.

The emulators support virtual cassettes and protected disks and I've already converted all the tapes and disks I have. I need your help to find more of them and preserve these last aspects of the TRS-80 & COCO era. If you have any copy protected disks or original cassette tape programs please e-mail me with information about them so that they can be converted to virtual form and be preserved and enjoyed by all.



You may download the complete emulators to experience the 1980's again without cost. Your only obligations are to inform me of any problems you have running the emulators. Send at least one e-mail telling me what you thought of the emulators. And last, if you find the emulators useful and intend to make real use of them please send a contribution of $10 (registers you for all the emulators) to: 

David Keil 
P.O. Box 143 
Alma Center, WI 54611

These emulators are the result of hundreds of hours of programming and debugging. Your contributions and comments help justify the time spent writting it and encourage me to continue updating and adding new hardware support for them.

TRS-80 Model 1 emulator v6.20 program distribution:

TRS-80 Model III/4 emulator v6.20 program distribution:

TRS-80 utility disks, specification disks and support programs:

TRS-80 Version 6.00 utility update file:

View the TRS-80 Model 1/III/4 emulator on-line documentation:

TRS-80 Color Computer emulator v1.22 program distribution:

COCO specification disks and support programs:

View the TRS-80 Color Computer emulator on-line documentation:

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