Welcome to the CP 500 website!

The cp500.com.br is a reworked version of my old website, mdutra.com. All the texts have been revised and updated, all the links have been tested and fixed, and a new visual has been adopted.

Here you will find the following content:

  • A brief introduction of the CP 500, with all instructions needed for one to have an emulated version of this machine in a PC.
  • A brief presentation of my virtual disk utility, the VDK-80, along with usage instructions and download links.
  • An extensive list of links to other websites related to the TRS-80 world, in the form of screenshots of the pages.
  • A brief presentation of my history with the CP 500, including digitized versions of two articles that I published in the past.

I hope you find some value in these pages. If you have comments and suggestions, feel free to send them through the contact form available here.