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History of S100Computers web site updates
This page contains a list of past changes made over time to this web site.  It's probably not of general interest.
If you wish to see recent changes/news etc. please click here.

4/23/2011        Update on Version 2 of the Zilog SCC Serial IO board
4/18/2011        Description of the Final ZFDC controller board4/10/2011Description of the final version of Propeller driven Consol IO Board
4/1/2011          Description of second version of Propeller driven Consol IO Board
3/15/2011        Bringing Up CPM3 for the First Time -- Writing a CPM3 BIOS for an IDE Hard Drive
3/14/2011        Updated S-100 Board IDE Drive Diagnostic software (MYIDE.ASM) and web page
3/14/2011        Added a 4K ROM based version of MYIDE.ASM (MYIDEROM.ASM) --   the diagnostic program for the S-100 IDE Board
3/06/2011        Added Instructions for Bringing Up a Banked Floppy Based Version of CPM3
2/26/2011        Bringing Up CPM3 for the First Time -- Writing a CPM3 BIOS for a FDC Board
2/1/2011          Further additions to the ZFDC board write-up. (3rd Prototype finished).
1/24/2011        Updated IDE Board diagnostic program
1/20/2011        Further additions to the ZFDC board write-up.
1/17/2011        Added links to the newest schematic of all New S100 Boards (at the bottom of each new boards page
12/25/2010       Update of Z80 Based S-100 FDC Board utilizing the Western Digital WD2793 Chip (Second draft)
12/6/2010        Updated a number of boards in the ECT company/history section
      Described construction notes of the final Z80 CPU board
      Described construction notes of the final PIC/RTC board
      Updated section on Boards For Sale with some of our newer bare boards
11/12/2010      Updated a number of boards in the S-100 Boards section
      A Z80 Based S-100 Floppy Disk Controller Board utilizing the Western Digital WD2793 Chip (First draft)
        Added update on second Z80 prototype board (running at 10MHz)
        Added construction notes for S-100 Serial IO Board
        Added construction notes for S-100 EPROM/RAM Board
        Described the final production board version of the S-100 bus extender board.
        Started write-up on the a prototype Z80 CPU S-100 Board.
8/22/2010        Added construction tips on assembly of Final System Monitor Board.
8/4/2010          Added a description of the S-100 Serial IO Board with speech sysnthesis and USB port chips.
7/27/2010        Added a popup dialog box to explain the use of the 74LS682 chip for bus addressing.
7/26/2010        Added a description of the S-100 Prototype board 7/24/2010 Added Section describing the new EPROM/RAM Board.
7/9/2010          Updated information on final version of PIC-RTC board with new video demos.
7/4/2010          Added some comments and suggestions at end of IDE Board section about the second batch of boards.
7/3/2010          Added description of new S-100 Extender Board
6/16/10            Added more detailed video showing single stepping functions with Version 2 of the SMB Board
6/4/2010          Added program & video showing the RTC chip interrupting the Z80 every 1 second using the PIC/RTC board
6/2/2010          Added picture and video of second draft of the S-100 PIC/RTC board in action
5/29/2010        Added picture of the second prototype version of the SMB Board
5/22/2010        Added section on the final version of the 4 MB Static RAM board. Updated construction instructions.
5/7/2010          Started a Section Containg Small Common Assembly Language Routines
5/7/2010          More work on Software section. Added downloads for all common CPM assemblers, linkers etc.
5/6/2010          Added extensively to the software section. Explained how to use CPM3 simulator
5/5/2010          Added a section for the MySYS NET/80 SBC
4/26/2010        An S-100 Interrupt Controller and Clock/Calendar board
4/21/2010        Added further information about the SMB board
4/13/2010        Added a description of the S-100 System System Monitor Board
3/25/2010        Added database for S100 Board status and orders
3/19/2010        Update on 4MB Static RAM Board. Prototype finished.
3/19/2010        Added section about the Intersystems Real Time Clock Board
3/19/2010        Added a section for Delta Products S-100 Boards
3/1/2010          Added section on Intersystems EPROM Emulator board
22/2/2010        First Description of the 4 MB Byte S-100 Static RAM Prototype Board
10/2/2010        Added a section describing the building of the S100 PC Keyboard Converter board and Software
1/31/2010        Updated IDE Board section with instructions about board building etc.
1/17/2010        Added patch to add 2716 EPROM to TDL SMB 1/17/2010 Added logic probe diagram to IA Z80 board.
1/2/2010          Added description of the  IBM PC keyboard to ASCII S-100 Converter board
1/1/2010          Updated many manuals and fixed broken links.
12/21/2009      Added picture of first prototype IDE board.
12/13/2009      Added information and pictures of Salota S-100 Boards
12/7/2009        Added new S-100 boards and info for Intersystem's, Advanced Digital and a few others.
12/6/2009        Added extensive software to the S-100 IDE board section to run CPM3 with it.
11/25/2009      Update Computalker and TDL SMB sections
11/14/2009      Updated my Z80 monitor section
11/8/2009        Debugging an S-100 System for Beginners
11/6/2009        Added Intersystem's 16-64K EPROM Board
11/5/2009        Added a new S100 IDE hard disk interface board to New Boards
10/16/2009      Added info and manual for TDL video board
9/25/2009        Added information about my Intersyystems Z80 CPU Board
9/17/2009        Added info about configurating the SD Systems Serial board to talk to a PC
9/10/2009        Added new Cromemco boards, updated info on others.
9/5/2009          Added info on Cromemco STDC board, Memory Merchant RAM & Mountain Hardware Boards
9/4/2009          Added Computalker & BusProbe boards
9/3/2009          Added ACOM 8088 CPU Board
9/2/2009          Added Lifeline IDE Controller and Heuristics Speechlab Boards
9/1/2009          Added SD-Systems I/O-8 Board and Harte Super-IO Board
8/21/2009        Added Piiceon, Measurement Systems  and updated Tarbell boards
8/20/2009        Added Romac H19 video, Multiflex boards  and Peak Electronics 68K board
8/20/2009        Added numerous board reviews from old Microsystems J. etc to various board sections
2/19/2009        Added info on Alpha Micro, Static Memory Systems, ECT  S-100 boards
8/14/2009        Added info on Scion MicroAngelo board
8/13/2009        Added info on BG Computer  and Konan S-100 boards
8/12/2009        Added info on TecMar, Pickles & Trout  and SemiDisk  S-100 boards
8/11/2009        Revamped the Seattle Computers Products boards section
8/11/2009        Added info on Omni and Fulcrum boards
8/10/2009        Added section on Advanced Digital Corp. boards
8/9/2009          Added more info on SD Systems boards (Other boards)
8/9/2009          Arranged index page of companies in alphabetical order
8//7/2009         Added section on XComp hard disk controller boards
8/6/2009          Added section on Macrotech boards
8/5/2009          Added section on I/O technology boards
8/4/2009          Added section on Teletek boards
8/2/2009          Added section for Lomas Data Products boards.
7/29/2009        Added and corrected sections for IMASI, DRC, S.C. Digital, Heathkit and Cromemco boards.
7/29/2009        Added section on S.C. Digital boards
7/28/2009        Added section on PMMI modems
7/28/2009        Added CompuPro Spectrum board and SSM 16K RAM
7/27/2009        Added sections for Seals Electronics, MITS FDC board, and Digital Research Computers boards
7/27/2009        Updated some CompuPro pictures sent by Richard Lvnch
7/26/2009        Added section on Ackerman Digital systems boards & Tarbell Electronics
7/25/2009        Added as section on Dynabyte (No manuals currently!)
7/24/2009        Added a small section on D.C. Hayes modem boards
7/22/2009        Added a section on Micropolis and their FDC
7/21/2009        Added a section on Matrox video boards      
7/21/2009        Added a section on Seattle Computer Products Boards
7/20/2009        Added Dual Systems S-100 boards information. (Still need quite a few manuals)
7/19/2009        Added Jade & Compu/Time S-100 boards info.
7/16/2009        Updated TDL, IMS, Polymorphic, IMSAI and Altair boards images
7/14/2009        Reformatted web site pages to have variable width text paragraphs.
7/12/2009        Started on CCS Boards
7/9/2009          Finished Solid State Music Boards, Wameco & PolyMorphic Systems
7/9/2009          Finished Altair and Processor Technology boards
7/6/2009          Finished IMS boards
6/19/2009        Started on NorthStar boards
6/18/2009        Started on IMSAI systems
6/14/2009        Started on CompuPro boards.
6/12/2009        Started entering info for Cromemco boards
6/8/2009          Added S-100 board info for SD Systems, TD, VG, Intersystems.
5/25/2009        Major work stated on site construction
12/15/2008      Started on site framework

This page was last modified on 09/16/2011