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Here is an index to the main sections of S100Computers.com:-

Home This web sites home page.
S-100 Boards This will be a growing list of S-100 boards with pictures and information about them.
History A brief history of S-100 Computers and a description of the bus itself
New Boards An ongoing documentary of new S-100 Boards
S100 Board debugging for beginners
    Intersystems Z80 Series II CPU Board
    Homebrew Front Panel Board
IDE to Hard Disk Controller Board
    An IBM PC keyboard to ASCII S-100 Converter board
    A 4 Megabyte S-100 Static RAM Board
    An S-100 Bus System Monitor Board
An S-100 Interrupt Controller and Clock/Calendar board
    An S-100 Extender Board
    An S-100 EPROM/RAM Board
    An S-100 Prototype Board
    An S-100 Serial I/O Board (with Speech Chip Synthesis and USB Port)
    An S100 Z80 Master CPU Board
    ZFDC Board (A Z80 based FDC board utilizing the Western Digital 2793)
A Dual Propeller Driven Console IO board.
Software This will be an on going collection of S-100 computers related software
Boards For Sale If you would like to sell any S-100 Boards let me know I will put them up here for free.
Forum A forum for fellow S-100 users to communicate with each other
Other Web Sites A list of some other web sites I found very helpful
Acknowledgements   Thanks to the hard work of many others over the years this site is possible. Listed here are some of the people that helped the most.
Quiz A quiz to test out how much you know about S-100 Computers.
History of Site Updates This is a diary listing of changes & updates to this web site (not of general interest).


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