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Other S-100 and Vintage Computer Web Sites On The Web

There are now many interesting S-100 and Vintage Computer web sites on the web. A number are maintained by individuals to share information with fellow computer owners or people simply interested in these computers. 

In particular I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of:-
Herb Johnson - For his early lead in documenting for all things S-100  (see below)
Howard Harte - Great source of .pdf files of manuals, pictures and Blog (see below)
Marcus Bennett - Probably the best storage of S-100 board pictures and manuals on the web (see below).
Dave Dunfield - Another outstanding source of images and information
Barry Watzman - Many of the .pdf files on board manuals on the web are his contributions a few years back.
Robert Kuhmann - His Cro's Nest web page is a great source of information for Cromemco boards
Richard Lynch - For  high resolution pictures of the very large diverse number of S-100 board he has sent me.
Erik Klein - Also for  high resolution pictures of the very large diverse number of S-100 board he has given me.
Mike Meier - For high resolution of some Teletek boards he has sent me.
Tim Paterson - For most of the Seattle Computer Products pictures and manuals he kindly provided
Gerrit Visser - For images and manuals of some unusual/rare boards (Romac, SD Systems 8SIO, Multiflex) he sent me.
John King - For the Newtech Music, IA  & TDL video boards with manuals he sent me.
Jim Scharfe - For history information on SD Systems and Macrotech
Anthony Stramaglia - for theComputalker CT-1 photo and scanning in all the associated documentation.
Steve Syuart - For his high resolution pictures of some Intersystems and Advanced Digital and other boards.
Wolfgang Peters - For information and pictures of Solata S-100 boards
Matt Turner - For the Digital Research Computers 16K ROM board manual.
John King - For manuals for Delta Products and Intersystems RTC boards .
Roman Sigmund - For picture and manual for the MySYS SBC.
Martin Eberhard - For pictures and manuals of a number of rare S-100 boards and his Altair/TTY combination.
Dennis Dupre' - For most of the ECT Inc.  pictures and manuals he kindly provided. 
David L DuPuy  - For images of images of some California Computers Systems Boards.
Michael Gregory - For his picture of what is probably the only remaining Cromemco Cyclops camera.
James Babcock - For information on the Scion MicroAngelo board and the company.
Peter Naus - For his beautiful hand done/colored updates of the Digital Research CPM3 manuals.
Roger Lewis - For a good picture of the Dual Systems 68K S-100 CPU board
Harry Zwicker -- For pictures of the DRC 64K Static RAM and Jade Serial I/O Boards
Paul McNeill -- For information on the Processor Technology 48K Dynamic RAM Board
Peter Skamangas -- For CompuPro Econoram XIV manual.
I have put together a list of web sites I have come across and found useful. If you have seen other sites worthy of mention or would like to have your site mentioned please let me know.  Note: They are in no particular order here.
Reterotechnology Web Site   http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/s100.html

This is a very well known site run by Herb Johnson. The site is text based but contains a wealth of information.  Herb probably has the largest supply of S-100 manuals of anybody in the world. He sells them for a small fee. If it's not there you are in trouble! He also sells some hardware including new versions of the Versafloppy II floppy disk controller.
Altair kit Web Site   http://www.altairkit.com/diffcompare.html

This is a web site run by Grant Stockly dedicated to the Altair 8080. ( What grant and his colleagues have done is gone back and remade the original Altair boards and computer box.  The workmanship is 2009 grade as opposed to what was available back in 1976. Nevertheless they have reproduced the S-100 boards exactly as they were intended. He has an active forum on this and related topics at http://www.stockly.com/forums

Daves Old Computers Web Site   http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield

Again a plain looking web site but a wealth of information. Dave Dunfield has put together a vast collection of information about vintage computers. S-100 computers are just one section. While only a dozen or so S100 companies are represented there is some great reading there about the history of the early S-100 days.
Harte Technologies   http://www.hartetechnologies.com/manuals/

This site is what its title says a collection of S-100 manuals in .pdf format. The site is run by Howard Harte. Howard had done us all a great service by providing a great (and growing) collection of manuals. He maintains a Blog as well.
Majzel   http://maben.homeip.net/static/S100/index.html

This is a sub-section of  a  web site of a British guy called Marcus Bennett who now lives in Lausanne Switzerland. He told me that he has dabbled with S100 since before 1980 and is still reluctant to let go! When not configuring AIX, SAN and Storage he is usually to be found imaging Cromemco diskettes for the website.

Manuals and pictures of many computers are covered. Don't let the plain interface fool you there is a lot there. See Cromemco for example. Another "must see" site.
Comp-OS-CPM Web Site   http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.cpm/topics

While not really a web site this is a discussion group hosted by Google. It is quite active and well  attended. Discussions go all over the map and are not really limited to CP/M.

This is a web site with a wealth of information about vintage computers in general. S-100 computers are represented but the site has pictures and info about all types form the 70's and early 80's. It is run by Erik Klein.

The site received a number of awards and has amongst other things its own forum at
OldComputers   http://oldcomputers.net/

Again a wealth of information about old computers of which S-100 computers are represented. There is real good information on some of the very early computers not seen in other sites.
Vector Graphics Home Page   http://vector-graphic.info/default.aspx

This site has got to take the prize as the most informative and best maintained S-100 computer company web site around.  Wouldn't it be great if there were others like this. A must see site.
Virtual Altair Web Site   http://www.virtualaltair.com/

Another fantastic store of S-100 specific knowledge. This one is mentioned by Tom Sanderson. It has great historical information about MITS and their early advertisements etc. Like stepping back in time.
CPM Web Site   http://www.cpm.z80.de/

This site will be a clearing house for CP/M software. This site is user supported. Much of the software posted here was donated by various individuals. The postings on this site are not yet complete. It is the goal of this site to be able to post every operating system, compiler, and utility that Digital Research produced for the 8080, Z80, Z8000, and 68000 processors.
Tec Labs Web Site   http://www.tech-systems-labs.com/s100.htm

Another source of S-100 board manuals and is some case high resolution pictures.
Gabies Home Page   http://www.gaby.de/ecpm.htm

A web site located in Germany. But has an English option. It is  another great Source for CPM information.
PC-History   http://www.pc-history.org/

Some of the best and most detailed accounts of early PC-company history are to be found here. Great reading.
N8VEM   http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/

The N8VEM Home Brew Computer Project is a very active group covering a number of computer hardware projects amongst which is a S-100 Bus sub section.  Andrew Lynch heads up the group. A wealth of information and great reading.

Bitsaver.org   http://bitsavers.org/

This is a great deposit of manuals for vintage computers in general. They have an extensive list of .pdf manuals for S-100 systems.
Sol20.org   http://www.sol20.org/index.html

This is a web site dedicated to the Sol Computer.  A great web site with plenty of documentation and programs for the Sol.
Cromemco   http://www.kuhmann.com/Cromemco/CrosNest.htm

This is a web site dedicated to Cromemco computer systems. It is probably the only site with information about the later 16 & 23 bit Cromemco boards. A must read for Cromemco users. Maintained by Robert Kuhmann
VintageNet   http://www.vintagecomputer.net

Again a wealth of information about old computers of which S-100 computers are represented. There is a forum group as well with good discussions on some of the very early computers not seen in other sites.
Computer Archaeology   http://www.speakeasy.org/~rzh/

This site has a great number of links to other sites amongst other things. Great reading.


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