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New S-100 Boards

This section of this web site is a detailed to many new S-100 boards I and others have recently constructed.  Still utilizing the basic IEEE-696 S100 bus format, we are incorporating modern designs into these new boards.  The long term goal being to adapt most major microprocessor chips (and support IC''s) to the S-100 bus.   We intend for example to have S-100 boards with master and slave CPU's like the 8086, 80286,80386, 80486 & Pentium  family, the 68000 Motorola family, all the way up to more recent CPU's like the Propeller and RISC/ARM chips.  This has been, and will continue to be, a multiyear project.  A core of enthusiastic people have got together to do this. As you read more please consider joining.  The growing list of new S-100 bare boards are listed here.  If you are interested in obtaining a board please contact me (see bottom of the home page), or Andrew Lynch at N8VEM. For those interested, the finished boards are typically available at cost (~$20 - $30 each, depending on demand). Remember this is a true hobby/non profit operation!  Support is limited.

By way of showing the evolution of these boards, I will describe my own S-100 IEEE-969 system.  This is a completely "homebrew system". Originally built in the early 1980's utilizing many of the S100 boards of that era.  As I add new S-100 boards, I will go into some detail in an effort to help others build similar systems or allow them revive S-100 systems they may have stored away or have recently acquired. 

While none of this is rocket science, it does require some degree of electronic knowledge, familiarity with the S-100 bus and for the software, a working knowledge of CP/M, CP/M86 and MS-DOS (Programs, BIOS & Drivers) .  If you wish to become more informed about the S-100 bus itself try and get your hands of the book "Interfacing to the S-100/IEEE696 microprocessors" by Sol Libs & Mark Garetz.  This book is commonly regarded as the "bible" for this field.

This will be a long term "work in progress" report. The index table below will direct you to new S-100 boards built or being tested.   See each boards section for more details.

Readers such as yourself are encouraged to participate either directly by contacting me via e-mail or via the forum on this site.

Here was my starting point for a S-100 system built with boards from the 80's. With this as a basis over time, we will swap out many of these boards into new more exciting and efficient boards using more modern IC's.

My Box With Arrows

My System Arrows2

Index Table Of New S-100 Boards  
As new additional prototype and final S-100 board are made they will be documented here:-a
Index To Hardware & Software Pages For My S-100 System
S-100 Board Debugging for Beginners.
Basic S-100 Box, Board Cage and Motherboard
Power Supply
Intersystem Z80 Series-II CPU Board
S-100 IDE interface board for IDE hard disks and Compact Flash Boards
An IBM PC keyboard to ASCII S-100 Converter Board
A 4 Megabyte S-100 Static RAM Board
An S-100 Bus System Monitor Board
An S-100 Interrupt Controller and Clock/Calendar Board
An S-100 Extender Board
An S-100 EPROM/RAM Board
An S-100 Prototype Board
An S-100 Serial I/O Board (with Speech Chip Synthesis and USB Port)
An S100 Z80 Master CPU Board
ZFDC Board (A Z80 based FDC board utilizing the Western Digital 2793)
A Dual Propeller Driven Console IO board.
A Floppy Disk Drive Unit
A 8086 CPU Board

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