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All .TIF files are scanned at 600dpi unless otherwise listed.
ProFiles Magazine
These ProFiles magazines were scanned in 300dpi color.
Volume 1
#2 September/October 1983 On the move!
#5 March/April 1984 Special Emphasis: Choosing Software
#6 May/June 1984 Writing and the Computer
Volume 2
#1 July/August 1984 In Search of Adventure
#2 September 1984 Educational Computing
#3 October 1984 Exploring telecomputing
#4 November 1984 Reno - Business Games
#5 Dec/Jan 1985 Stocking Stuffers, Special gifts section, Peripherals round up
#6 February 1985 Use a modem - Go to Jail?
#7 March 1985 Unique applications...
#8 April 1985 Famous users
#10 June 1985 Micros in the third world
Volume 3
#1 July/August 1985 $100,000 a year freelancing, Customizing WordStar
#2 September 1985 Discovering Treasures, CP/M educational software
#3 October 1985 Programming: Forging your own tools, Adding a hard disk
#4 November 1985 Special focus: Business, Accounting software, Do-it-yourself and commercial packages
#5 December 1985 The Z-System: A close encounter, RCPMs
#6 January 1986 Turbo tutorial, MS-DOS and CP/M, 1985 Subject Index
#7 February 1986 Beyond letter quality, Form letters
#8 March 1986 CP/M graphics
#9 April 1986 MS-DOS graphics
#10 May 1986 SPEED, Turbo Lightning, RAM disks, and UNIX like enhancements
#11 June 1986 CD-ROMs: New mass storage medium on the horizon, Business simulations
Volume 4
#1 July 1986 Idea processors: a creativity explosion, Third Anniversary Issue
#3 September 1986 Programming series
#4 October 1986 Relational data bases - A brand new ballgame, 2400bps modems
#5 November 1986 Online with CompuServe: The Kaypro Connection, Software for the individual investor
#6 December 1986/January 1987 Desktop Publishing, File Conversion, Program Planning the Professional Way
#7 February 1987 Electronic Mail: Choosing the service that's right for you, Maximizing your printers' capability with dBASE
#8 March 1987 Laser Printers, Mailing List Managers
#9 April 1987 Information Services, a Beginner's Guide to Telecommunications, Add-On hard disks for CP/M computers
#10 May 1987 Automatic data entry with bar code, The Electronic Shopping Mall, First Impressions of WordStar 4.0, Patch Points
#11 June 1987 Ventura Publisher, Teaming up SORT with MailMerge, Planning vacations online
#12 July 1987 Comparing WordPerfect and Microsoft Word, Lotus Macros: A Tutorial
Volume 5
#1 August 1987 The 386: More power to you, a First Session with dBASE III, Desktop Publishing
#2 September 1987 See your presentations come alive with business graphics
#3 October 1987 Scanners give your computer "Photographic Memory"
#4 November 1987 Task switching software: Juggle programs with ease and speed.
#5 December 1987 Microsoft Windows: First session with Windows, Windows means business, Data Encryption, More Perfect Writer
#6 January 1988 Personal Finance software, Start Organized, Reflex, 1987 Subject Index, WordStar 4.0 - For CP/M...finally
#7 February 1988 PC FAX Boards - From Anchorage to Zaire in an instant
#8 March 1988 Unleash the secret powers of WordStar 4.0, Going online with Procomm, GW-BASIC Graphics, Lotus Killer
#9 April 1988 Prepare for disaster: Backup your data, Borland vs Microsoft in the Battle of BASIC Compilers, XTREE, WordStar
#10 May 1988 Power and Performance: Spreadsheets in the modern age, Data Transfer - The PC to MAC connection
#11 June 1988 Hypertext: Easy Path Through the Information Maze, Turbo Charge your Kaypro PC
#12 July 1988 The Poor Man's LAN: Share your printers and modems, Become a Hard Disk Expert
Volume 6
#2 September 1988 We have lift off! Accelerator Boards take your PC to New Heights
#3 October/November 1988 Printer Programming, Paradox 2, Get Organized with WordPerfect
Finding Products (1986)

V-Edit Pro Docs
Full docs for v2.03 & 2.33 vedit_plus_manual.zip

Borland Turbo Pascal v3.0 Manual
This manual covers both the CP/M and MS-DOS versions of the compiler.
Many thanks to Fred Jan Kraan for taking the time to convert the manual to
Adobe Acrobat format.

Front Cover tp3_cover-front.jpg
Table of Contents tp3_toc.pdf
Chapter 1 tp3_01.pdf
Chapters 2 to 13 tp3_02-13.pdf
Chapters 14 to 16 tp3_14-16.pdf
Chapters 17 to 20 tp3_17-20.pdf
Chapters 21 to 24 tp3_21-24.pdf
Appendices tp3_app.pdf
Index tp3_idx.pdf
Back Cover tp3_cover-back.jpg

CompuPro Concurrent DOS 8-16 Documentation
Customization Guide for Concurrent DOS 8-16 Customization_Guide_For_Concurrent_Dos_8-16.pdf
Installation Guide for Concurrent DOS 8-16 CDOS_Installation_guide.pdf

Kaypro Technical Manual
Technical Reference.
Covers 2, 2/84, 2X, 4, 4/84, 4X, 10, Robie, 12X, New 2 and 1.
Contains table of contents and 286i data. kaypro_general.pdf
Troubleshooting Guide. kaypro_troubleshooting.pdf
Kaypro 16. kaypro_16.pdf

CP/M 68K Documentation
CP/M 68k System Guide cpm68_sysguide.pdf
CP/M 68k User Guide, Part 1 of 2 cpm68_userguide_pt1.pdf
CP/M 68k User Guide Part 2 of 2 cpm68_userguide_pt2.pdf
C Programmer's Guide to CP/M 68k cpm68_c_prog_guide.pdf
CP/M 68k Programmer's Guide, Part 1 of 2 cpm68_prog_guide_pt1.pdf
CP/M 68k Programmer's Guide, Part 2 of 2 cpm68_prog_guide_pt2.pdf

CP/M Programming
Lisp-80 lisp80.pdf
muLisp & muStar mulisp_mustar.pdf
muMath & muSimp mumath_musimp.pdf
RML Algol-60 rml_algol60.pdf
Microsoft BASIC-80, Part 1 of 2 basic80_pt1.pdf
Microsoft BASIC-80, Part 2 of 2 basic80_pt2.pdf
C Library v3.2 for C/80, Part 1 of 2 clib_pt1.pdf
C Library v3.2 for C/80, Part 2 of 2 clib_pt2.pdf

GEMDOS Specification Version 8 gemdos_spec_v8.pdf

BIOS Listing for CP/M v2.2.04 cpm22_04_bios.pdf
TMSI Superset ROM for H/Z-19 and H89/Z90 superset_rom.pdf
CP/M v2.2.04 Manual, Vol I cpm_guide_vol1.pdf
CP/M v2.2.04 Manual, Vol II - Part 1 of 2 cpm_guide_vol2_pt1.pdf
CP/M v2.2.04 Manual, Vol II - Part 2 of 2 cpm_guide_vol2_pt2.pdf
H-88/H-89/Z-89/Z-90 Configuration Guide h89_config_guide.pdf
Z-89/Z-90 Operation Manual h89_op_manual.pdf

Ampro LittleBoard
This documentation covers both the 1A and 1B revisions of the LittleBoard/Plus. It also includes full schematics and part listings.
Ampro LittleBoard/Plus Technical Manual, Part 1 of 3 ampro_lb_1.pdf
Ampro LittleBoard/Plus Technical Manual, Part 2 of 3 ampro_lb_2.pdf
Ampro LittleBoard/Plus Technical Manual, Part 3 of 3 ampro_lb_2.pdf

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