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Hello! My name is Miguel Dutra and you have just reached my personal homepage.

When I created this website I had great plans. Then, I realized that in order to make everything I had in mind, it would be needed to dedicate much more time than I'd like to. So, I decided to simplify.

What you are going to find here is, basically, part of my past. I really enjoyed programming computers and one of the first ones that I had contact with was a CP500 from Prologica. The CP500 was sold as a professional-oriented machine and its computing power was just a fraction of what you can get from the simplest mobile phone nowadays. Besides that, it enchanted me. One page of this website is dedicated to that machine.

Another page is dedicated to programming, a hobby that I keep to these days. Since 2009 I've been working on a program to access CP500 and TRS-80 virtual floppy disks available on the Internet. Programming is my hobby since I was 13 and it is also an escape when I'm tired of everything else.

Programa rastMicro sistemas 93

In 1990, when I was 16, I published an article in the Brazilian magazine Micro Sistemas, which was very popular among the computer users at the time. Computer virus was a hot topic then, and that subject also fascinated me, so I sent to the magazine a program written in BASIC whose purpose was to detect the virus Friday 13th in PC files.

A few months later, in that same year, I sent a more elaborated article which turned up becoming that issue's cover history and subject of the editorial letter. I got so proud! It was a triple vaccine developed in Turbo Pascal to fight the most common viruses at the time: Friday 13th, Stoned and Ping Pong. After those, I created several other programs yet more interesting and elaborated, many of them related to the security field, and I kind of regret for not having them published.

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