TRS-80 Printer Utilities

This package contains mostly spoolers and filters. I don't recall why a print spooler was required.

driver This is billed as a "new printer driver". That's quite a feat for 9 lines of code. It appears that this code was intended to allow me to pause printout by pressing one of the keyboard keys.

pcopy This program copies a file to the printer.

pfilt This program filters out "rubbish" from the printer - only allowing 0x08, 0x0d from among the ASCII control characters. It won't help much against attempting to print an executable, but maybe it lets a CP/M text file be printed without the LFs.

ptrfilt This one filters out Ctrl-N and Ctrl-O characters. I think those characters were for boldface, or maybe double-width.

spool There's a program here to spool from printer to disk file. It used the *NAME mechanism (useful to send a command to a resident program). There's another pair of programs which look like they communicate, one being an end-user application and the other being a driver.

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