Date Posted: 01Mar11
--------------------  A Wordstar 2.2, 3.0 or 3.3 addon to allow graphics printing

Date Posted: 08Jun98
--------------------  Wordstar 3.3 for CP/M-86 DataStar for CP/M-80    SuperSort for CP/M-80 WordMaster for CP/M-80 WordStar 3.3 for CP/M-80/Kaypro Magic Wand word processor.
             Configured for Heath/Zenith 19 or 89.
             Will also work on the Zorba since that machine uses
             H19 emulation. 

Date Posted: 10Jun98

MIXED110.ZIP Mix Editor v1.1.0

PERF103.ZIP  Perfect Writer v1.03

WS30.ZIP     Wordstar V3.0

TED86.ZIP    TED for CP/M-86

Date Posted: 30Jul98

WS4.ARK      Wordstar 4.0

WS226.ZIP    Wordstar v2.26 [May be German]

SPELSTAR.ZIP SpellStar v3.30

VSPELL.ZIP   VSpell v1.06

Date Posted: Prior to 15Oct2000; removed prior to 5Aug2001


Date Posted: 25Aug98

NW.ZIP       NewWord v3.01 for CP/M-86.  WS3 derivative.
             Author company was purchased by MicroPro and NewWord was re-released
             as WordStar 4.0 [History by submittor]

PIE.ZIP      A "Nifty little text editor" for the H/Z-89
             Will also work on computers that emulate the H/Z-89.
             Docs included.

WS4.TXT      Patch info for WS4

Date Posted: 30May99

WS4_MBEE.ZIP Wordstar 4.0 for the MicroBee

FFONT.ZIP    Fancy Fonts document printer

FFONTDOC.ZIP Documentation for Fancy Fonts

PROOFRED.ZIP Proofreader v4.10 - Grammar checker

S_WRITER.ZIP SuperWriter v1.02 word processor

T_MAKER2.ZIP T/Maker v4.01 Word processor/database/spreadsheet

THEWORD.ZIP  The Word word processor

SMARTKEY.ZIP SmartKey II WordStar addon

Date Posted: 16Apr01

This file is PeachText 5000 circa 06/1983. PeachText is a WordStar work-alike,
and also includes PeachCalc V2.10. I believe this is set up for a Kaypro IV, 
but I have no way of testing that presently.

Date Posted: 07Jan02

TEX.ZIP    Digital Research TEX v1.0

Date Posted: Prior to 15Oct2000; removed prior to 5Aug2001

VEDIT.ZIP    Early versions of VEdit for CP/M-86 and (v1.3) Z80 CP/M.

Date Posted: 09Mar08

VEDIT_D1.ZIP    Disk #1 of V-Edit Plus v2.33b
VEDIT_D2.ZIP    Disk #2 of V-Edit Plus v2.33b