This page supports the ongoing GEM developement effort since it's release under the GNU Public Lisence. The files found here are to be considered very raw. They will include source code, binary, and documentation.

GEM files

GEM is a GUI desktop environment produced by Digital Research about the time that MicroSoft did the first version of Windoze. MS won, unfortunately. :-( Please don't confuse these files with the GEM source code found elsewhere on this site. This code is for IBM PC class machines. Well, most of it is. GEM also runs on the Atari ST. It is modified somewhat, but some apps are compatible.


Caldera has just released the source for GEM, and related products, to the public domain, under the GPL; the GNU Public Lisence. The sources will be available here first. :=) Since it is now GPL'd, you can do pretty much whatever you want to with it as long as you honor the GPL lisence included with the files.

The first offering will be the source for GEM itself. This source is RAW. That means that it doesn't necessarily compile into a running program. It will take the efforts of some talented programmers to clean it up, and turn it into a solid, viable, operating system. I believe that there are several people out there who are more than capable of doing this.

The ZIP files have the make files, and compilers, so building the code should be possible. PLEASE! When someone gets this source to build, and run, PLEASE write up the instructions describing "how-to" do it, and send them to me. I will post them along with the source files for the next person to use. Also, if anyone fixes problems with these sources, please send them to me, and I will post them here.

We now have the full source presentation for GEM/3. The GEM source is in multiple parts. The first part is very large. Sorry, that's just the way it packed up. The other parts present the GEM Resource Construction Set, the GEM Programmers Kit, and some helpful files for building the sources.

GEMFULL : 3.4MB GEMFULL.ZIP contains the full sources to GEM/3 v3.13, which includes the AES, DESKTOP and GDOS sources, as well as the binaries. It also includes all the video driver sources and the printer driver sources. The archive also contains the sources for the installation programs. Use PKUNZIP -d to unpack it, and restore the directory structure.

GEMRCS : 941K GEM Resource Construction Set. GEMRCS.ZIP is an application. It's used for creating dialog boxes & such.

GEM PROGRAMMERS TOOLKIT : 414K This is the Programmers Tool Kit for GEM/3. To install the PTK, unzip the GEMPTK.ZIP file into a temp directory, start GEM and run INSTALL.APP. If you have problems with the installer not finding files, edit INSTALL.TXT - this file has all the file locations and destinations in it.

GEMBUILD : 5K *** UPDATED 05/03/99 *** This file now conatins the GEMMAKE file described below. This zipfile contains the batch file and support files needed to build the GEM/3 desktop from the source included in the primary GEM/3 source archive. Thanks to Ken Mauro for his work on this!

GEMMAKE : 1K Here is a batch file, and some instructions, to make it easier to make the sources for GEM.

GEMTOOLS : 55K Here is a listing of what tools are needed to build the various sections of the GEM source, along with a shareware MAKE utility that can be used to build some parts of GEM.

The GEM Programmers' Workbench : 41K The GEM Programmers' Workbench is C source code for the construction of the standard parts of GEM applications. It collects common routines into a library. It was written by Dylan Harris for Software Experts Ltd.. It is now being released by Dylan Harris of Cyberspace Services Ltd. under the terms of the GNU Public Licence. This version requires the GEM Programmers' Toolkit, and version 2 of the Lattice C compiler. You can see more information at the official Gem Programmers' Workbench site, including documentation

GEMPORT : 867K GEMPORT is a Digital Research kit designed to assist the porting of GEM to 8086, 68K+ and VMS/10 systems. It contains everything necessary to get going, including a compiler, an assembler, a linker, and lots of source code - all you need is an existing system.

XMGEM : 551K Does multi-tasking. Some source, and binary, included.


VIEWMAX is a late incarnation of GEM. Here is the source for it. Have fun with it. :=) PLEASE BEWARE! The VIEWMAX source code is BETA, and will probably NOT compile to a stable, running, system. It will likely be best for perusing, and grabbing code snippets from. If anybody gets it to run stably, PLEASE let me know. I'll gladly post it so others can enjoy it too.

VIEWDESK SOURCE : 573K *** Updated 05/06/99 *** This is the desktop for ViewMAX II, Beta 3. This was a project, code named "Panther" at Digital Research, that was never finished.

VIEWMAX AES SOURCE : 278K This is the AES (Application Environment Services) for ViewMAX II, Beta 3. This, in conjunction with VM_GDOS will Should build a complete ViewMAX distribution. Please note that the file "VIEWMAX" in this archive is corrupt. That's how I got it. There is another file of the same size that can be renamed to "VIEWMAX" if you don't want to build the sources.

VIEWMAX GDOS : 94K VIEWMAX GDOS source. This is the source for the GDOS portion of the ViewMAX/GEM kernel. It compiles down to VIEWMAX.EXE - *** THIS IS BETA CODE ***. The archive also includes the compilers required to assemble and compile the source. Here's a batchfile that will compile and link the ViewMax(gemvdi portion).

VIEWMAX ICONS : 4K Here are all the icons that VIEWMAX uses. (Or so I'm told.)

LOAD HIGH FOR GEM : 24K Here is a load high program that can help you save lots of memory in that sacred lower 640. Includes source.

GEMSPEC : 20K This is a rare internal DRI document. It is a specification for GEM on a ATARI hardware platform. This includes references to the GEMDOS found here.

DEVELOPERS KIT FOR ATARI : 393K Here is the distribution developers kit for GEM on the ATARI, copyright DRI, or so I'm told. :=)

GEM NOTES : 7K Here is a detailed listing of packages, dates, and version numbers for GEM. This file is a good place to get started with GEM. It was written by one of the most knowledgable people I've met about GEM, and contains some great info. *** UPDATED *** 03/12/98.


This version of GEM is for a GERMAN audience. I assume that means that all messages will be in German. There is a README.TXT (which is in ENGLISH) file in each ZIP file that will help you install the system.

GEM SYSTEM files : 613K System files for GEM.

GEM DRIVER files : 688K Batch 1 of drivers for GEM.

GEM DRAW : 174K A graphics drawing program for GEM.

More GEM DRAW files : 83K Batch 2 of GEM DRAW. Sample files; borders, clipart.

GEM WORD PLUS : 297K A text editor I believe.

TURBO PASCAL LIBRARIES : 106K Here are some TURBO PASCAL libraries for GEM. This package looks pretty complete, and the source code is pretty easy to read,. but the source is not well commented. All messages, and documentation, are in GERMAN. Will require TURBO PASCAL v4.0 or greater as it uses UNITS.

This package was previously sold as shareware, but is distributed here free for non-commercial purposes with the permission of the author.

English translation : 3K *** UPDATED 07/11/99 *** English translation of the documentation for the Turbo Pascal bindings by Jan Willamowius in plain text format.



DESKTOP v1.1 : 178K GEM desktop v1.1.

GEM UPDATE : 149K Update for old versions of GEM v?.?. Probably to remove the trash can.

DESKTOP v1.2 : 84K GEM desktop v1.2.

GEM v1.2 : 613K Here is a copy of the retail version of GEM; v1.2.

GEM for Tandy : 397K GEM for Tandy 1000, 1200, and 2000 computers. Version 1.2.

DESKTOP v1.3 : 611K GEM desktop v1.3.

DESKTOP v1.4 : 471K GEM desktop v1.4.

DESKTOP v1.5 : 471K GEM desktop v1.5.

DESKTOP v1.6 : 471K GEM desktop v1.6.

GEM v2.0 SYSTEM FILES : 447K GEM system files including the Desktop. *** UPDATED *** 1-3-98.

DESKTOP v2.1 : 698K GEM desktop v2.1.

GEM Version 2.2U for the PC : 1.2mb GEM v2.2u with First WORD and GEMPAINT.

DESKTOP v3.0 : 1.2mb GEM desktop v3.0.

DESKTOP v3.0 : 904k GEM for PC, v3.0. Supports Herc, EGA.

Yet another copy of GEM 3.x : 932K I'm not sure if there's anything new in this one, but here it is.

GEM v3.01d : 1.6mb GEM v3.01D. Is this the last version of GEM? It is the latest version I've seen. This archive contains the disk images for GEM as well as a copy of FIRST WORD, and GEM PAINT.

GEM PRINTER DRIVERS : 138K Printer drivers for GEM. Version compatibility unknown.

GEM 3.0/VIEWMAX 1.0 : 234K This is a copy of an advanced version of GEM. Looking at the binary for VIEWMAX.EXE, I see text describing it as both GEM 3, and VIEWMAX. It should run on any version of DR-DOS from v5 up, or MS-DOS 3.1 and up. I am told that, while it will run on MS-DOS, some features will not work unless you're using DR-DOS.

Viewmax from DRDOS 6.0 : 226K Exact version unknown.This version needs DRDOS for the task switcher TASKMAX to be loaded in order to work.


NOTE : ARTLINE was written by CCP, and distributed by Digital Research. It is posted here with permission of CCP, who is still around, and may have many nice surprises for GEM lovers in the near future. Check out their site. These are some real cool people. :=)

ARTLINE v1.1 : 315K Here is ARTLINE v1.1. I believe that it is intended to run with GEM 3+.

ARTLINE v 2 for GEM/4 : 3mb This archive Artline is made up of 79 files some of which are already compressed and need the Artline setup to uncompress them. As well as the Artline applications there is a complete copy of GEM 4, an updated output application, a few sample files, etc, conversion utilities, memory managers, and so on. This realy is a very major piece of software which in some respects can hold it,s own against todays software, for instance it has an outline bit image trace facility which I have not seen elsewhere.

GEM First Word Plus Version 2.0 : 231K It came with GEM 3.01, has been tried with 3.11 though it will not print properly.

DR Doodle : 12K One would assume that this is a graphics drawing program with a name like that.

DR DOODLE V2.0 : 12K DR DOODLE version 2.

GEM DRAW : 178K This may be the same as the one above, but just in case it's not, here it is.

GEMDRAW v2.0 : 175K GEMDRAW v2.0.

GEM DRAW : 177K GEM DRAW v1.0 (4/85). Vector based drawing and samples libraries.

GEMGRAPH : 137K GEMGRAPH ver unknown.

GEMGRAPH v2.0 : 182K Another copy of GEMGRAPH.

DRAW LIBS : 170K LIbraries for GEM DRAW.

GEM DRAW Business Library : 99K This library has a short Instruction booklet in the form of a number of GEM files and a LIS file allowing them to be viewed or printed via Output.

GEMGRAPH v1.0 : 185K GEMGRAPH v1.0.


GEMPAINT v1.0 : 57K GEM PAINT version 1.0.


GEMPAINT : 147K GEM PAINT v2.0 for GEM/3.

GEMPAINT v2.0 : 50K GEM PAINT version 2.0

GEM PROGRAMMERS TOOLKIT : 265K This is the GEM Programmers Toolkit v3.0. I have a manual for this. Its' in the queue behind all the rest.


GEM PUBLISHER v2.0 : 326K GEM PUBLISHER release 2.


GEM WORDCHART : 235K WORDCHART version unknown.

GEM WRITE v1.0 : 92K GEM WRITE v1.0.

GEM Developers Kit for the Atari ST

Here is the GEM Developers Kit for the Atari ST. This is basically the ALCYON C compiler and tools for CP/M-68K recompiled to run under GEMDOS. The object formats produced by these tools are the same as those produced by the CP/M-68K tools and as such it should be possible to use these tools to get a CP/M-68K system up and running. The PaCifiST ST emulator for the PC can read the disks and run the tools. The disk images may be a little bit damaged as the drive used to make the copies all those years ago was a 77 track 3.5 inch drive and the original disks were 80 track ones. As a result the last 3 cylinders actually contain a copy of the 77th cylinder. All the important files should be intact but one or two of the doc files are corrupted. (at least 2 files are bad; me.ttp which is micro emacs and theguide which is a doc file). I have posted two copies of the files. The first is the disk image files which you would need to run the system on an emulator. These are straight sector dumps of the disks. The second file is the contents of the disks extracted to one directory.

GEMKIT Disk Images : 406K

GEMKIT Files : 405K


GEM VDI MANUAL : 76K This is volume 1 of the Gem Programmers Manual, in plain ASCII format. It covers the VDI.


CIRRUS LOGIC DRIVERS for GEM : 52K 800x600, and 1024x768 drivers for Cirrus Logic.

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