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Here, in one place, are all the manuals we have for Digital Research software products. These manuals have been produced by scanning, and ocr'ing, the originals. Where possible, the look and feel of the original has been preserved as much as possible. The manuals presented here have been through an extensive clean-up process. OCR is not an exact art, at least not in the affordable software available for the PC, so a seperate cleanup process is necessary to produce a pretty manual.

At the bottom of this page you will see a link to some manuals that have been scanned, and ocr'd, but not cleaned up. You can also participate in getting these manuals cleaned up.


Caldera owns the software, but I consider these manuals to be public domain. They should not be sold; only given away. Note that Caldera still owns the software. It may be used freely for individuals, and non-profit use. If the software is used for commercial use, you must contact Caldera for a license. The manuals are still free.

NOTE : Due to space restrictions, this site will no longer present manuals in PDF format, or HTML viewable on-line. Any available HTML manuals will be backaged for download, and use on a local hard drive only. Sorry! The space for this site is donated by our hosts, and we must be careful of the amount of disk space we use.


CP/M 1.x

CP/M 1 MANUAL : 98K The manual is presented as a plain ASCII text file. It may be of some historical interest.

CP/M 1.3 Introduction : 35K Here is the Introduction manual for CP/M 1.3 in Postscript format.

CP/M 2.2

CP/M 2.2 MANUAL in HTML for download. This manual should be viewed with an advanced browser. It is not compatible with text-only browsers.

CP/M 2.2 POSTSCRIPT MANUAL : 360K This is the CP/M 2.2 manual in PostScript format.

GSX DOC FILES : 39K GSX for CP/M manual in plain ASCII text.

CP/M 3

CP/M 3.0 POSTSCRIPT MANUAL : 1033K CP/M 3.0 manual in postscript format .


USER'S GUIDE : 849K CP/M-68K Users Guide.

PROGRAMMERS GUIDE : 1.2mb CP/M-68K Programmers Guide.

C PROGRAMMING GUIDE : 483K CP/M-68K C language Programming Guide.

SYSTEM GUIDE : 695K CP/M-68K System Guide.


GSX-86 MANUAL : 164K GSX-86 manual in Postscript.


MP/M 1 Users Guide : 184K MP/M 1 users guide in Postscript format.


MP/M II User's Guide : 434K MP/M II User's guide in Postscript format.

MP/M II System Manual : 159K MP/M II System Guide. This is the one you need to port MP/M II to new hardware. The ZIP file includes a mostly finished clean-up version, in MS-WORD format, as well as the original ASCII scanned version. This is for reference for the sections that haven't been fully cleaned up.



CBASIC2 : 290K CBASIC v2 in postscript format. This manual is for the 8080/Z80 version of CBASIC. Use with CP/M-80, version 1.4 or higher.

LINK 80 : 151K LINK 80 Postscript manual. Use with CP/M-80 or MP/M-80. Note that the LINK-80 manual also contains a chapter on RMAC, and detailed discussions on support for PL/I-80.

LINK-80 manual in HTML. : 69K Just un-zip the files into an empty directory, then point your web browser at the index.htm file.

Pascal MT+ HTML VERSION : 142K

PASCAL MT+ LANGUAGE Manual : 123K Pascal MT+ v5.6.1 manual in postscript format.

Pascal MT+ : 126K Pascal MT+ manual in plain text format. This should be the full Pascal MT+ manual.

Pascal MT+ - SPEED PROGRAMMING PACKAGE : 39K Pascal MT+ SPEED PROGRAMMING manual in plain text format.


PROGRAMMERS UTILITIES for the IBM/PC : 53K Covers RASM 86, XREF 86, LINK 86, and LIB 86. This manual was part of the Digital Research C for the PC manual, but can be usd with these utilities stand-alone.

SID : 48K SID manual in plain text format. Use with CP/M-80, or MP/M-80.

ZSID Manual : 13K ZSID-80, in a plain text file. Use with CP/M-80, or MP/M-80.


I am sponsering a user program to get manuals prepared for distribution. I will scan, and OCR, them, and post the results here. I will then work with anyone who will volunteer to clean them up, and make them presentable.

If you would be willing to help, please check out what I have scanned, download it, and go to it. If you do, PLEASE co-ordinate with me so we don't have several people working on the same manual.

If you are desperate for a manual, you can take one from this page and try to use it. Just understand that it won't be pretty.

Most of the problems introduced by the OCR process are pretty straightforward. For those that aren't, there are several ways to address them. If you have another copy of the manual you are working on, you can refer to it to fill in the blanks in problem areas. If not, you can contact me, and I will re-scan the problem pages, then email them to you in TIFF format You can then either view them on-screen, or print them out. You will then have a copy of the page in question to refer to. I will only do this on selected pages as the TIFF files are huge.

This will be a community effort. When you get something done, send it back to me, and I will post it. Some have already been done this way, and are now available for use. :=)


Here's a list of what I have in-stock in the way of manuals. This list may be incomplete, but it will be close. If there is something on this list that you especialy want, and the scanned data is not present below, drop me a line, and I will try to get it scanned next.



CP/M 1.3/1.4 This one, I'm not going to scan unless I get a specic request for it.


CB80 : 672K

CP/M-86 GENERIC : 278K

CP/M-86 for the IBM PC : 206K

CP/NET : 486K

DESPOOL for CP/M 1.4 or 2.2 : 5K


DR C : Programmers Guide : 65K

MAC : 120K

MP/M I : 77K

MP/M II Programmer's Guide : 130K

PL/I Programmers Manual : 160K In work.


RASM-86 : 30K

TEX : 138K

XLT-86 : 30K

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