Charles B. Falconer
66 Bay Woods Rd.,
Bristol, ME 04539        Phone: (207) 563-1656
Senior Software Engineer.  Interesting Position developing software and/or embedded systems. Improvements/correction of existing software acceptable.
Computer Programming and Hardware, Systems Programming,
Assembly language, C, C++, Pascal, others.
Hardware/Software integration.
Communications Systems, Embedded Systems.

2002- Retired.

Various public domain and free licensed packages.

2000-2001 Otis Elevator, Farmington, CT.

Created Communications drivers on a system running PSOS.  The drivers were written in ANSI C as an addition to an existing system.  The linkage between the old and new modules was minimized.

These drivers interfaced and responded to a pre-existing protocol, with various timing restrictions, while reporting to application level processes.

Created various ancillary software tools.

1988-1999 American Payment Systems, Hamden, CT.
Created embedded systems and sub-systems using Verifone terminals and support software. Applications programmed solely in C. Support software in various languages. Upgraded systems for Y2K failings.
1998-1998 Baran Institute, Windsor, CT
Not germane to this application. Teaching electronics to rank beginners.
1990-1995 Non-Profit Environmental organization, New Haven, CT
Field Manager
Not germane to this application. Lobbying/fund-raising.
1989-1996 Consultant
Implemented the control system for a microwave communications system using Microchip PIC and various PLAs (Programmed logic arrays). Created a pseudo-concurrent system on this chip that allowed software flexibility, modularity, and maintainability.

Created general purpose forms system for Unix and PCs in ANSI standard C, as a module called by a database application. This filled multiple forms and ensured consistency. It involved a graphics form image with a language (created) to describe entries and their formats, interconnections, and limits, together with print drivers.

Created an i/o driver for Windows NT - card reader/cash register
1987-1989 D.S. Davidson Co., North Haven, CT
Created minimized (VERY low cost) hardware and software to read a non-standard phase encoded tape written by an existing system.

Created a remote nuclear radiation detection and analysis system, controlled over RS232 lines (e.g. modem) which presented displays on the master PC system. This involved on-the-fly data compression/expansion for transmission (using LZW compression) which decreased transmission time by a factor of 4.

1986-1987 Consultant
Corrected and documented Municipal software in COBOL

Rewrote payroll system operating under a database, eliminating data loss under system failures, annual rewrites for such things as tax rates (incorporated into data base) and isolation of software modules for future maintenance.

1974-1986 Yale University New Haven, CT
Chief Instrumentation Engineer, School of Medicine.
Responsible for all systems for laboratory medical tests and data processing in conjunction with main-frame database.
Designed a flexible bus-based microprocessor system (8080) with ancillary cards (Note - 1974, when no such systems could be bought). Reliability and cost were primary objectives.
Created all system software, including ROM based operating system, assemblers, compilers, linkage editors, etc. The compiler met ANSI/ISO standards and operated on both the mainframe and the micro system. Output code operated free-standing (the usual ROM based embedded installation without any disks) and under an operating system with binary interchangeability.

Applications under this system included:

  • Message Distribution, mainframe to 50+ printers
  • Data Collection system, remote to mainframe
  • Chromatograph reduction system,
  • Electrolytes testing and reduction
  • Glucose/Protein testing and reduction
  • Coulter counters data reduction.
  • Education:  McGill University, Honors Mathematics and Physics.