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CP/M Communications Programs

BYE510F.LBR1672966/08/90( ) required for most BBS's
C128-PX8.TXT435210/30/88( ) Transfer data 'tween C128 and PX-8
EPPXMDM3.CQM154883/06/88( 1) Another Term for the PX-8
FILECO.EXE444168/11/88( ) transfer files 'tween PC and PX
HBBS-1.LBR2201609/06/88( 1) BBS pgm1 of 2
HBBS-1SU.LBR921609/06/88( 1) BBS pgm 2 of 2
I2EP-2.AZM60167/30/88( ) IMP overlay for the PX-8
IBM2PX.VQL16643/06/88( 1) Info on xfer 'tween pc and PX
IMP-OVL.LBR60167/30/88( 1) Some IMP overlays
IMP245.LBR651527/30/88( ) Irv Hoff's IMP term v245...uninstalled
IMP_ALT.COM651527/30/88( ) IMP 245 for Altos Series 5
MBOOT86.A8676801/01/80( ) Serial port xfer for CPM-86
MDM8-OVL.LBR259841/01/80( 1) Overlays for MDM840
MDM840.LBR876801/01/80( 1) \ MDM840 for CPM-86
MEX-EASY.FQX28168/01/88( ) MEX Easy Fix ??
MEX-OS1.OBJ245762/19/89( ) MEX installed for the OS-1
MEX-OVL.LBR500487/29/88( 1) Some overlays for MEX
MEX-SET2.DOC133128/19/88( ) Info for patching MEX
MEX-UTIL.LBR25607/31/88( 1) Mex related utilities
MEX.HZP239368/01/88( 2) On-line help for Mex
MEX114-U.LBR399367/31/88( 1) Mex ver 1.14 uninstalled
MEX114EP.CQM215043/06/88( 2) Mex 1.14 installed for the PX-8
MEXART04.86122888/23/88( 1) \
MEXART05.8679368/23/88( 1) > Articles about MEX
MEXART07.86102408/23/88( 1) No Description as yet - give me a chance! :-)
MEXPAT22.AQM47368/01/88( 1) How to patch defaults in MEX
MEXPFK.COM47368/01/88( ) Program to edit function keys in MEX
MEXPX.COM47368/01/88( 3) another version of mex for the PX-8
MEXTEX.TIP64008/23/88( 1) Info on MEX's INI.mex (initialization)
MXO-SM14.ASM118138/01/88( ) Smart modem overlay for MEX..Needed for auto dial
MXO13PX8.ARK177928/01/88( ) Mex for the PX-8 with overlay ver 1.3
MXO13PX8.ASM484588/01/88( ) Asm overlay for above
MXXPFK.INF102410/28/88( ) Mex function key info
PACPER20.LBR232964/12/92( ) A game for the '90's - Pacperson!
PCPIMP7.ARK290569/20/88( ) front end to IMP for PC-Pursuit
PCPMEX.LBR48648/11/88( ) Use Mex with PC-Pursuit
PICSDOCS.ARC593926/24/90( ) \
PICSSUP.ARC1013766/24/90( ) .> PICS (PASCAL) BBS
PXBBS.ASM267898/18/88( 1) Very minimal bbs for the PX-8
PXBBS.COM267898/18/88( 3) PX-8 bbs already assembled
PXMDM740.DQC194563/06/88( 1) Modem 740 for the PX-8
QT-A580.ZY307211/24/90( 1) QTerm overlay for Altos
QTERM41E.LBR409601/28/90( 2) VT100 term
QTPATCH.LBR28359/04/90( ) Patches for Qterm
RBBS40.LBR309766/09/90( ) Small BBS
RCPM0989.LZT392969/16/89( 1) Remote CP/M BBS list as of Sept '89 (dosn't change much)
RS232CBL.DOC124168/15/88( 1) Make an RS-232 cable for the PX-8
SUPRPICS.LBR1512966/24/90( ) No Description as yet - give me a chance! :-)
YAMPX8.ARK9689611/05/88( 1) a pretty good term for the PX-8
ZMO-OV05.AZM145921/14/90( ) ZMP 1.5 overlay for the Osborne Vixen
ZMO-OVL.LZT38410/25/90( ) zmp Overlay list
ZMO-OX04.ZZ0665610/25/90( ) ZMP overlay for Osborne Exec.
ZMP-OVL3.LBR1153282/25/89( ) Some ZMP overlays
ZMP-QX.LBR1702410/24/88( ) An early version of ZMP for the Epson QX-10
ZMP15.LBR798724/15/89( ) ZMP 1.5
ZMPVIXEN.COM798724/15/89( ) ZMP 1.5 installed for the Vixen
FILE32.LST06/16/94(description missing)
LFILE.DAT28010/06/92(description missing)
ZMO-OVL.LST51210/25/90(description missing)